Valerie Harper has been played on 1598 lists, including 89 lists in The May 2013 Lee Jr..

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1.Birdman - Yeah Buddy!Bird213
2.If This One Astronaut Could Fall Below EarthGhost of Stiffs Past213
3.Birdman - Oh Mickey you're so fineBird211
4.Lights out!Bea Hind26
5.Birdman - You're a BUMBird25
6.Mary Tyler Moore's Castmates Got the ClapGhost of Stiffs Past25
7.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Talk About a LadyFTG110
8.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: WarpathFTG19
9.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: FootstepsFTG18
10.Oh, Vo Is MeGhost of Stiffs Past18
11.Played a Gal Named Reno, Just to Hear She DiedGhost of Stiffs Past18
12.Birdman - You Can't Spell Eydie without DIEBird17
13.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Jubilee TrailFTG17
14.Shazam IIKudsKroakers17
15.Birdman - not gonna make it after allBird16
16.Death Soup: Sam and RayMJ and Friends16
17.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Pony ExpressFTG16
18.$200 a day, plus expenses.Bea Hind15
19.Birdman - Paying the Price for FameBird15
20.Birdman - up up and awayBird15
21.Chad: Number 1CHAD14
22.Death March 21BCeltics14
23.Death sure beats sitting through "Gandhi."Bea Hind14
24.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Hellfire!FTG14
25.Birdman - Gene Gene the death machineBird13
26.Death March1BCeltics13
27.Drive for Show, Putt for DoughGhost of Stiffs Past13
28.Feasting Maggots 4Feasting Maggots13
29.An Eye for an Eye Makes the World BlindGhost of Stiffs Past12
30.D'oh! Fame for Shea, Then Simon, Baffles PoolstersGhost of Stiffs Past12
31.Death March 31BCeltics12
32.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Never Say GoodbyeFTG12
33.Birdman - castro oilBird11
34.Birdman - With a Patrick on MacneeBird11
36.Star Dust...Star Dust11
37.'Life Is Very Important to Americans' -- Bob DoleGhost of Stiffs Past00
38.'Look, Mare, I've Dropped Five Hat Sizes'Ghost of Stiffs Past00
39.27 Club: This Was Originally Graham Cracker1000_Ways00
40.Age killsafish00
41.Birdman - Da Do RUN RUNBird00
42.Birdman - Douglas Double DownBird00
43.Birdman - Ed Koch really messed up my nightBird00
44.Birdman - Eli Comin' HomeBird00
45.Birdman - Graham SlamBird00
46.Birdman - NovakaneBird00
47.Birdman - Now I'm A BereaverBird00
48.Birdman - One Too ManyBird00
49.Birdman - revenge of the BirdBird00
50.Birdman - Ridin' along in my automobileBird00
51.Birdman - the last oneBird00
52.Birdman - we got bush!Bird00
53.Birdman - whole lamotta shakin' going onBird00
54.Birdman - why do my alternates always die first?Bird00
55.Cemetery Girls 7Cemetery Girls00
56.CHAD: Number 2CHAD00
57.Death Soup: Flashback to the 70s!MJ and Friends00
58.Death- Owner Of A Lonely HeartJayRockers!00
59.Death- What I Like About YouJayRockers!00
60.Egg SaladDr.Slime00
61.Eradicator Jr.Eradicator00
62.Feasting Maggots 1Feasting Maggots00
63.Feasting Maggots 2Feasting Maggots00
64.Feasting Maggots 3Feasting Maggots00
65.Feasting Maggots 5Feasting Maggots00
66.Feasting Maggots 6Feasting Maggots00
67.From #1 in 1939 to #6 (feet under) in 2013.Bea Hind00
68.Gin EagelsDiamondToothGertie00
69.Graham-Cracker CrustyGhost of Stiffs Past00
70.How She Makes Me QuiverGhost of Stiffs Past00
71.I Got 99 Problems But A Life Ain't OneMichael08400
72.Martha PearlDiane00
73.Montego BayDiamondToothGertie00
74.One Foot in the GraveEradicator00
76.Plumb Tuckered Out!The Coroner00
78.Reaper's grocery listdlcutter00
79.Shazam IKudsKroakers00
80.Shazam IIIKudsKroakers00
83.Stage Robber to Grave Robber Jr.Eradicator00
84.Star Dust!Star Dust00
85.The backup plandlcutter00
86.The Enquirer never liesI'm not dead YET00
87.They gotta know..., so It's time to go!Gizmo00
88.Third time charmdlcutter00
89.Who Knew Bev Shea Was a Famous Centenarian?Ghost of Stiffs Past00


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