Sarah Brady has been played on 651 lists, including 116 lists in The 2003 Lee Atwater Invitational Dead Pool.

 List User Stiffs Points 
1.Toe Tag 1USER01763321
2.Morris Chestnut Stars In Like MikeUSER01809320
3.Madam SpankalotDePressED318
4.DePressED 4DePressED315
6.I Was In Great Shape Until Roone DiedGhoul Girl315
8.Sarky - King MeUSER00312313
9.The Ghost Who Walks 08USER01531311
10.1 Sick Bitch 2USER01264216
11.stiff me in the mourningUSER01688216
13.Warren ZevonDePressED215
16.1 000002213
17.Bye (Again) Girls. I Mean It This Time! 6USER01531212
18.Ghoul Girl 2Ghoul Girl212
19.Chad - I'm Cleanin Out My ClosetUSER01115211
20.Whodat Immunity ChallengeUSER00220211
21.Ghoul Girl 1Ghoul Girl210
22.NVN: Stiffs In The AtticNo Viagra Needed210
23.Special K-Princess PicksUSER01535210
24.Bart and DJ - You're Dead Focker!Doc & DJ29
25.Eyechart 1USER0138229
26.Lym PhomaMaudieG29
27.The Ghost Who Walks 02USER0153129
28.The Ghost Who Walks 03USER0153129
29.DePressED 3DePressED28
30.Jon 2Jon0006028
31.Jon 3Jon0006028
32.The Ghost Who Walks 07USER0153128
33.The Ghost Who Walks 10USER0153128
35.Bye (Again) Girls. I Mean It This Time! 1USER01531110
36.Bye (Again) Girls. I Mean It This Time! 2USER01531110
37.Bye (Again) Girls. I Mean It This Time! 3USER01531110
38.Bye (Again) Girls. I Mean It This Time! 4USER01531110
39.Bye (Again) Girls. I Mean It This Time! 5USER01531110
40.Circling Vulture - Keeping Hope AliveUSER00780110
41.Dr. Steve 1Dr. Steve110
42.Flamingo Nut 3FlamingoNut110
43.Is the head dead yet?USER01678110
44.MATTOID - Waco Rod & Gun CLubThe Mattoid110
45.Troll 2Death Troll110
46.Chad - She's Called Lady BJ 4 A ReasonUSER0111519
48.Doktor Robert 3USER0154319
49.Name that Tomb 3USER0172019
51.Why didn't you die?USER0067319
52.A Tall Frosted Glass of Cat Vomit on the Rocks00000218
53.Beaver CleavageDePressED18
54.Chad - The Tropic Of CancerUSER0111518
55.Clean up aisle sevenUSER0074418
56.Doc--The Breast Damn Atwater List PeriodDoc & DJ18
57.Ethereal MattersUSER0171318
58.Mel AnomaMaudieG18
59.MK - MBalmed 3MBalmed18
60.Putting the FUN in FUNeralUSER0138718
61.THEY WILL KNOW IN 2003USER0173618
62.Filthy Whores 1filthy whore17
63.Go See God- The Usual SuspectsUSER0077917
64.NVNNo Viagra Needed17
65.Saturn MadamSaturn Madam17
66.The Ghost Who Walks 06USER0153117
67.The Ghost Who Walks 09USER0153117
68.Warren's WinnersUSER0067317
70.Jon 1Jon0006016
71.NVN: 10 Gauranteed to liveNo Viagra Needed16
72.RigorMortis 3Rigor15
73.2003 Feasting Maggots 1Feasting Maggots14
74.2003 Feasting Maggots 2Feasting Maggots14
75.Excitable CorpseUSER0067314
76.Feeling SicklyUSER0067314
77.Filthy Whores 3filthy whore14
78.Sarky - Bitches ... Nuthin but BitchesUSER0031214
79.2003 Feasting Maggots 3Feasting Maggots13
80.Dead To RightsUSER0067313
81.Yeah yeah buh bye 2yeah yeah buh bye13
82.You are MeatUSER0067313
83.E-Brake 2: Alt.Stiffs Mascots? Blurt and ErnieE-Brake12
84.Legion Of Doom 2003 6USER0049712
85.Mafia Actuary 10USER0137512
86.Yeah yeah buh bye 3yeah yeah buh bye12
87.Bob Hope ForeverUSER0067311
88.Elvis Grbac 2 - Electric BugalooUSER0108311
89.NVN: Naked pillowfighting lesbiansNo Viagra Needed11
90.Raging Household Immunity ChallengeUSER0022011
91.BairBones 1BairBones00
92.Bart and DJ - Ralphie's Head in a Bowling BagDoc & DJ00
93.Bastille's Immunity ChallengeUSER0022000
94.Doc--John O'Conner Memorial ListDoc & DJ00
95.Don Pescado-Krusty the KlownUSER0151300
96.Dr. Paul Shipherd 1USER0065200
97.E-Brake 1: Call Now for a Free Rascal!E-Brake00
98.E-Brake 3: Freefreefreefreefreefreefree. FreeE-Brake00
99.Go See God- Stop Using My AirUSER0077900
100.Go See God-More Future RegretsUSER0077900
102.JMD - Femme FatalitiesMr Wonderful00
103.Loki 3Loki00
104.Mafia Actuary 05USER0137500
105.MATTOID - Fixing To DieThe Mattoid00
106.Moraxian - Damsels in Distress Part 2Moraxian00
107.Please just dieUSER0067300
108.Pvt Ryan 600000200
109.Raven's Flock 4USER0100600
110.Raven's Flock 5USER0100600
111.Smegma Melt on Whole Wheat Toast00000200
112.Special K-Butterknife DeathUSER0153500
113.Strom Thurmond's DiaperUSER0138700
114.They must die.USER0067300
115.vomit_god3 - Bukakke Karaokevomit_god00
116.We Spin Terror 2USER0114500


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