Johnny Cash has been played on 774 lists, including 128 lists in The 2000 Lee Atwater Invitational Dead Pool.

 List User Stiffs Points 
1.DNR/DNI 1USER02751535
2.Mandy's LuLu Of A ListUSER03391429
3.Nurseboy 1Nurseboy426
4.Tape Dispenser 2USER00965424
5.god damnit! 2goddammit324
6.Stars UnderFootUSER02776324
7.god damnit! 1goddammit323
8.god damnit! 3USER00965323
9.Pope 01USER00108323
10.Pope 06USER00965323
11.M.T. GravesUSER00044319
12.Pope 08USER00965319
13.Tape Dispenser 5USER00965315
14.Du Lac 2USER00965312
15.Kiss Of Death 2USER00965311
16.Mr. BatemanUSER00829219
17.port credit pallbearerUSER00744219
18.Going Going Ghandi 2USER00389217
19.Monte HendersonUSER00526217
20.Vile JellyUSER00336217
21.Waiting for ArteUSER00569217
22.Not ToddUSER00570216
23.Obit 3USER00059216
24.Beautiful Downtown NecropolisUSER02651215
25.Friends of Dorothy 2USER00965215
26.Mikey PalmiceUSER00965215
27.Quick Get A ShovelUSER00817213
28.Tom's Mortal List 3USER00965213
29.Let's Hear It For Shawn Walters 3USER00965212
30.Tom's Mortal List 4USER00418210
31.Dryad 2USER0084229
32.Dick Gozinya 2USER0086628
34.Et Tu Kevork 2USER0090127
35.Dr. JackUSER00553110
36.Grim Rapper 1Grim Rapper110
37.M.T. Graves IIIUSER00044110
38.Mr. CUSER00503110
39.Pope 09USER00965110 undertaker 2USER00692110
42.Morgue-N-Fairchild 1Mary Tyler Morgue19
43.Nostradamus Predicts Intelligent Life on alt.obitsUSER0265119
44.Reading a fresh obituary.....PricelessJim19
45.Celebrity Clear-outUSER0088318
46.We have a piper down! 2USER0096517
47.AbraCadavers 1USER0016516
48.Dr. Paul Shipherd 5USER0065216
49.Raging Household ObjectsUSER0022016
51.You're Very Sick ... Now DieUSER0339416
52.Dr. Ziggy ER StatUSER0089315
53.Et Tu Kevork 3USER0096515
54.Team Toast 2K 1USER0016015
55.Team Toast 2K 3USER0096515
56.Da' DeadUSER0083314
57.FlamingoNut 1FlamingoNut14
58.Jackass JeffUSER0099914 undertaker 1USER0069214
60.The Down Unders 1USER0044314
61.The Down Unders 2USER0096514
63.Tommy's Tele-TubbiesUSER0084513
64.'Escaped Hannibal Lector!'USER0261412
65.AbraCadavers 2USER0016512
66.SaturnMadamSaturn Madam12
67.Stiff Shirts 2USER0039112
68.Et Tu Kevork 1USER0090111
69.69 Pimp USER0055000
71.Badger Kelley 1DJ Badger00
73.Buffalo Bob 2USER0096500
74.Buffalo Bob 3USER0096500
75.Charlie Don't Surf 3USER0096500
76.Clea's CryptUSER0086100
77.Cross My Heart and Hope to Die 1USER0097200
78.Cross My Heart and Hope to Die 2USER0096500
79.Damnit Jim I'm DEATH not a DOCTORUSER0004700
80.Dean AUSER0045500
81.Death by MobilityUSER0099500
82.Dick Gozinya 1USER0086600
83.Dog Breath Hopkins (-Burp-)USER0282200
84.Dr. Jack Fanclub 1Chachi00
85.Dr. RockUSER0094700
86.Dr. Steve 2USER0096500
87.Drop Dead PleaseUSER0045900
91.Frenchie, Eater of WorldsUSER0083500
92.Full Frontal 1USER0037600
95.Hito Tetsuoto's Out With the Old...USER0013500
96.Jacki LynnUSER0056800
97.jamona 1bruinmom00
98.JeffK 3USER0096500
100.killing them softly 3USER0096500
103.Let's Hear It For Shawn Walters 2USER0096500
104.Mario BonoMario Bono00
105.MCB 2Deathscore00
107.morbid curiousityUSER0092300
109.NatPasq 2pasquinade00
110.NETFXR 2USER0052900
111.Pope 14USER0096500
112.Rigor MortisBufordpusser00
113.Sawmeister 2USER0096500
114.Simpsons Guest VoicesUSER0338400
115.Soon B. GonnEdhead2200
116.Stiff Shirts 1USER0039100
117.Stiff WillieUSER0094700
118.Stimpy 1USER0022200
119.Team Toast 2K 2USER0016000
120.Team Trocar 1The Mattoid00
121.The Down Unders 3USER0096500
122.The Okie From MuskogeeUSER0270600
123.The Queen of Swords 3USER0391500
124.The Swinebladder Clarion 1USER0083600
125.The Swinebladder Clarion 2USER0083600
126.Tom's Mortal List 2USER0041800


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He's credited with inventing the multiplex theater, which means he's directly responsible for turning the majestic Grauman's Chinese into three stuffy little closets. If we had ever heard of him, he might've made a Hate List.

(d) July 14th, 1999