Ernest Borgnine has been played on 664 lists, including 148 lists in The 2012 Lee Atwater Invitational Dead Pool.

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1.Swan Songs 2012USER00621740
3.Asystole 6Ben Dover631
4.Ethnic Cleansing 3hop1962536
5.Sod SquadBarker J. Wagtail535
6.Nietzsche's Super StiffsFredNietzsche534 day bang! you get hiveslindbergh534
8.Dirt Naps For Fun & Profit 5 or Dead Yet?FrankJac529
10.Last LinkGizmo528
11.Always look on the bright side of death2Angel of Death524
14.Asystole 4Ben Dover430
16.Dr. Who - From Here to EternityDr. Who429
17.fresh souls in the corn fieldTodd Blankenship428
18.JON 2Jon00060428
19.Thought they were already goneSwine428
20.Asystole 8Ben Dover427
21.Nietzsche's PietzschesFredNietzsche426
22.Otis' Cirrhosis - Rafe Hollister's StillKudsKroakers426
23.They just won't dieBunn's Bones To Be426
25.6 feet underChelsea Dagger425
26.That WAS Entertainment 2012aFilmslave425
27.Whayne 2012 - WAH1USER02593425
28.Top Of The Mournin'DeathRace423
29.Buh-Bye 3FireMutt35422
31.Reap Em & Weep #3USER00557422
32.nature's callingbuh-bye now421
33.!!! elderlytitan360420
34.Baxley - Frucking Stats 1Baxley420
35.BURRY'N BILL 2012Burry'n Bill420
36.2012 Best Guesses Listvalberts1963419
37.Destroyers 3Destroyers419
38.Styrofoam Bologna 3Gina3030419
39.Dead Bagsrojoepeters418
40.Death Becomes UsPeople Meat418
41.Yitzhak no moCosmo Underground418
42.Bugs and BonesBugs and Bones417
43.Big G's Die soon listDead Fred415
45.Dels Dixie Catswsprotte324
46.Googuse's Old Fuckersgooguse324
47.Soon B. Gonn 2Edhead22324
48.Hate To See You Go, But . . .Hugh G. Wrekshun322
49.Lockwood Loonies - Pez's PicksPezintree321
50.On Our Way Out SoonerMicky the Eyes321
51.DUST or BUSTMcPutt319
52.Everyone will have a perfect bracket when the world endsUSER05777319
53.Gather Ye RosebudsDiamondToothGertie319
54.Herbs Hellcatswsprotte319
55.Andy's 2012 list!!!Andrew Edling317
56.Fake ShempGhoulash317
57.On Our Way OutMicky the Eyes317
58.We have a piper down 2dryden2911317 victimsgatekeeperofvalhalla316
60.No Obits NeededYule Log316
61.horcrux haterzboshh315
62.Smokin' MotherfuckersUSER01054315
63.So long, nice knowing you!VaGentry315
64.The stiff in phoenix sleeps with pussys 3USER02204315
65.Would of, Could of, Should of!Queenvingle315
66.A corpse is a corpse of course of coursedoorma314
68.The Maggot HotelNick ‘n Beth314
69.Dannykel's Deadpool Comes In Threesdannykel313
70.GA. BULLDAWG FANThe rebel.313
71.Rat Bastards 2USER02215313
72.Really Old Shitprguy72313
73.see the light, hurrydisplayname007313
74.Who Dented My Bucket?jimdkc313
75.CyrusBurn'em All312
78.Irwin Corey; end of storyCash From Cancer311
79.Afraid of the dark? #3Minnesota Neil310
80.Monkey Knife FightGaelFC39
81.Phil & Dons' Funeral Home #3Shoeguy39
83.Hardanger Dies TomorrowHardanger Dies Today38
84.Hungarian GhoulashLady Die219
85.Death Wish 2012achieved room temperature218
86.The Dead ZonezChris Goulart218
87.Bad News Bearsnlcfsemfc217
88.End of the Liners AgainTombstone Jen217
89.Extreme Deadpooling List #1SFisher217
91.The Big GoodbyeAUTOGRAPHHOUND1217
92.Dear Jesus, please kill all ten on our list. AmenDeathAlert216
93.No Time Left To Lawn BowlRexhanover216
94.Stone cold pack of weirdosPIxiaq216
95.That WAS Entertainment 2012cFilmslave216 league 3Yellowbeard215
97.Doctor of Death 2the doctor of death215
98.Extreme Deadpooling List #2SFisher215
99.Extreme Deadpooling List #3SFisher215
100.Killer Advocatelaptoplg215
101.LA LISTE DE JOJO 2012Meo215
102.Not an Original List Name1carseycritter215
103.2012 of the worldUSER00562214
104.Formerly Lee WarmererFormer Lee Warmer214
107.Nutsey IIMs. Antrope212
108.ExeuntOmnes12onthehouseExeunt Omnes211
109.Hurry Up and Die Already, Part Vhurryupndiealready211
110.La Muerte2LaMuerte211
111.Xena's 7 Feet Down Underxena211
112.Zsa Zsa will out live us allMaryjo80211
113.merry christmas 2012Nitro210
114.And now for my next amazing trick....dying!Big Guy29
115.C'mon People, Start Dying!Altois29
116.Classically CorpsedKendall29
117.Copy kat killersNhirish Joe29
119.FreakDr Drunk29
120.Mr Bungle's Dead FolksMr Bungle29
121.Notorious R.I.PRadler29
122.One Way Ticket HomeKeath Graham29
123.Deliciously Safe CandyGaelFC28
124.Dick Trickles Bye Bye Hugh Downsdigginsjp28
126.Deathwish 2012DeathWish27
127.Let's hear it for the boysLessThanThree27
128.Swimmer in the Dead PoolBunzer27
129.Worm Buffet 2Jerry's Kids27
130.Ima GonerUncle Stiffy26
131.Elizabeth/Mom list #3kristi25
132.Zombie FlandersDr.Burryum25
133.Forest Lawn VIPToe-Tag19
134.Corpses of Fame 2: Electric Boogalooculwin18
135.Demisers-Show me the Dead MoneyDemise Moore18
136.Lots 'o old and sick bastards IVBJCx7818
137.Help Us SteveSal & Barb17
138.RTATHREEHerm Boolie15
140.AlcoholInspiration12Exeunt Omnes14
141.Baxley - 1998 Atwater Worst ReduxBaxley14
142.MATTOID - Come on, die already...The Mattoid13
143.Toxic AvengerGaelFC13
144.Ready, Get Set...DIE!Altois12
145.2012 Big Dirt SandwichTheBus11
146.Digger O'Dell 15Digger O Dell 1011
147.Last Ditch effortjminrod11
148.No Chance In Hell 2toomanycards11


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