Zsa Zsa Gabor has been played on 6912 lists, including 152 lists in The 2009 Lee Atwater Invitational Dead Pool.

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1.Four Ghosts of Stiffs PastGhost of Stiffs Past532
2.The Lynch MobTaugh532
3.Kolchak: The Night Stalker 1Kolchak the Night Stalker530
4.The Dirt NappersTaugh431
5.Where the HekawiFTG429
6.E-Brake1: Que Sara, SarahE-Brake327
7.SirDrexl's StiffsSirDrexl327
8.Cartman- Not Going 0-16USER01013325
9.RADTEX: Tumor Makes a Does-InRadtex324
11.Death Becomes YouUSER02602323
12.Toonces Doesn't Drive Well EitherRhody Trash323
13.Die 4 Me Willya 2009-2Chickeyd321
14.POTUS 7USER02464321
15.BringoutyerdeadMr Happy320
16.vg-Please die and make my girlfriend $3K richervomit_god320
17.alottagoodalltheprayingdidNice Sicko317
18.I'm Back!!BibsPal312
20.DGD - Ooo oo, That Smell DGD219
21.Jeff Bird #6Bird219
22.NVN: sorry lady your kids uglyNo Viagra Needed219
23.PB: This is their yearpbear219
24.ReaperMadness #1ReaperMadness219
25.Rest in Piecespeople meat219
26.A Jolly Dead FellowFluvenson218
27.My Ten FuneralsJerrytopdown218
28.Putting the FUN in FUNeralUSER01387218
29.Don't Fuck With Me!USER02583217
30.Paulapoo the Firstpaulapoo217
31.Star StruckUSER02609217
32.My goo smells like cabbageUSER02598216
33.(Don't Fear) The ReaperUSER01832215
34.Dead Paul down the HallHuckleberry215
35.Geaux SaintsUSER02609215
36.Hope Sprins a LeakUSER00750215
37.Jane HathawayJaneguy215
38.Pool of the living deadUSER02537215
41.Start DiggingUSER01832215
42.Hurry up and die already part IIIhurryupndiealready214
43.Lizzy 2Lizzy214
45.Lots o' old bastardsBJCx78213
46.Otis' Cirrhosis from Jubal Foster's StillKudsKroakers213
47.Soon B Gonn 2Edhead22213
48.C Knauf listChris Knauf212
49.Reap 'Em & Weep #2USER00557212
50.This is how rumors get started 2009USER02248212
51.Break a Leg and the RestGregDean211
52.Let the Bodies Hit the FloorDixie_Crystal211
53.Rachel's List 3Rachel A211
54.Cemetery Girls 2Cemetery Girls210
56.Duh-duh-duh deadDead Person Specialist, E29
57.Corpse and Rubbers IBLUISH TINGE28
58.Canaries in a Coal MineRoger Gowiththrottleup27
59.In The GroundIn the Box Looking Up26
60.Rachel's List 1Rachel A26
61.Martha PearlDiane25
63.Beer BitchBeer Sisters110
64.CROSSING OVER02495110
65.Death in the AfternoonKiller110
66.Do You Like Phil Collins?alan smithee110
67.Drunkin Bi polar BimboAngelasMother110
68.Finally DeadUSER02569110
69.I Think I Just Fartednorthern reaper110
70.Lilsqueaky's Non-Squeakerslilsqueakyone110
71.PB: They will meet againpbear110
72.PB: They will be Ghostspbear110
73.You've got to keep dyingUSER02045110
74.DGD - Imagine There's No Livin' DGD19
75.DGD - Night (of the Living Dead) Moves DGD19
77.Horizontally YoursBarker J. Wagtail19
80.Burry'n Bill Burry'n Bill18
82.Del Top Catswsprotte17
83.DGD - Take Me AwayDGD17
84.Midnight MishBuck17
85.Paul?s PyreUSER0242517
86.RJ Thurmont: Dead AheadRJ Thurmont17
87.The Embalmersecho081617
88.1. I LOVE THE DEADUSER0007016
89.Abra CadaverUSER0254816
91.Afraid of the dark? #1Minnesota Neil15
93.Loki ILoki15
94.! ALBRECHT SAYS DIE 2Albrecht14
95.A Waste of Timenorthern reaper14
96.Jackalope Ghost - Uncle Floyd's RevengeJackalope_Ghost14
97.Enola Straightdoorma13
99.Stones Girl loves Pistol PeteStones Girl12
100.Better get ready to die..cerista11
102.IvyCliff Memorial 2009hodag2137811
103.Pyre Fighterslilsqueakyone11
105.A Grateful Deadhead IIJudysomething00
106.ALT - Better Off Dead 1Angel of Death00
107.Choose the AlternativeCom-mom00
108.Cryptkicker 1Cryptkickers Inc.00
109.Daddytopcat's List Of DeathUSER0204000
110.Dead as a Doornailshorty7ft00
111.Dead Keyne CUSER0260700
112.Dead Men WalkinUSER0253700
113.Death By Pinocle 2008 1oregontrail00
114.Death March 21BCeltics00
115.Deathscore C-ListDeathscore00
117.Digger O'Dell 2Digger O Dell 1000
118.Dirt Blanket BluesPozzo00
119.DJ Badger - MY WIFE LANNA SAYS DIEDJ Badger00
120.Doc & DJ--Numbers GameDoc & DJ00
121.Docket of DemiseBury This00
122.Dr. Who - Big Bad BubbaUSER0014600
125.Hail Mary Passevilredhead00
126.HAS BEENS 3USER0207600
127.Herbs Hopefullswsprotte00
129.IAGO 3IAGO00
130.In a Box of Pine in '09Scott in Philly00
131.JT01: Last Year's Top 10 SurvivorsTripper00
133.Morgue In FreemanILoveBigOnes00
134.Northern Reaper Head Cheesenorthern reaper00
135.Northern Reaper I Can Afford Another Listnorthern reaper00
136.Northern Reaper See Ya' Later, Ladiesnorthern reaper00
137.Patti O'Furnitures ListUSER0254000
138.qaqwex aqaqwex00
139.REDSONJA'S DEATH WISH LISTredsonja131300
140.RJ THurmont: Charlies Soon-to-be AngelsRJ Thurmont00
141.Six foot under Leagueshorty7ft00
142.Suit 2 - JoblessnessPezintree00
143.Tessio Was Always SmarterFrankie Pentangeli00
144.The Past DuePartylilsqueakyone00
145.TOES UP 1USER0202500
146.Tommytsled-10 New TombstonesTomtsled00
149.Tsuga - Tastes Like Chicken When I SpeedTsuga00
150.vg-Really Old Bitches 1vomit_god00
151.Well nobody died did they? 3Archangel00
152.What a Revolting Development 2Digger O Dell 1000


Guess the Stiff!

She was a San Francisco AIDS activist who earned her nickname by handing out pot-laced baked goods to sufferers of the disease. She also went out with our PR guy for a while.

(d) April 10th, 1999