Vera Lynn has been played on 1105 lists, including 174 lists in The 2019 Lee Atwater Invitational Dead Pool.

 List User Stiffs Points 
3.Take Donald FirstDead Person Specialist, E429
4.We'll Meet AgainBea Hind429
5.The Immortal 2019Lights Out426
6.Anarchy and Biscuits with JamAnarchy and a biscuit425
11.Happy Hour is OverJoker421
12.Death March1BCeltics418
13.I hate myself for laughingtkdmel416
14.Tango UniformMarkMx416
15.So much potential 2carseycritter324
16.Donald be deadDead Person Specialist, E323
18.Death becomes them.The rebel.321
19.They deadDead Person Specialist, E321
20.Bairly AliveBairlyAlive320
21.Cemetery Girls 6Cemetery Girls320
22.Get'm Out Of HereVaGentry320
24.Tic Tag Toeroderner320
25.Death Becomes YouThe Force is Deathening319
26.Luck Be A LadyYoungFreund319
27.MATTOID -AffenpuncherThe Mattoid319
28.My year, not their'sjws7968319
29.-_- -_-ScornForSega318
30.Damn Near DeadBada Bing317
31.Falling StarsBeth Rhymes with Death317
32.IAGO 3IAGO317
33.Sic. Transit 2sictransit317
34.a century is enoughGrim Rapper316
35.Bonnie and ClydeThe Shadow316
36.Centenary to the CemetaryG.Beatty316
37.Doctor of Death The Endthe doctor of death316
38.Harambe was murderedchick813316
39.I Don't Want His Mother To See Him This WayFrankie Pentangeli316
43.Of Corpse You`re Dead 3Shoeguy316
44.Old is the new OLD - Get GoingChris Goulart316
45.aardvark1Hugh G. Wrekshun315
46.Countdown Yearsnakedya315
47.Here for the RemovalKiller Swedes315
49.Just give it up alreadyTiderInsider315
50.Lizzie BordenJackalope_Ghost315
51.old people suck 5steve-o315
52.Sleep is for the dead...MissAndyWarhol315
53.Thank God That's Over With 1USER00119315
54.7 Centenarians and 3 that are closeBunn's Bones To Be314
55.Expiration Dates 12.31.18Pokey22314
56.Here Today Gone TomorrowBig Guy314
57.Of Corpse You`re Dead 4Shoeguy314
58.Rat Bastards 2USER02215314
59.VG - Who spiked the punch with enbalming fluid?vomit_god314
60.A Bunch of Old PeopleSatiricalAlexandria313
61.If Tomorrow Never ComesSal & Barb313
62.Mr. Stiffs PicksMr. Stiffs313
63.Older Than DirtNVRGVUP313
65.Its like they just won't die. Seriously.uselessexistence312
66.Not Dead Yet IXTimur311
67.Death By Pinocle 2oregontrail310
68.Tie Die TimeJohnGoose39
72.Charlie Don't Surf with Alina LiCharlie Dont Surf216
73.grimey reaper 2grimyreaper216
74.Don't Fear the Reaper 100 +or-MOJO215
75.Well nobody died, did they? #3ArchAngel215
76.Well, Hellllllo Dollllly!Margo Channing215
77.Anarchy celebrates 100Anarchy and a biscuit214
78.Anarchy Sleeps 'Til NoonAnarchy and a biscuit214
79.Death Plus One- Casket 100Radler214
80.Goner 3Reaper Crew214
81.Remember to Compost Your Elders 4Evil Lemons214
82.Hurry up will ya! 2Toe Tagged Luminary213
83.La Muerte Por FinLaMuerte213
84.Live Free or DieRobin213
86.Rastalls 2019 REALLY OLDRastalls213
89.Dead SeriousBwildered212
90.dicks out for harambechick813212
91.Not Rose from the DeadKiller Swedes212
92.Satan's Waitin'Barker J. Wagtail212
93.Tears Like Rain...Rob.Bob212
94.Of Corpse You`re Dead 1Shoeguy211
95.Reap 'Em and Weep #1USER00557211
96.Remember to Compost Your Elders 2Evil Lemons211
97.Bugs and BonesUSER05927210
98.Dead Is As Dead DoesBison210
100.Grave MistakesSIRROB99210
101.Mr. Blake Loves the LadiesMr. Blake210
102.Dee Pressed 3JoanCrawfordsMakeupBag29
103.Dirt Nap DelightsRJ Thurmont29
104.Il Buono, il Brutto, il Cattivo 2019AngelEyesGBU29
105.My wife Lanna says DIEDJ Badger29
106.The Goat's Listdisgruntled goat29
108.Til Death Due Us PartSal & Barb29
110.Dont Make An Ash Of YourselfUncle Stiffy28
112.Dave's Dead Pool Dream 2019 Part 2Your Dead Pool Highness27
113.100 Years To LiveCheckingOut26
114.Dee Pressed 1JoanCrawfordsMakeupBag26
115.Doc & DJ--White Castle Fries Only Come In One SizeDoc & DJ26
116.DxRob IDX Rob26
117.Is PeopleSoylentGreen26
118.Lets All Sing Like the Buzzards Sing - Ack Ack Ack Ack AckJudysomething26
119.Lucky Gwenthing21126
120.Sal-n-BettsSal & Barb26
121.A Touch of Tourette's 1ACP25
122.Cartman- Sox Beat AstrosCARTMAN25
123.Jagrnut\'s Kick the Bucket ListJagrnut25
124.John D. Smiley 2019 2nd Listjohndsmiley25
126.Anarchy's Middle Name Is RoxyAnarchy and a biscuit23
127.Donne in 2019splittertogo19
128.joined the choir invisible 2019splittertogo19
129.old people suck 4steve-o19
130.Time to check outSmurfducky19
131.Zsigmond FolliesGhoulash19
132.Death on BPTRJ Thurmont18
133.Like a Tombstone CowboyAltois18
134.Susie Sicko 2Susie Sicko18
135.The Board Goes BackBea Hind18
136.The Usual SuspectsUSER0056218
138.Dee Pressed 2JoanCrawfordsMakeupBag17
139.Get in the box!darianwiccan17
140.La Liste de Jojo 2019Meo17
141.The End #2Once upon a time...17
142.Heaven's GateUSER0136816
143.Life Elevated #2Cheswick16
144.2019 Bez Year EverRedrufus4u15
145.Living DollTwilight is Near15
146.the olivia and bob listtheappointment15
147.John D. Smiley 2019 3rd Listjohndsmiley14
149.She Gone!Nick_italiano14
150.The Big Dirt SamwichTheBus14
151.Time to goMorgans morgue14
152.Howling ManTwilight is Near13
153.Long live Harambechick81313
154.Pete Davidson\'s momMaryjo8013
155.Say Yes to the Deathskipgimp13
156.The List: 2019Lord Dickerson13
157.Anarchy Says Jared is a PunkAnarchy and a biscuit12
158.Naha Assassins1BCeltics12
159.Pushing Daisiesaudioboss12
160.Underground Heroes 2Dirt Nap Roll Call12
161.Death List 2firewife4life11
162.Ghouls Inc. #1Ghouls Incorporated11
164.Sled Dog 1sleddog11
165.Soy un perdidoMissAndyWarhol11
166.Susie Sicko 3Susie Sicko11
167.Teddiebehr2019 3Teddiebehr2711
168.Death by Chocoloate 2019Skizzybee00
169.DirtnapsJay Cutlers Vagina00
170.Living the dreamThe Stranger00
171.Money for nothingUnsub6900
173.Sleep is for the deadMissAndyWarhol00
174.Team Deathwish (3)gfultz100


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You knew it wouldn't be long once he lost the hot loving he was getting from Eunice.

(d) January 18th, 2011