Buddy Ryan has been played on 809 lists, including 141 lists in The 2014 Lee Atwater Invitational Dead Pool.

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1.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: The West Goes GhostFTG637
2.Fade to Black VIFade to Black636
3.whole lamotta shaking going onBird522
4.Lateful deaddisplayname007430
5.Bring It On: Zsa Zsa Bites ItDEATH DEMON427
6.Fade to Black IVFade to Black426
7.Birdman - Stab the Doc and shoot the DJBird423
8.Bob Dole, In a holeDeathGift423
9.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: The Bugle TollsFTG421
10.The last good-byeMinnow9001421
11.Sick Unto DeathJinxed419
12.Simon Says We're Deadlucky punk418
13.This List Is Positively PastoralRJD415
14.Past the Stands 3HOOFBEATS414
15.Fade to Black VFade to Black324
16.One Bump or Two - chuckSBUMP2324
17.Toe Tagger MoreWallbanger324
18.DePressED 11DePressED323
19.Sharpen the trochar,, it's gonna be busyFry's Crematorium323
20.One Bump or Two - primeSBUMP2322
21.Thou Shalt Not Bear False Teethjeffvn322
22.Doc & DJ--Long-Distance Dedication to ScoobyDoc & DJ321
23.Ready for BedJinxed321
24.Death By Pinocle 2014 # 1oregontrail319
25.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: From Karate With LoveFTG319
26.Joan Crawford's Eyebrow Pencil 1JoanCrawfordsMakeupBag319
27.My free listDeathGift318
28.yeah buddy!Bird318
29.A Wife Finds This Offensiveknkaustin317
30.Feeling Lucky Punklucky punk317
31.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Vanishing AmericanFTG317
32.Doc & DJ--Going DutchDoc & DJ316
33.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Dusty's TrailFTG316
34.Joan Crawford's Eyebrow Pencil 2JoanCrawfordsMakeupBag316
35.2014 Hades Softball TeamStink Finger for Christ315
36.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: BrimstoneFTG315
37.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Old IronpantsFTG315
38.List of the DamnedJoe Mazz315
39.Run Run into the TrappDeathGift315
40.Thin iceDead Eye Jack315
41.Doc & DJ--How Did They Know Michael Schumacher Had Dandruff?Doc & DJ314
42.Past the Stands 2HOOFBEATS314
43.Cash from Cancer: Rhythm is a CancerCash From Cancer313
44.Feasting Maggots 1Feasting Maggots312
45.LOD: Be At Peace - Fight No Moreed head312
46.LOD: Lisa Needs Braces, Sam Needs A Coffined head312
47.Past the StandsHOOFBEATS312
48.4 Past MidnightMr. Redrum310
49.Sharpen the trochar, 2Fry's Crematorium310
50.These stiffs won't be a Buddy for very longDeathGift310
51.List for sake of a listDeathGift219
52.60 Feet UnderDead and Loving It217
53.Doc & DJ--A Zimmer of HopeDoc & DJ216
55.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Don't Ever Speak to Me AgainFTG215
56.Cash from Cancer: Human Papilloma Blanca, I'm just a bird in the skyCash From Cancer214
57.Doc & DJ--The Janitor Was Right About Bin LadenDoc & DJ214
58.Dogs Can Look Up 1Last Stop214
59.Trout's Dead FishTrout214
60.Birdman - float like a butterfly, stink like a corpseBird213
61.Cash from Cancer: Buddy Ryan O'NealCash From Cancer213
62.CHAD - Ohhhhhh, The Humanity!CHAD213
63.27 Club: Run to the Bush, Buddy!1000_Ways212
64.Andy's 2014 BIG LISTAndrew Edling212
65.Doc & DJ--Be Vewy Quiet...We're Hunting BirdDoc & DJ212
66.Don't forget to Walsh your handssDeathGift212
67.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: The Phantom MajorFTG212
68.Pile of Stinks 2014mommyster212
69.RD: A double double of death pleaseRD02212
70.Dictator saladJohnHines211
71.Doc & DJ--Joe DiMaggio Memorial ListDoc & DJ211
72.Doc & DJ--Kelly Has Barbara to Thank for 30 Extra BucksDoc & DJ211
73.Feasting Maggots 2Feasting Maggots211
74.grave matthew's bandwildrush211
75.Holden All The CardsK Dog211
78.Rigor 2Rigor 1211
79.Victory AND Death 3Shams211
80.Frankie 6DePressED210
81.Hospitalization Makes a Gal IrritableDGD210
82.Danse MacabreMr. Redrum29
83.In The DeathroomMr. Redrum29
84.2 Harpers, 2 Attenboroughs, and 2 ZsasJohnHines28
85.Cash from Cancer: I'm your private cancerCash From Cancer28
86.Cash from Cancer: The Grim Reaper gets a new BuddyCash From Cancer28
87.Doc & DJ--Down Like SyndromeDoc & DJ28
88.Otis' Cirrhosis - Rafe Hollister's StillKudsKroakers28
89.Petey's Hot Dog XNancyD27
90.Be still my beating heartJohnHines26
91.Dead Fred's list of almost Dead!Dead Fred26
92.Mort, please?Mort26
93.Write in list. Maybe I should have played him more?DeathGift26
94.Dead RepublicansDeathGift25
95.Rhoda Morganstern Will Live ForeverRJD25
96.Cash from Cancer: The Twilight of the Billy GrahamsCash From Cancer24
97.Dirt Bag 2014alb00724
98.End of an Era?RJD23
99.American Top 40-to many hits to the headThe game changer110
100.Carpe Dead 'emdoorma110
101.Get Diggin' 2014BuffaloBartman110
102.RD: Now On With The CountdownRD02110
103.The Tampa Bay BuccaneersDePressED110
104.Cartman- The LeftoversCARTMAN19
105.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: FingermanFTG19
106.He's Dead JimHe's Dead Jim19
108.G Menseaiowe18
109.IMA GONERUncle Stiffy18
110.Not Fit To Carry Nietzsche's Jock StrapFredNietzsche18
111.Of Corpse You're Dead 2Shoeguy18
112.This is the year 2JMann88018
113.BRUTESQUAD - SPORTSbrutesquad6417
114.Cash from Cancer: How do you keep the natives off the booze long enough?Cash From Cancer17
115.LOD: Ronnie Biggs' Posseed head17
117.Pile of Stinks 2 2014mommyster15
118.Rigor 1Rigor 115
119.Bag and tag please.Big Guy14
120.Cash from Cancer: Music Box CancerCash From Cancer14
121.You're Outwsprotte14
122.Of Corpse You're Dead 8Shoeguy13
123.Ghoul Girl IGhoul Girl12
124.List 6Donkey Sausage12
125.From Sam to SidRJD11
126.Lights Out 2Joker11
127.Toe Tagger TooWallbanger11
128.Aches and ChampagneTheyComeInThrees00
130.Charlie Don't Surf with Elita LorescaCharlie Dont Surf00
131.Dirt Naps For Fun & Profit or Die Already Would Ya?FrankJac00
132.EMFC The Underground NetworkEMFCoffin00
133.Feasting Maggots 3Feasting Maggots00
134.Future Dead PeopleClever Team Name00
135.Get up Stand up 2014Sgrayva00
136.Giving the FC Something to DoDGD00
138.The Dead Answer KeyFroggyB00
139.The Heart Isn't Normal When It StopsNumber1User00
140.Traded to the AngelsLady Die00
141.We Finally Got Bush!!!Pokey2200


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