Mickey Rooney has been played on 1098 lists, including 179 lists in The 2014 Lee Atwater Invitational Dead Pool.

 List User Stiffs Points 
1.Fade to Black VIFade to Black636
2.Oldies but Goodies - Ja-Su-Sha OneTenPaces632
3.Old as Dinosaur dungDeathGift631
4.Death is your giftDeathGift629
5.Of Corpse You're Dead 6Shoeguy628
6.hey mickey you're so fineBird624
7.I just saw him alivelindbergh537
8.La Muerte 2LaMuerte535
9.Oh, Look! Vultures!boomshadow530
10.turn me on, dead manUSER01515527
11.Don't use the Heimlich on my stiffsDeathGift525
12.This is how rumors get started 2014 - 2USER02248517
13.Bring It On: MFersDEATH DEMON432
14.roll the diceme first432
15.Death- 867-5309/JennyJayRockers!430
16.Brooklyn AmericansBigsunset1967429
17.Fade to Black 3Fade to Black428
18.Herbs hellcatsdel bird428
19.MATTOID - Could we see the line MOVE, please?The Mattoid428
20.Barbara Bush will be fine, another last minute listDeathGift427
22.Victory AND Death 8Shams427
23.Fade to Black IVFade to Black426
24.Faw Shaw Shaw, These peeps be dead by December 31st, 2014DeathGift424
26.Last StopLast Stop424
27.MATTOID - Old Enough Yet?The Mattoid424
28.The Clock is Tickingchriscott97424
29.Bob Dole, In a holeDeathGift423
31.Now Departing Gate 2014Nick ‘n Beth423
32.Fade to BlackFade to Black422
33.Birdman - Mama's don't let your babies grow up to be Doc and DJ!Bird421
36.deathbitch rides againPIANOGIRL419
37.House Of Soon To Be With The Lord 2hop1962419
38.Birdman - Abe VigoNOWBird418
39.Digger O Dell 8Digger O Dell 10418
40.Of Corpse You're Dead 3Shoeguy418
41.Heywood Jablome XVUSER00119416
43.Sarky - GoudaSarky415
44.Old Bags with Toe TagsBro Rags with Toe Tags414
45.Zsa Zsa's PallbearersRastafarian Mormon326
46.Fade to Black VFade to Black324
47.Bye, CentenialPozzo323
48.Erika Anne Fell Down the StairsBuffiedee323
50.Sine Die: Parting GlassSine Die323
51.Chillydead 3chillybilly322
52.Dirt Merchantstrojones322
53.Swmming with the Fishes - ThreeLegal-ly Dead322
54.The Usual Suspects part 2TrinettRae322
55.back to the basicsbjaskols321
56.Googuse has a Possegooguse321
58.Who Likes DeathRastafarian Mormon321
59.E ho'a'o no i pau kuhihewa 2MITINCUSA320
60.Simon says DieDeathGift320
61.Another one bites the dustlittle terr319
62.Big Green BlowfliesBodyFarmBound319
63.BRUTESQUAD - HOLLYWOODbrutesquad64319
64.Googuse let's try an different approach.googuse319
65.Lamar Odom's Lackey'sLindsay Lohan's Liver319
66.looser againHeart Stopper319
67.Sam Simon will dieDeathGift319
68.Digger O Dell 3Digger O Dell 10318
69.Forever goneThe rebel.318
70.Swmming with the Fishes - OneLegal-ly Dead318
71.The Walking Dead PoolMr Bungle318
72.These peeps look like scatDeathGift318
73.Zsa Zsa Must Go...Deckhawk318
74.Feed the TreeHoneybee317
75.Old Equals GoldPooky317
76.Assault with a Deadly List!Dead Person Specialist, E315
77.DJ Badger: So Long, MOM!DJ Badger315
78.Goodbye KirkDeathGift315
79.Run Run into the TrappDeathGift315
80.Run Run Running on Emptylucky punk315
81.Are We Dead Yet 002goodwin73314
82.Bucket KickersUtica Dave314
83.Can't see Cleary anymoreDeathGift314
84.Finish It UpBetter Dig Two314
85.Are You People Ever Going To Croak?Nascar912313
86.Celebrity Zombie Apocolypse Part Deuxmsastria313
87.Chicken at Tresky's 1Chicken at Tresky's313
88.!!! elderlytitan360312
89.Dirt NappersWikiLiki312
90.Oldies but Goodies - hits of the NinetiesTenPaces312
91.Skunkhair 2014 #2Skunkhair 2013312
92.TB;s Bones To BeBunn's Bones To Be312
93.Witty Ironic List Name HereHauntedWebmaster312
94.perks picks2perks picks311
95.By George just die alreadyTwilight is Near310
96.Die Billy Graham, Dielittlejohn1954310
97.Jackalope Ghost - Uncle Floyd's RevengeJackalope_Ghost310
98.Four HorsemenAnitrak39
99.Oldies but Goodies - Ja-Su-Sha TwoTenPaces38
100.BIIA - IBut Is It Art?36
101.Death pool gamblers listDeath pool gambler219
102.When Life Gives You Old People, Throw a FuneralEvil Lemons218
103.60 Feet UnderDead and Loving It217
104.Canaries in a Coalmine 3Canaries in a coalmine217
105.Two Ghoulsdoorma217
107.It ain't over 'til it's overBigski14216
108.SSJ CDP 2014Sandy St John216
109.Rat Bastards 3USER02215215
110.Unlikely, but possibleDeathGift215
111.Wapner's onDr. Who214
112.Of Corpse You're Dead 9Shoeguy213
113.BIIA - IIIBut Is It Art?212
114.dead aheadbonevoyage212
115.Dirt Naps For Fun & Profit or What's That Smell?FrankJac212
116.Killer Advocate Part Deux year toolaptoplg212
117.Off The CuffAltois212
118.Tits-Up IIItits-up212
119.Vestamenta TresVestament212
120.Deathwish 2014DeathWish211
121.Dem BonesKendall211
122.Rigor 2Rigor 1211
123.The Hammered GodsFredNietzsche211
124.CRY ME A RIVER 2fossilhead210
126.FreakDr Drunk210
127.He's On My Short ListBea Hind210
128.lg's 2014labgrrl210
129.RASTALLS REAPS 2014 1Rastalls210
130.Dirt DiggersIndyHawk29
131.Down and DirtyDRave1329
132.DRT (Dead Right There)Toe-Tag29
133.Dust or Bust!Star Dust29
134.Heaven Help UsSal & Barb29
135.List 4Donkey Sausage29
136.Sid Picks Celebs #1dead presidents29
137.Valerie Harper LeeTwilight is Near29
138.Bury the keys and bellsDeathGift28
139.Otis' Cirrhosis - Rafe Hollister's StillKudsKroakers28
140.Famous Fossils IVHugh G. Wrekshun27
141.I Really Dig These GuysDick Rotten27
142.Offal TruthUSER0179727
143.Cupcakes & Champagne 2014nlcfsemfc26
144.Really, really old peopleCosmo Underground26
145.Already Goneashifman25
146.philly hit listtoddieboy24
147.Alice Doesn't Live AnymorePoodle110
148.Shameless plagiarism of last year's favouritesringbark110
149.Swmming with the Fishes - TwoLegal-ly Dead110
150.Plan #4557 How to pay off Student Loan DebtEvil Lemons19
151.Still Not Very F*ckin' Funny NOW, Is It?humanmeal19
153.Pooble's Mausoleum Poolpooblemoo18
154.Should Be Deadunusualpsycho18
156.Dustin Diamond Memorial GardensGravitron17
157.poor kittylindbergh17
158.I cheatedFrogSoda16
159.Papa ZHerb16
161.SSTCDP 2014Sandy St John16
162.The Nail In the...well, you know.Altois16
164.Only The Good Die YoungRobin15
166.Who da corpse?mikegldn15
167.Dirt Nap 2014nrubsol14
168.joeg20141Joe G14
170.Death Be Comes Uspeople meat13
172.Sack of StonesMarshrat13
173.Gonna Miss ThemFrogSoda12
174.Hound Dog PicksHound dog12
175.Not Much Power Left in That Hour AnymoreNumber1User12
176.One more this yearlaptoplg12
177.BIIA - IIBut Is It Art?11
178.Gone with the SchwindogEradicator11
179.See You Wouldn't Want to be You - 2014DC Celebrity Necrologist11


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