. Suharto has been played on 577 lists, including 123 lists in The 2002 Lee Atwater Invitational Dead Pool.

 List User Stiffs Points 
1.Doc--Real Greaseball ShitDoc & DJ529
2.Boris Cutyourcockoff (Adolph is adopted) 2USER02717427
3.POPE 01USER00108426
4.The Kurt Cobain School for Firearm Safety000002422
6.Chad - Won't U Come Inside My Sugarwalls?USER01115324
7.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Yellow BirdFTG324
8.MoleBoy 1USER01494324
9.You are winner ha ha haUSER03657324
10.Chad - If It Don't Fit, Don't Force It!USER01115321
11.Chad - The Winner Takes It AllUSER03700321
13.Die2K IIUSER01161320
14.Guess Who Died? 3USER03734320
15.Funeral for a Friend 1USER00594319
17.Doc--John O'Conner Memorial ListUSER03745317
18.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Trouble In The GlenFTG317
19.In The Event Bob Hope DiesUSER02738317
20.Mafia Actuary 05USER02729317
21.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: The Big BatFTG316
22.Paddy O'Bitchery 1USER00059316
23.The BagmanUSER00216316
24.Nurseboy 09Nurseboy315
25.Vicious Piranha-Billy Jack-He DeadUSER01260315
26.Blackadder 2000002219
27.I'll be grateful when they're dead 1USER00058219
29.Tsuga - Starfish and CoffeeUSER03782219
30.We Spin TerrorUSER01145219
31.Chad - You Are 'The Dancing Queen'USER03702218
32.EB1: Gotti Getta HitE-Brake218
33.Gentleman Death 1USER00545218
34.I'll be grateful when they're dead 2USER00058218
35.NVN: Too old or Too sick to all surviveNo Viagra Needed218
36.Paddy O'Bitchery 3USER02757218
37.Chad - Look'n For Some 'Hot Stuff'!USER03701217
38.Chad - Think This'll Stop M.I. or V.P.?USER01115217
39.Chad - Travis Bickle's Cheap Assed FareUSER01115217
40.I'll be grateful when they're dead 4USER00058217
41.Jackalope Ghost RevivedJackalope_Ghost217
43.2002 Feasting Maggots 1Feasting Maggots216
44.A Big Fan of Vicious PirahnaUSER03770216
45.Blackadder 1000002216
46.C. Reeve - I Want VP's TrophyUSER00020216
47.Chad - Bree Daniel's Non-Sexual ClientUSER01115216
48.LOOPS' LISTUSER01555216
49.Chad - Katherine Tramell's Icepick ManUSER01115215
50.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Fighting Coast GuardFTG215
51.Go See God-Janet Reno is an Ugly MoronUSER00779215
52.No Viagra NeededNo Viagra Needed215
53.The EdgeCheetahisDead215
54.Tsuga - Dance SuckaUSER00039215
55.Vicious Piranha-Blood On The BadgeUSER02831215
56.2002 Feasting Maggots 2Feasting Maggots214
57.Carter For PresidentUSER03705214
58.Circling VultureUSER03690214
59.Crash Davis' Pistol Pete Plays The favoritesUSER02642214
60.D.N.R. 2MarkMx214
61.Jackalope GhostUSER03746214
62.Kiss Your Axehole GoodbyeUSER00355214
63.Mafia Actuary 14USER02726214
64.Two Dead BeatlesUSER01440214
65.Vicious Piranha-Feeding FrenzyUSER02829214
66.Vicious Piranha-Smells Like...Victory!USER02831214
67.Im REALLY REALLY Fillin Up Uncle PercyUSER03698213
68.Legion Of Doom 2002 2USER03786213
69.Vicious Piranha-Untamed HawkUSER02827213
70.2002 Feasting Maggots 3Feasting Maggots212
71.Circling Vulture - Dead of StateUSER00780212
72.Dominick John Sylvester III 14USER01130212
73.Mafia Actuary 01USER01375212
75.Nurseboy 03USER02750212
76.Putnam's Chief, Ya Gotta Be Shittin' meUSER03800212
77.Sarah SmileUSER02783212
78.1sickbitch 2USER03793211
80.Charlie Don't SurfCharlie Dont Surf211
81.GGDP 1USER01004211
83.Mafia Actuary 12USER02726211
84.Plug it in Otis!googuse211
85.Vicious Piranha-King Of The WorldUSER02829211
86.Ron Santo's Other LegUSER02807210
88.GGDP 2USER0268827
89.Necro Phil Goes to Forest LawnUSER0137127
90.Raven's Flock 2USER0380226
91.6 Billion minus 10 equals $2002USER03805110
92.HEETERGAL 3USER00996110
93.Im REALLY Fillin Up Uncle PercyUSER01167110
94.Mafia Actuary 03USER02729110
95.Paddy O'Bitchery 2USER02757110
96.Paddy O'Bitchery 5USER02757110
97.Paddy O'Bitchery 6USER02757110
98.Vicious Piranha-World Gone WrongUSER02833110
100.C. Reeve - Pols past their primeUSER0002019
101.HEETERGAL 2USER0099619
102.Legion Of Doom 2002 1USER0049719
103.Legion Of Doom 2002 3USER0378719
106.A corpse is a corpse of corpse of corpseUSER0380618
107.Carrion My Wayward FunUSER0155118
108.Nurseboy 06USER0275018
109.Putnam's Die Dudley, Die!USER0379918
110.Dearly Departed USER0144717
112.Jim Morrison's Heroin Butt CrackUSER0126717
113.Sheckadoo AnewUSER0112317
114.Sheckadoo ReviewUSER0112317
115.Dead OnUSER0373316
116.Raven's Flock 1USER0100612
117.Crash Davis' 'S' is for SeeyalaterUSER0132000
118.Half The Man I Used To BeUSER0379700
119.Master Earlsquidly76600
121.Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are DeadUSER0368000
122.Special K - Old Boys ClubUSER0153500
123.Tsuga - ElanUSER0003900


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