Frank Cady has been played on 515 lists, including 134 lists in The 2012 Lee Atwater Invitational Dead Pool.

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1.Birds Never Looked Into The SunDePressED846
2.Daisy A Day DearDePressED746
3.Feasting Maggots 3Feasting Maggots742
4.We need a mandatory Helmut lawBird742
5.TWGTDA - Three's a CrowdJMC10000731
6.Birdman 158Bird641
7.Knock Knock Knock PennyGhost of Stiffs Past641
8.Danse MacabreMr. Redrum640
10.IAGO 2IAGO636
11.finally doneBird633
12.My fingers are tired from typingBird633
13.Asystole 6Ben Dover631
14.Horizontally YoursBarker J. Wagtail536
15.It was the salmon mousse.DGD534
16.The Kid is out at homeDGD534
17.Please don't be in a Superbowl commercial this yearBird533
18.1 2 3 zsa zsa zsa, die die die zsa zsa zsaBird532
19.Baxley - Randolph's RevengeBaxley532
20.Birdman - time for the English Fly Catcher to goBird532
21.Cemetery Girls 2Cemetery Girls532
22.Nurrrrrrrrrrse!BLUISH TINGE531
23.Death March1BCeltics530
25.No Viagra NeededNo Viagra Needed528
29.Birdman - Stab the Doc and shoot the DJBird431
30.Birdman 6Bird431
32.Graham CrackaBird430
33.The Old Crojoepeters430
34.Ariel SupplyBird429
36.birdman 447Bird429
37.Doin' it our wayBird429
38.Hugo, man of 1000 facesBird429
39.Petticoat JunctionBird429
40.Sir RichardBird429
41.Trapp shootBird429
42.Just A Bunch Of Old Farts.Donkey Sausage428
43.made my move too soon 2USER00562428
44.Rat Bastards 3USER02215428
45.Cash from Cancer: Hugo to the Harp FarmCash From Cancer426
46.Older than Cheeta :DDGD426
47.They just won't dieBunn's Bones To Be426
48.Worm FoodDashaAndBethers426
49.Loki 1Loki425
50.CONCRETE SHOESConcrete Shoes424
51.Destroyers 6Destroyers424
52.Joe Paterno Knew.Bones McCoy424
53.Otis' Cirrhosis - Morrison Sisters' StillKudsKroakers424
54.Plowing The Deep 2hop1962424
55.Age Before Beauty IISilentcalvin423
56.Future fossilsfossilhead421
58.I See Dead People v2Barzini420
59.Billsfirst_2012Bill J419
60.Big G's Die soon listDead Fred415
61.Ten Toes UpKeath Graham411
62.No one can hear your falsetto in HellSarky325
63.Run Forrest RunRottenToast325
64.Hollywood Deadbrutesquad64324
65.ATL. FALCONS FANThe rebel.323
66.Cash from Cancer: Put a Penny in the BoxCash From Cancer323
67.DXRob IDX Rob323
68.Poodle's Third Time CharmPoodle323
69.Welcome come on inComeonallready322
70.Mary Worth Takes Over for KevorkianRhody Trash321
71.Dear Abby, Are you dead yet?Pokey22320
72.Look How They Massacred My BoyFrankie Pentangeli320
73.made my move too soon 1USER00562320
75.TWGTDA - Part DeuxJMC10000320
76.dieing to get on heredisplayname007319
77.Down and DirtyDRave13319
78.Gather Ye RosebudsDiamondToothGertie319
79.JGL53 - I Am Not Bat Shit Crazylucky punk319
80.Poop SandwichUSER02535319
81.Put Out the FlameYule Log318
82.That's All Folks 70Digger O Dell 10318
83.Tomtsled-I've Shot People I Like For LessTomtsled318
84.Well Nobody Died Did They? #1Archangel318
86.Dr. Who - A Bunch of Old FartsDr. Who317
87.Gizmo Says Bye BillyRottenToast317
88.JCudds 1JCudds317
89.On Our Way OutMicky the Eyes317
90.Post your dead bee gee joke herezombie lover317
91.The Second Mile Boys Choirzombie lover317
93.Age Before DutyRJD315
94.Ivy Cliff Memorial 2012 - Bhodag21378315
95.Strictly Businessboomshadow315
96.All My GeezersHugh G. Wrekshun314
97.cryptkicker 3Cryptkickers Inc.314
98.Greg's Listgsippel313
99.MK - Final CurtainMBalmed313
100.Offal TruthUSER01797313
101.Resting PeacefullyRWorkman313
103.Lewis Elevenbrucelew312
104.Dr. Who - No Country for Old MenDr. Who311
105.Fill In My Toe TagDick Rotten311
106.Monkey Knife FightGaelFC39
107.Ivy Cliff Memorial 2012 -Chodag21378218
109.Dancing on WOHLERTS graveonefunsob217
110.Death BenefitsBuck217
111.Elizabeth/Mom list #2kristi216
112.Ivy Cliff Memorial 2012 - Ahodag21378216
113.LA LISTE DE JOJO 2012Meo215
114.!!! infirmtitan360214
115.Wake Me for the RapturePozzo213
116.Burton Mercer makes an arrest from heaven!dubwest212
117.Die please, thank you, tooBucket Kickers212
118.Trout's Dead Fish IIITrout212
119.A Grateful Deadhead's 2012Judysomething211
120.Death By Pinocle 2012 List 2oregontrail211
121.Blake's Bones IIMr. Blake210
122.Grim Assclowns 3USER01637210
123.Copy kat killersNhirish Joe29
124.RIP to all 10 of youCosmo Underground27
125.Whayne 2012 - DVHUSER0259327
126.Death Eater Set MenuOzCube26
128.Put the FUN back into FUNeral!noseinbook25
129.Ok..its 2012...The Marx Brothers are DeadGrouchoHarpoChicoDeado24
130.Grave ConsiderationsBarrCreeWenn19
131.TV's Forgotten HerosSwine19 patience wears thinBairBones15
133.Ike's likestbone13
134.Dying Room OnlyBarrCreeWenn11


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Best known for the '54 classic "Paper In My Shoe," and now working on the follow-up, "Dirt On My Head."

(d) May 5th, 2001