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2.Necro Phil Insults Charles BronsonUSER01371326
3.Necro Phil Meets the Unknown CelebrityUSER01371326
4.Circling VultureUSER00780323
5.Coatlicue-Bookem' DanoUSER01513321
6.X-10 Camera Actually Alien Death Ray DeviceTomtsled321
7.Doc--...I Wish I Was Sipowicz.Doc & DJ320
8.Dead. Film at eleven.USER02722319
9.Thinking outside the boxUSER02722319
10.FTG: Guns, Guns, Who's Got The Guns?FTG318
11.Vicious Piranha® Life And How To End ItUSER03886318
12.Vicious Piranha® The Brady BunchUSER02834318
13.Bart and DJ - Not inspired enough to be cleverUSER03852317
14.Christopher Reeve 8USER00020317
15.Doc--Shit, I Forgot to Put My Name on Two ListsDoc & DJ316
17.Vicious Piranha® High And DryUSER02830315
18.Venus LovemotionDePressED314
19.Bart and DJ - Now your talking double teamDoc & DJ312
20.Osiris-Have you met my brother SethUSER01513219
21.Twist of FateUSER02722219
22.DCB 1: In the Event Jack Buck DiesUSER01330218
23.Sometimes Not Wise To Be WiseFTG218
24.Cannot Make Fur Coat From Feather of GooseFTG217
26.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Finger ManUSER02683216
27.Gotti Get Me Some Of ThatUSER00008216
28.Redsox Fan Freeze Gopher1BCeltics216
30.Doc--A Clockwork Orange SucksDoc & DJ215
31.EB 09: First Place WasE-Brake215
32.Non Life ThreateningUSER02722215
34.Dr. Paul Shipherd's New Fail-SafeUSER00652214
35.M.I. Rich? At Times.USER00008214
36.Mafia Actuary 11: Requiem in PaceUSER02726214
37.Vicious Piranha® A Hit Is A HitUSER02830214
38.DCB 4: In the Event Tom Laughlin DiesUSER01330213
39.DePressED 1DePressED213
40.DePressED 3DePressED213
42.Smoking SectionUSER02722213
43.Southern Fried StiffsUSER02722213
44.The CHOSENUSER00750213
45.Vicious Piranha® Untamed HawkUSER01260213
46.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: HellfireUSER03821212
47.Mafia Actuary 04: The Provision gets tested USER02727212
48.Vicious Piranha® George Needs A Sitar PlayerUSER00965212
49.Vicious Piranha® The Back Of The BusUSER02830212
50.Vicious Piranha® The Dutch OvenUSER02830212
51.Christopher Reeve 3USER03844211
52.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Mountain Phil's Last ShotFTG211
53.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Take Out Enough to WinFTG211
54.Mafia Actuary 01: Cream of the Croaking CropUSER01375211
55.Milburn Drysdale's VaultFTG211
57.Road To RooneUSER00008211
58.T. Switala 12USER03810211
59.Vicious Piranha® My Last RequestUSER02830211
60.Don Pescado-Age before beautyUSER01513210
61.Mafia Actuary 07: Britney's greatgrandmum-in-lawUSER02726210
62.Vicious Piranha® KnuckleballUSER02830210
63.BUFF DADDY - Blinded by the LightUSER0131529
64.Frankie 1USER0381829
65.Skool Bird's DadUSER0099929
66.DePressED 6DePressED26
67.Bark of Tree Never Bitter to Hungry SquirrelUSER03828110
68.Cartman-Teddy Bats CleanupUSER01013110
69.Cartman-Ten People I've Never MetUSER01013110
70.Christopher Reeve 5USER00020110
71.Christopher Reeve 7USER00020110
72.Coatlicue-Steve McQueen lives in WilmerdingUSER01513110
73.Democrat StrongholdUSER02722110
78.Doc--That Guinea Better Die SoonDoc & DJ110
79.Don Pescado-New FavoritesUSER01513110
80.Femme Fatale 1USER01205110
81.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: The YearlingFTG110
82.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Wake of the Red BitchFTG110
83.Mafia Actuary 02: Farewell, Teflon MuteUSER03880110
84.Old Rednecks never dieUSER02722110
85.Re-Education CommitteeUSER03884110
86.Teddy EndgameUSER02780110
87.The Abominable Snowman of the HimalayasFTG110
88.Wheel of FortuneUSER02722110
89.Who The Hell Is Larry Kramer?USER00008110
90.Wild John's River Styx Booze CruiseUSER01057110
91.You Can Call Me BettyUSER03835110
92.Christopher Reeve 9USER0264519
93.DCB 6: In the Event Bob Hope is ImmortalUSER0381119
94.DePressED 7DePressED19
95.Hugo Banzer Is Not FamousUSER0000819
96.Lester Flatt? No, Lester Maddox.USER0000819
97.Lords of the FliesUSER0067319
98.Mafia Actuary 09: In case the masses are rightUSER0272619
99.Mafia Actuary 12: Say Hi to Lindsey NelsonUSER0272619
100.Mafia Actuary 15: I hate Illinois NazisUSER0272619
101.NVN: Obits waiting to happenUSER0274719
103.Redsox Fan Eternal SleepUSER0384919
104.Sarah SmileUSER0000819
105.Savannah StarUSER0381519
106.Vicious Piranha® Seashells And BalloonsUSER0283019
107.Vicious Piranha® Train In VainUSER0283019
108.DePressED 9DePressED18
109.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Chemo SabeFTG18
110.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: The War PriestUSER0268318
111.HEETERGAL 3USER0269918
112.Lady Caroline MuffmuncherDePressED18
113.Mafia Actuary 05: I taught Pudge all he knowsUSER0272718
114.Mafia Actuary 08: Billy Jack, meet Billy WilderUSER0272718
115.Mafia Actuary 13: Dudley no MooreUSER0272618
116.NVN: fuck you Elizabeth WurtzelNo Viagra Needed18
117.Rick The BastardUSER0042518
118.Cartman-People Die In Alphabetical OrderUSER0383417
119.Coatlicue-Hoity Toity Hoi PolloiUSER0264717
120.Good Luck CharmUSER0272217
121.Cryogenics R UsUSER0272216
122.In Texas You Can Only Own 5 DildosUSER0075016
123.Beaver CleavageUSER0385915
124.BUFF DADDY Push the Little Daisies and Make 'em CUSER0131515
125.I see more dead peopleUSER0272214
126.Chad - What's Ailing You?USER0111513
127.I Have Nipples Greg Could You Milk MeUSER0386500
128.Just plain DJ - Pushing my luck againUSER0096900
129.Redsox Fan Fall out a window wish list.1BCeltics00


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