Abe Vigoda has been played on 1493 lists, including 144 lists in The 2016 Lee Atwater Invitational Dead Pool.

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2.Of Corpse You're Dead 4Shoeguy630
3.Sine Die: Stars and PolsSine Die626
4.Sorely missedmoribundus531
5.Of Corpse You're Dead 2Shoeguy528
6.Well nobody died did they? 1Archangel527
7.Cheswick44 Top TenCheswick525
8.Aren't they gone yet?RcktManIL430
9.Dirt NappersTaugh429
11.Craig and Alison's deadheadscchaynes426
12.The Producerslucky punk426
13.deathbitch Rides againhPIANOGIRL425
14.Greasy Grimy Gopher GutsNick ‘n Beth424
15.Toe TaggerWallbanger424
16.Two Whiteys!Justin9700424
17.You're Outdel bird424
18.You made the list!AdamTheO423
19.Bag it and tag it DuckyBig Guy422
21.Professor you are embarassing yourself by clinging to life.giapro422
23.Fake ShempGhoulash420
24.Fredo Let's go FishingFredo let's go fishing420
25.Herm BoolieHerm Boolie420
26.time outdisplayname007420
27.Toe Tagger TooWallbanger420
28.I Really Dig These GuysDick Rotten418
29.Dario's Dead ListDario Barbalinardo416
30.LA LISTE DE FRANK 2016Meo416
31.Satan's Waitin'Barker J. Wagtail416
32.Are You People Ever Gonna CroakNascar912414
33.Erika Anne Has Stopped Taking Her MedsBuffiedee324
34.Making This Boneyard Great AgainFMCDH323
35.Cheswick44 Top Ten 2Cheswick322
36.Lemmy Died; who cares #2More Beer322
38.OF Corpse You're Dead 9Shoeguy322
39.Older than Dirtmohrt322
40.Cheswick44 Top Ten 3Cheswick321
41.DEathbitch Rides againPIANOGIRL321
42.Stiff Breeze returns 3Captain Chaos 08321
43.Leftovers from 2015moribundus320
44.MrJeff2000's Fossils of Fate '16mrjeff2000320
45.Saggy boobs and dragging balls!uselessexistence320
46.That's all folks!Toe Tagged Luminary320
47.No Chance In Helltoomanycards319
48.Aknauf D List 2016aknauf318
49.Bone Homies! All Good Things Must Come To an Endbonevoyage318
50.I feel like this is the yearcarseycritter318
51.I'm too old for this shit!Justin9700318
52.Kiss My Dead AssDead Person Specialist, E318
53.Mark's entertainment and authors listBonusPants318
55.One way ticketBonusPants318
56.pisco 13theappointment318
57.Reap Em and Weep #2USER00557318
58.To Die Forgdm318
59.Trout's Dead FishTrout318
60.Death.. Time To Get Them!!!People Meat317
61.Dirt Naps For Fun & Profit #3FrankJac317
62.Old BallsBrown Widow317
63.six feet underbjaskols317
64.The Aunt Danielle Curse of NYE Death listRex317
65.Toodlum....Is That You???Bison317
66.Dead Know It SocietyDead and Loving It316
67.Goodbye, Dolly!Pozzo316
68.Jim' Leftovers 2Bunn's Bones To Be316
69.Joes Dead DicksDirtyDESDAVE316
70.Joined The Choir Invisiblesplittertogo316
71.Politics are a BitchDr. Who316
72.Fitzy's wish list IPhitz1315
73.Goodfellaslucky punk315
74.Moraxian - 90's MusicMoraxian315
75.Not Looking GoodBengals311315
76.Rat Bastards 3Rat Bastard315
77.Sen 2Mr Sen315
78.Say Hi to Elvis #2 2016Spudboy314
79.Cemetery Girls 5Cemetery Girls313
80.they are oldFrogSoda313
81.Luck B A Stiffy Tonight: Third Time's a Charmmommyster311
82.The Clock is Ticking 2chriscott97311
83.A Corpse is a Corpse, Of Course, Of CourseBea Hind310
84.Potts Kitchen & BaconMarkMx310
85.TomB Raters 2015TomB rater 666310
86.Go ahead and drink the kool aidzombie lover39
87.Bought The East Hill Farmsplittertogo37
89.sen freeMr Sen219
90.It's Not My FaultHeidi218
91.rookiesThe Shadow218
92.You're alive...WHY?????GhettoZombie218
93.Easy Come Easy Goanother 1 bites the dust217
94.Michael Jackson Lives in CroatiaMJ Lives217
95.Turn Me On, Dead ManUSER01515217
96.Dead on SurvivalThe Gilberator216
97.Entertainers and Personalitiesthedeadmanshand216
99.Lemmy is dead; who care#2More Beer215
100.Of Corpse You're Dead 5Shoeguy215
102.Lights Out Joker 1Joker213
104.Only the Good Die YoungRobin213
105.The Fountain of Youth 2016Lord Dickerson213
106.They OldFrogSoda213
107.WAS 2016 - DVHUSER02593213
108.Grim talesWizofahs212
109.Pickle PiratePickle212
110.Regrets, I've had a fewBuck212
111.Stiff Breeze returns 2Captain Chaos 08212
112.Famous Fossils 2Hugh G. Wrekshun211
113.Freddie Gray's AnatomyDeath Row211
114.Stop taking up all the oxygenChris Goulart211
115.JoeG20163Joe G210
116.La Muerte Die Already, Dammit!LaMuerte210
117.Lemmy is Dead, Who cares...More Beer210
118.Not a list you would like to be one.Maryjo80210
119.Betsy's bodies.. to be died later but still this yearBetsy29
121.Prince Sirki's Holiday3Prince Sirki29
122.!ajlposh 3ajlposh28
123.2016 tmb listtmbronk28
124.Digger ODell 2Digger O Dell 1028
126.Teen Library CorpseCheckingOut27
127.Our Ten Funerals 2Jerrytopdown26
129.Hugh's Going Downsdigginsjp24
130.Papa ZHerb24
131.!!! ALBRECHT SAYS DIE 1Albrecht110
132.A Death Pool Gambler 2016bDeath pool gambler110
133.That's a beautiful list right there...Embalmination8110
134.D.N.RHeart Stopper19
135.New Years 2016!BetterOffDed19
139.And Nobody DiesVroomfondel14
140.Heaven Help UsSal & Barb13
141.Rastall Reapers 2016 IIRastalls13
142.Tic Tag Toeroderner13
143.Pine Box Patrol - 2016Ranger27512
144.We have a winnerAltois11


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