Ernest Borgnine has been played on 664 lists, including 129 lists in The 2011 Lee Atwater Invitational Dead Pool.

 List User Stiffs Points 
1.Despite All My Rage, I am still just a Rat in a CageDGD534
3.Playing The Odds (3)Hugh G. Wrekshun432
4.AARP Happensshorty7ft426
5.Andy Rooney's Got to Goburggraf426
6.These people are really old!!Knockin on Heavens Door426
7.'Morty'; such a cute nameMort422
8.Burrin' Bill 2011Burry'n Bill421
9.Ho-Chunk Dead Chunk Neekosahochunkguy421
10.Kaokomonkey's Voodoo PalaceKaokomonkey420
11.One Can HopeUSER01206419
12.LA LISTE DE FRANK 2011Meo414
13.Mcswindlers List 2hop1962325
14.Oh so dead!Dead Person Specialist, E324
15.Ho-Chunk Dead Chunk Dellshochunkguy323
16.POTUS 10USER02464322
17.Say hi to my goldfish when you get theredoorma322
18.Habeas Corpses 10BradWalt321
19.Shroom's Dead Meat 2: Deader Meatshroom321
20.Thought they were died years agoSwine321
21.What is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?DGD321
22.Times Up !DOA319
23.Andrewsup is back upjoseph8080317
24.Crudlist 2hemightberob317
25.Lewis Elevenbrucelew317
26.Sarky - Fucko blew me more than kissesSarky317
27.Always look on the bright side of deathAngel of Death316
28.Everything's Deader in TexasBluelena316
29.Panty PiratesPanty Pirates316
30.Dead SilenceDolby, Clancy, Giap315
31.Destroyers 4Destroyers313
32.Offal TruthUSER01797313
33.WHAYNE 2011 LIST 1USER02593313
34.Rat Bastards 2USER02215312
35.Insert Scary NameDBSweeneyTodd311
36.Lots o' old bastards IIIBJCx78311
38.Former Lee WarmerFormer Lee Warmer310
39.South Bay Reaper PrimarySouth Bay Reaper310
41.WHAYNE 2011 LIST 2USER02593219
43.'cause You Never Know When You're Gonna Go!USER01054218
45.chemobrain's lindy losers leftoverschemobrain217
46.flatiners 3The game changer217
47.Who were these people? 2USER00562217
50.Reap 'Em & Weep #3USER00557215
51.Signing OffPozzo215
52.a bunch of old fartszombie lover214
53.The stiff-in-phoenix is brain dead 3.USER02204214
54.BLACK LEGION - OLD AND MOLDYbrutesquad64213
55.Cartman- Don't Touch My Junk, ManCARTMAN213
56.Ranger 275 Random PoolRanger275212
57.Stick A Fork In 'EmWidows&Orphans212
58.The Bakerís Dozen A Dead Pool Speculation for 2011 From The Minds Of CatMan & The CatCave PosseCatMan212
59.Tits - Up Itits-up212
60.Bugs and Bones 2Bugs and Bones211
61.Fade to Black IIFade to Black211
62.Hurry Up and Die Already, Part VIIIhurryupndiealready211
63.Tits - Up IIItits-up211
65.BigBuckenChicken2Last Stop29
66.Dells Dead Catswsprotte29
67.Down and DirtyDRave1329
68.Inhumane CentipedeDBSweeneyTodd29
70.the death clocktheappointment29
71.Out with the old...Politikil28
72.Requiem AeternamThat's Entertainment28
73.Soon2beZombiesanastasia beaver-hausen28
74.All Dressed Up, Now Please GoasthedeadtuRNs27
76.Phil & Dons' Funeral Home #3Shoeguy27
77.dirt napalex vincent26
78.The Importance of Being ErnestLady Die25
79.Great Cthulhu's DeadlistUSER0028423
80.dead at lasttbone110
82.who doesn't want their red stufflindbergh110
83.bird livesPIANOGIRL19
84.Cemetery Gates 2011cemeterygates19
85.Fade to BlackFade to Black19
86.Feral Fodder #3BMT33019
87.Son of The Four Marx Brothers are Still DeadGrouchoHarpoChicoDeado19
88.That WAS Entertainment IIIFilmslave19
89.Fade to Black 3Fade to Black18
91.I need moneybuh-bye now18
92.Afraid of the dark? #3Minnesota Neil17
93.Herb's Hellcatswsprotte17
94.La Muerte1LaMuerte17
95.Notorious R.I.PRadler17
96.thelma rice had her legs waxedlindbergh17
97.Do you have them, Chemo-Brain?chemobrain16
98.Dusted!!!In the Box Looking Up16
100.Please DieMistressLila16
101.RoadkillDr Drunk16
104.Angel of Death ListJennifervs15
105.Dick Clark Better fuckin dieElster00015
106.Do the Mortal Coil Shufflejimdkc15
108.mixed(body)bagTodd Blankenship15
109.One foot in the grave, other in my wife's analDeathAlert15
110.Doctor of Death 4the doctor of death14
111.Dr. Who - From Here to EternityDr. Who14
112.Goulart Death List 1Chris Goulart14
113.Soon B Gonn 3Edhead2214
114.Who Would Jesus Pick?eskeyes14
115.Feral Fodder #2BMT33013
117.It's Do or Die NOWDigger O Dell 1013
118.Nancy Pelosi Sucks OneCrock of Pelosi13
119.Windmills do not work that way, goodnight.PIxiaq13
120.he be back soon i'm surelindbergh12
121.Makes me sad...sort of.Teebabe12
122.The Hopefullsdeathdealer12
123.You're OUTwsprotte11
126.Hansel's List!Trav00
128.Roll Credits!Dead Already?00
129.Twilight Of Life Zonesnakedya00


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