Gordie Howe has been played on 298 lists, including 135 lists in The 2015 Lee Atwater Invitational Dead Pool.

 List User Stiffs Points 
2.Joeylucky punk530
3.Doc & DJ--Starring Michael Keaton As Jeff BirdDoc & DJ527
5.Doc & DJ--Prop Joe's Cadaverous MotherfuckersDoc & DJ431
6.Xtreme DeadpoolingDePressED431
7.Joan Crawford's Eyebrow Pencil 2JoanCrawfordsMakeupBag428
8.Doc & DJ--Save the Russian Fuck LizardsDoc & DJ425
9.Death Soup: One Toke Over the LineMJ and Friends423
10.Guess Who Died? 1ZUSER01484418
12.Martha PearlDiane411
13.LA LISTE DE JOJO 2015Meo326
14.Simon says - too many shots to the headThe Shadow325
15.Death Soup: Evil Popes Must DieMJ and Friends324
16.Joan Crawford's Eyebrow Pencil 1JoanCrawfordsMakeupBag324
17.Ethnic Cleansinghop1962323
19.yeah yeah buh bye 2yeah yeah buh bye321
20.When Sunny Gets BlueBea Hind320
21.Charlie Don't Surf without Mia LeeCharlie Dont Surf319
22.Death Soup: All Together Now!MJ and Friends318
23.MK - MBalmedMBalmed318
24.DXROB !!!DX Rob317
25.A Trophy For Atrophyhop1962315
27.Not feeling wellBada Bing314
29.2015 #1Donkey Sausage219
30.Dutch's TreatBea Hind219
31.SirDrexl's StiffsSirDrexl219
32.WE HAVE A PIPER DOWN! 2dryden2911219
33.WE HAVE A PIPER DOWN! 3dryden2911219
34.Yeah yeah buh byeyeah yeah buh bye219
35.yeah yeah buh bye 4yeah yeah buh bye219
36.Cartman- Ten To Beam UpCARTMAN218
37.yeah yeah buh bye 5yeah yeah buh bye218
38.2015 #2Donkey Sausage217
39.Charlie Don't Surf without Sharon TayCharlie Dont Surf217
40.Deathication 2015Loquacity83217
41.Nietzsche's Super Stiffs IVFredNietzsche217
42.Tommytsled- Give me one list Vasili, one list onlyTomtsled217
43.yeah yeah buh bye 3yeah yeah buh bye217
44.!!!!Kitten Kaboodle!!!! Love you, baby.!!!!ABBO216
45.Chicago Jake 1: Some Girl's Mothers are Bigger Than Other Girl's MothersChicago Jake216
46.He's Dead JimHe's Dead Jim216
47.MK - MBalmed2MBalmed216
48.Nietzsche's Pietzsches IIIFredNietzsche216
49.2015 #3Donkey Sausage215
50.Yankee-Yak, Don't Talk BackNumber1User215
51.Cartman- The LeftoversCARTMAN213
52.psychicdeath 1PsychicDeath213
53.The People's CorpseBea Hind213
54.The Thrill is gone for good.giapro213
55.!ajlposh 3ajlposh212
56.Don't Pee On My Leg and Call It RainBea Hind212
57.Victory AND Death 8Shams212
58.Death Soup: Gross UrningsMJ and Friends211
59.Guess Who Died? 2ZUSER01484211
60.Lights Out 3Joker211
61.Sod SquadBarker J. Wagtail211
62.Bunns Bones To Be 2Bunn's Bones To Be210
63.Pokey's Picks 2015Pokey22210
64.Dearly Departedhop196229
65.Dirt Naps For Fun and ProfitFrankJac29
66.Cartman- Faceoff With BeliveauCARTMAN28
67.Death- Cuts Like A KnifeJayRockers!28
68.Enjoy The ViewFrankJac28
71.You're Not Fooling Anyone You KnowFrankJac27
73.Dear Mr. Henshaw: I'M DEAD!Bea Hind110
74.DXROB !!DX Rob110
75.I Want the Pistol Pete Dealdulcinea110
76.Leftovers from 2014moribundus110
77.psychicdeath 2PsychicDeath110
78.DNR/DNI 2Nurseboy19
80.Not Fit To Carry Nietzsche's Jock Strap IIFredNietzsche19
81.NVN: Tallywacker is a funny wordNo Viagra Needed19
82.sbump2-Dying to win-ChuckSBUMP219
83.This is Newbies lisp (sic)JESUSCHRISTALMIGHTY19
84.Daria Morgue Endorserfray18
85.House Of Soon To Be With The Lordhop196218
86.If you can't beat em, just die.urbscholar18
87.Sbump2-Dying to win-PrimeSBUMP218
88.!!!!Kitten Kaboodle!!!! Love you, Kaboo-boo!!!!ABBO17
89.Counting Bodies Like SheepDGambrinus17
90.Dead Can't Dance With MeAmy Sue17
91.DNR/DNI 3Nurseboy17
93.Bottoms up!addier16
94.Death Watch Waltz IIITitanPilot58316
95.DIE, FUCKERS, DIE!sillysqrrl16
96.The Price Is Rightlonedryad16
97.Boring List #1hemlock please15
98.MrJeff2000's List of Destinymrjeff200015
99.The Game of LifeUSER0204515
100.Everyone Dies in the EndMichenley14
102.Zsa Zsa MUST GO!Deckhawk14
103.Coffin CornerDRave1313
104.Fill In My Toe TagDick Rotten13
105.I C Dead PeoplePrinceCharming13
106.It's Only A Flesh WoundFrankJac12
107.Beat the ReaperThe Reaper11
110.Beat the Reaper IIThe Reaper00
111.Bob's BoneyardVroomfondel00
112.Bunns Bones Freebie ListBunn's Bones To Be00
113.Bunns Bones To BeBunn's Bones To Be00
114.Buying the FarmDeader-N-Hell00
115.cd5dh - Goal assist and fight for your lifecerista00
116.DNR/DNI 1Nurseboy00
117.Fade to BlackFade to Black00
118.Fade to Black 2Fade to Black00
119.Fade to Black 3Fade to Black00
120.Go To The LightFrankJac00
121.Just WrongWoz00
124.NR Another Another Listnorthern reaper00
126.SaratogaPhil's StiffsSaratogaPhil00
127.sbump2-athletes or someone who sounds like oneSBUMP200
128.Sen FreeMr Sen00
129.Sen1Mr Sen00
130.September MournRadler00
131.tastes like chickenJamoke00
133.Victory AND Death 7Shams00
134.Well Nobody Died Did They? IArchangel00
135.Yay for Euthanasia!Euthanasia00


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