Hugo Chavez has been played on 1078 lists, including 139 lists in The 2012 Lee Atwater Invitational Dead Pool.

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1.Feasting Maggots 3Feasting Maggots742
2.Got To Move To The Trick Of The BeatDePressED742
3.Doc & DJ--Cunnilingus and Psychiatry Brought Us to ThisDoc & DJ641
4.Here We Are, in a Room Full of Strangers, Decomposing in the DarkGhost of Stiffs Past638
5.The Cremation Gang 2012Fry's Crematorium637
6.Birdman 5Bird635
7.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Bring on the Dancing GirlsFTG626
8.Doc & DJ--I Got What I Got All Despite YouDoc & DJ539
9.E-B: Two For The ShowE-Brake535
10.yeah yeah buh bye 4yeah yeah buh bye535
11.Birdman - looking forward to the Andrews Sisters reunionBird534
13.Birdman 1Bird533
14.Death WatcherCheetahisDead533
15.Please don't be in a Superbowl commercial this yearBird533
16.Birdman - time for the English Fly Catcher to goBird532
17.Johnny Dare Morning ShowBird530
18.Cash from Cancer: Etta James plays the harpCash From Cancer529
19.Cash from Cancer: Yitzhak Shamir, you still here?Cash From Cancer529
20.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Old IronpantsFTG526
21.Ghoul Girl IGhoul Girl526
22.Coming Back in 2012!MsWhatsit434
23.E-B: One For The RoadE-Brake434
24.Loach's guaranteed to live till 2013 listLoach434
25.Recent LeftoversDGD434
26.Death Rattle II: Almost got ya, Biggsy!anarchess433
27.Feasting Maggots 2Feasting Maggots433
28.Happy Ramadan, Charlie Brown!DGD433
29.Birdman - or stab the Doc and shoot the DJBird432
30.Birdman - Stab the Doc and shoot the DJBird431
31.Birdman 6Bird431
32.oh, bye bye, sassoonBird431
33.Birdman 2Bird430
34.Graham CrackaBird430
35.Jacque the monkeyBird430
37.Tumor Makes a Does-InTumor_Makes_A_Does_In430
38.yeah yeah buh bye 2yeah yeah buh bye430
39.Ah Ah Ah Ah Not Stayin' AliveBird429
40.Andy Rooney may have company soonBird429
41.Doin' it our wayBird429
42.Feasting Maggots 1Feasting Maggots429
43.Hugo, man of 1000 facesBird429
44.Run Run AwayBird429
45.Sir RichardBird429
46.The Daisy PushersFry's Crematorium429
47.Trapp shootBird429
48.dingy momome first427
49.Cash from Cancer: Hugo to the Harp FarmCash From Cancer426
50.Guess Who Died? 2ZUSER01484426
51.Guess Who Died? 1ZUSER01484425
52.McSwindlers List 2hop1962425
54.Last Stop 2Last Stop424
55.Chicken at Tresky's #1Chicken at Tresky's423
56.2011:The Year Golden Girls Death Streak StoppedRD02422
57.Come On I Wanna See Them In a Mausoleum 7EdRulz422
58.Justin Hale 06USER01531422
59.Chicken at Tresky's #2Chicken at Tresky's421
60.The person you've reached has been disconnectedBetter Off Dead420
61.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: CounterEspionageFTG419
62.Roll Them Bones 253cheeseburger417
63.The Reaper's Dinner GuestsAmy Sue416
64.Ghoul Girl !IIGhoul Girl414
65.Bird - the guy was a senator and can't spell Bird rightBird327
66.Birdman - praying for a write in approvalBird327
67.Birdman 3Bird327
68.Birdman 4Bird327
69.Feasting Maggots 4Feasting Maggots327
70.Feasting Maggots 5Feasting Maggots327
71.Feasting Maggots 6Feasting Maggots327
72.If the world ends in 2012 at least I'll go 10/10Bird327
73.MJ Lives!MJ Lives325
74.Counting Bodies Like SheepDGambrinus324
75.Doctor of Death 1the doctor of death323
76.yeah yeah buh bye 5yeah yeah buh bye323
77.Come On I Wanna See Them In a Mausoleum 4EdRulz322
78.Come On I Wanna See Them In a Mausoleum 6EdRulz322
79.Death Soup: Death of a Disco DancerMJ and Friends322
80.Not Dead Yet IITimur322
81.Welcome come on inComeonallready322
82.Hurry Up and Die Already, Part Ihurryupndiealready321
83.Cash from Cancer: Vo Giap gets some wings to flapCash From Cancer320
84.Come On I Wanna See Them In a MausoleumEdRulz320
85.Dancing With Mr. DBetter Off Dead320
86.Dear Abby, Are you dead yet?Pokey22320
87.Sick BayOldDocMcCoy320
88.You Etta, You Etta, You Bet!Sarky320
89.Charlie Don't Surf with Lilly ThaiCharlie Dont Surf319
90.Grim Assclowns 2USER01637319
91.Justin Hale 07USER01531319
92.Justin Hale 11USER01531319
93.Rock me on your DaisSarky318
94.Chicago's Voter RegistrationBeer Ninja317
95.What the Hell? Just Die FidelEdRulz317
96.BringOutYerDeadAgainMr Happy315
97.Come On I Wanna See Them In a Mausoleum 2EdRulz219
98.Come On I Wanna See Them In a Mausoleum 5EdRulz219
99.Come On I Wanna See Them In a Mausoleum 8EdRulz219
100.Everything's Deader in TexasBluelena219
101.Justin Hale 01USER01531219
102.Justin Hale 02USER01531219
103.Justin Hale 03USER01531219
104.Justin Hale 04USER01531219
105.Justin Hale 05USER01531219
106.Justin Hale 09USER01531219
107.Justin Hale 10USER01531219
109.Justin Hale 08USER01531218
110.Come On I Wanna See Them In a Mausoleum 3EdRulz217
111.Canaries in a CoalmineCanaries in a coalmine216
112.La Muerte1LaMuerte216
113.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: BrimstoneFTG215
114.Chicken at Tresky's #3Chicken at Tresky's214
115.Deadly DebutantDeadly Debutante214
116.Dust to DollarsDRave13214
117.Die please, thank youBucket Kickers213
118.Soul HuntersHunterbeer213
119.MATTOID - Maybe it's just time...The Mattoid210
120.C'mon People, Start Dying!Altois29
121.Dictators, dicks and people named DickSarkon29
122.JSizzle's 2K12 Death ListJSizzle29
123.Death Eater Set MenuOzCube26
124.Ima GonerUncle Stiffy26
125.BEHOLD! Dead people of the future!!genghis7119
126.Better Dead RedsReaperMadness15
127.Death by Chocolate Chipsmommyster15
128.Just Kickin' It!JLM211wx (Just Kickin It!15
129.Death by Chocolate Milkmommyster13
130.MausoleakumUncle Stiffy13
131.Ready, Get Set...DIE!Altois12
132.The Regulator ListWarren G12
133.This is how political rumors get started 2012USER0224812
134.Mostly Politicians 253cheeseburger11
135.Barry D LiveUncle Stiffy00
137.Death By Chocolate 2012mommyster00
139.The stiff in phoenix sleeps with pussys 2USER0220400


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