Bob Hayes has been played on 412 lists, including 133 lists in The March '02 Lee Jr..

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1.EB 01: There Once WasE-Brake426
2.POPE 04USER00108424
3.POPE 14USER02763424
5.EB 05: Rarely KickE-Brake421
6.EB 04: Whose Picks WouldE-Brake325
7.EB 08: She Cried YetE-Brake325
8.EB 02: A Girl FromE-Brake323
10.EB 03: NantucketE-Brake322
11.EB 06: The BucketE-Brake322
12.EB 07: She Tried AndE-Brake321
13.POPE 02USER00108321
14.POPE 10USER00108320
15.Vicious Piranha® Lester Leaps InUSER02830320
16.Justin Hale 2USER02686319
17.The Chick Magnet In His '79 Camaro 2USER02686319
18.Ray Brent Marsh's To Do List - MondayUSER00059318
19.The Chick Magnet In His '79 Camaro 1USER02686318
20.Dead End Kids: You're Not So ToughFrankie Pentangeli317
21.Gay Hemorrhoids: a.k.a. Speed Bumps 2USER03873317
22.The 'O' Positive Future Boner Donor 1USER03881317
23.DXRob 1USER00489316
24.Vicious Piranha® High And DryUSER02830315
25.Cherry RobertsDePressED314
26.Uncle Marty 3: Who's Your Gotti?USER02819313
27.Bumppy Mudhen 2USER03868312
28.Just plain DJ's Eight Hours for What We WillUSER02716311
29.Don Pescado-The Grammy's are ostinatosUSER01513219
30.Osiris-Have you met my brother SethUSER01513219
31.POPE 08USER00108219
32.POPE 09USER00108218
33.Tsuga - Alive and KickingUSER00039218
34.Wun Hung Lo 1USER02686218
35.Wun Hung Lo 2USER02686218
36.Wun Hung Lo 3USER02686218
37.Bart and DJ - the list with no nameUSER03831217
38.Justin Hale 1USER02686217
39.Justin Hale 3USER02686217
40.POPE 01USER00108217
41.POPE 13USER02763217
42.The Chick Magnet In His '79 Camaro 3USER02686217
43.Tsuga - So AliveUSER00039217
44.DNR/DNI 1Nurseboy216
45.Doc--When Did Diabetes Become Such a Killer?USER02665216
46.Gay Hemorrhoids: a.k.a. Speed Bumps 1USER01531216
47.Gay Hemorrhoids: a.k.a. Speed Bumps 3USER03874216
48.The 'O' Positive Future Boner Donor 2USER03882216
49.The 'O' Positive Future Boner Donor 3USER02686216
50.Christopher Reeve 4USER00020215
51.EB 09: First Place WasE-Brake215
52.Heavens DoorknockersUSER01127215
53.Vicious Piranha® Freddy Fender Must DieUSER03887215
54.BIG E - The Sporting (After)LifeUSER03869214
55.Dr. Paul Shipherd's New Fail-SafeUSER00652214
56.Mafia Actuary 06: Ballgame OverUSER02727214
57.Mafia Actuary 11: Requiem in PaceUSER02726214
58.Mafia Actuary 14: Where do I mail the FC bribe?USER02726214
59.POPE 05USER00108214
60.POPE 06USER00108214
61.POPE 12USER02763214
62.Tonya SlickbootyDePressED214
63.DePressED 3DePressED213
64.Potted Plant 1USER03816213
65.Smoking SectionUSER02722213
66.The CHOSENUSER00750213
67.Vicious Piranha® Beam Me Up, ScottyUSER02830213
68.Vicious Piranha® Untamed HawkUSER01260213
69.DePressED 8USER03819212
70.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Rock Island TrailFTG212
71.I Dunno Angie What Do You Wanna DoUSER02807212
72.Mafia Actuary 03: Jim, the grave is THIS wayUSER02727212
73.NVN: you're not going to DisneyworldUSER02747212
74.Really Ready To Piss On Reagan's GraveUSER03472212
75.Vicious Piranha® Do Not ResescitateUSER02834212
76.Vicious Piranha® The Back Of The BusUSER02830212
77.Chad - The Art Of DeathUSER01115211
78.Christopher Reeve 3USER03844211
79.lebastille's Immunity ChallengeUSER00220211
80.Mafia Actuary 01: Cream of the Croaking CropUSER01375211
81.No Viagra NeededNo Viagra Needed211
82.Pepster 8USER02760211
83.DePressED 5USER02660210
84.Mafia Actuary 07: Britney's greatgrandmum-in-lawUSER02726210
85.Uncle Marty 2: Ot Ock AladUSER02819210
86.Vicious Piranha® KnuckleballUSER02830210
87.Christopher Reeve 2USER0002029
88.Skool Bird's DadUSER0099929
89.Cut off pointUSER0096526
90.Cartman-Teddy Bats CleanupUSER01013110
91.Cartman-Ten People I've Never MetUSER01013110
92.Christopher Reeve 5USER00020110
93.Christopher Reeve 7USER00020110
94.Coatlicue-Steve McQueen lives in WilmerdingUSER01513110
96.Democrat StrongholdUSER02722110
97.Don Pescado-New FavoritesUSER01513110
98.Mafia Actuary 02: Farewell, Teflon MuteUSER03880110
99.Mafia Actuary 10: Lester/Hayes interception!USER02726110
100.Old Rednecks never dieUSER02722110
101.POPE 03USER00108110
102.POPE 07USER00108110
103.Ray Brent Marsh's To Do List - TuesdayUSER03875110
104.Wild John's Georgia AshtrayUSER01057110
105.World's Deadest HumansUSER02722110
106.You Can Call Me BettyUSER03835110
107.A Strange Man Defecated On My SisterUSER0075019
108.Barbie SpreadumDePressED19
110.Lester Flatt? No, Lester Maddox.USER0000819
111.Mafia Actuary 09: In case the masses are rightUSER0272619
112.Mafia Actuary 12: Say Hi to Lindsey NelsonUSER0272619
113.Mafia Actuary 15: I hate Illinois NazisUSER0272619
114.NVN: Obits waiting to happenUSER0274719
115.Mafia Actuary 05: I taught Pudge all he knowsUSER0272718
116.Mafia Actuary 13: Dudley no MooreUSER0272618
117.NVN: fuck you Elizabeth WurtzelNo Viagra Needed18
119.Uncle Marty 1: Throwing My Money AwayUSER0139218
120.A Genius Is A Guy Like Norman EinsteinUSER0280717
121.Bad Karma 1M. Bessette-Kennedy17
122.Cartman-People Die In Alphabetical OrderUSER0383417
123.Coatlicue-I miss Gene RayburnUSER0151317
124.Madam SpankalotDePressED17
125.Raging Household ObjectsUSER0022017
126.In Texas You Can Only Own 5 DildosUSER0075016
127.BUFF DADDY Push the Little Daisies and Make 'em CUSER0131515
128.Chad - The Ex-Husband Of A PrincessUSER0111515
129.I see more dead peopleUSER0272214
130.Bottom of the NinthUSER0274913
131.Chad - I Have 3 Dicks & You Don'tUSER0111512
132.But Cha AAH Blanche Ya AAH In That ChairUSER0075011
133.What The Fuck Is Grimace?GUNSLINGER00


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