Rush Limbaugh has been played on 345 lists, including 215 lists in The 2021 Lee Atwater Invitational Dead Pool.

 List User Stiffs Points 
1.Death Race 2021USER02395638
3.Cemetery Girls 3Vera533
4.At Room TemperatureAt Room Temperature525
5.Blissters 2rjb121162434
6.Jackalope GhostJackalope_Ghost430
7.MBalmed 1MBalmed430
8.MBalmed 2MBalmed430
9.MBalmed 3MBalmed430
12.The Ig's Daisy Pushing ListThe Ig428
13.Spitting Up BloodNick ‘n Beth426
16.Death becomes themThe rebel.424
17.It's like they're all dead and they don't know it yetuselessexistence424
18.Seeya 2021VaGentry424
19.Tears Like Rain...Rob.Bob424
21.when you gotta goFrogSoda422
22.Donald Be Dead NowDead Person Specialist, E419
23.Sod SquadBarker J. Wagtail418
24.Your Reservation At Gilgo Is WaitingThe Shadow418
25.In Through the Out Doorptgkc416
27.Naha Assassins1BCeltics327
28.Beelzebruh- Rush to judgementunit13326
29.Blissters 1rjb121162326
31.Victory AND Death 3Shams324
32.Anarchy Takes Much PracticeAnarchy and a biscuit323
33.Master DebatersStromThurmond69323
34.The Ig's Daisy Pushing List 3The Ig323
35.Bored StiffPrncsJuli322
36.Damn Near Dead IIBada Bing322
37.Dead On ArrivalThe Coroner322
38.Dearly Departedblaum1322
39.Death Be Not Proud XIITimur322
40.Mr. Blake's Old MenMr. Blake322
41.The Ig's Daisy Pushing List 2The Ig322
42.2021 AEDLING BIG BOARDAndrew Edling321
43.A list 2021Sunshine Up My Skirt321
44.Death Pool Gambler 6Death pool gambler321
45.God Dammit 2goddammit321
46.Golden Age of Deathbridgy321
48.Last Call for the Establishmentptgkc321
49.Robbie And The RottensThedudescrew321
50.2021 is the loneliest numberlittle terr320
51.Grave ExpectationsDeath Always Wins320
52.Victory AND Death 1Shams320
54.Poolboys and GirlsCheswick319
55.Rat Bastards 1USER02215319
56.Sick and the Dead - Trautz1TeamTrautz1319
57.The FloatersCheswick319
58.The Game of LifeUSER02045319
59.They All Die in the EndMichenley319
60.2020 SurvivorsLights Out318
61.Cemetery Girls 2Vera318
62.Dark Bidding on the InternetJoanCrawfordsMakeupBag318
63.Doom From the Tombfromthetomb318
64.Gonna Be Done in '21Scott in Philly318
66.Covid 21bridgy317
67.Dead Still not DancingDead Person Specialist, E317
68.Anarchy visits Grandma on SundaysAnarchy and a biscuit316
69.Damn Near DeadBada Bing316
70.Nicoles 2021 List of People Who Will Live 4everspol85316
71.Sirdrexl's StiffsSirDrexl316
72.Top of the Heapthedeadmanshand316
73.Anarchy's Middle Name is RoxanneAnarchy and a biscuit315
76.Bring out your dead 2.0MarkMx314
77.Laers 2021 Dirt Napnrubsol313
78.Cemetery Girls 4Vera38
79.A deadly 2021onyx2783219
80.A Little on the Sick SideEuro-trash219
81.Death StarsEuro-trash219
82.Dodgering a BulletSBUMP2219
83.Don't Fear the ReaperMOJO219
84.God Dammit 1goddammit219
85.God Dammit 3goddammit219
86.JoeRam2Adios Amigos219
87.JoeRam4Adios Amigos219
88.JoeRam6Adios Amigos219
89.Round Two - T3TeamTrautz1219
90.Stiffmeister SelectsTheJtizzle13219
91.Assumed Room Temperaturechriscott97218
92.Coffin Rattler - The Hopefulcoffinrattler218
93.Don't Fear the ReaperMOJO218
94.JoeRam1Adios Amigos218
95.JoeRam5Adios Amigos218
97.The ultimate cancellationUSER02524218
98.Their Cold Dead Crawly FingersDead Person Specialist, E218
99.Victory AND Death 2Shams218
100.Excuse Me For Coffin: List O The Dead 1EMFCoffin217
101.Excuse Me For Coffin: List O The Dead 3EMFCoffin217
102.I Can See Cleary NowBig Bald Jon217
103.In a DeadlockDead Person Specialist, E217
104.Schadenfreude Is RealLaMuerte217
105.Anarchy never was a cornflake girlAnarchy and a biscuit216
106.Dodgers Not Named KoufaxSBUMP2216
107.I'm Having a Stiff OneJoanCrawfordsMakeupBag216
108.Ivy Cliff Ahodag21378216
109.JoeRam3Adios Amigos216
110.Knock knock, you deadDead Person Specialist, E216
111.Ten Little Dead Peoplebridgy216
112.They deadDead Person Specialist, E216
113.Can't Be Worse Than 2020shroom215
114.Dodger Bleeds BlueSBUMP2215
115.Not Dead Yet XITimur215
116.Roll Over BeethovenDead Person Specialist, E215
118."Rush" to the Graveurbscholar214
119.Bacon Egg And SeasThedudescrew214
120.Bigger Johnsonsmikeman7178214
121.Cemetery Girls 1Vera214
122.Dead and dustyDead Person Specialist, E214
123.Dead On Arrival 2The Coroner214
124.Die, goppers, dieWouldYouEva214
125.I'll take will be like you for 200 Alex.RD02214
127.NewbiesBunn's Bones To Be214
128.Willie Die?The Shadow214
129.Anarchy with Biscuits & JamAnarchy and a biscuit213
130.Big Yinalan smithee213
132.Death- No Bone MoviesJayRockers!213
133.Don't Fear the Reaper govMOJO213
134.God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen and WomenTwisted Freak213
135.Hallowed Grounds Ibjaskols213
136.I died of cancer and went to hell and all I got was this lousy T-shirtCzechpointChrly213
137.Leftovers 2020Bunn's Bones To Be213
138.Retired from Public Appearances (mostly)BonusPants213
139.Sirius Thecat Did It ThriceSirius Thecat did it213
140.6 Feet Down UnderPrncsJuli212
141.Are We Dead Yet? 002goodwin73212
142.Death By Pinocle 4oregontrail212
143.Jackalope Ghost II - Your Poison HeartJackalope_Ghost212
144.Say Yes to the Death!berg1199212
145.The Good Die Young XITimur212
146.The List: 2021Lord Dickerson212
147.They GoneFrogSoda212
148.Two Dead Sandies for 2021Bagger212
149.Dead on Arrival 3The Coroner211
150.Death's Doorstep 2Steve P211
151.Extreme Unctionmaximumralph211
152.Fate Worse Than Death...Again...Santa Fe Syndicate211
153.Joe Bacon's 2021 Dirt NappersChancellor D'Exchecker211
154.Wohlert's rotting remainsonefunsob211
156.Michelle and BuckBuck210
157.Excuse Me For Coffin: List O The Dead 2EMFCoffin29
158.Death- Romeo DelightJayRockers!28
159.Money, Politics, Talentthedeadmanshand28
160.Natalie Woods life guardMaryjo8028
161.Bugs and BonesUSER0592727
162.Cemetery Girls 6Vera27
163.Playin' the OddsEuro-trash27
164.Say Yes to the Death! 3berg119927
165.Anarchy is a Title 9 sportAnarchy and a biscuit110
166.Anarchy's spirit animal is Kate BushAnarchy and a biscuit110
168.Bugs and Bones 3USER05927110
169.Da Dum Dum DeadDead Person Specialist, E110
170.Deadbeats Unrelated To MeEllexxxx110
171.Death- Tarot WomanJayRockers!110
172.don't call me MildredMale stripper110
173.Exit Stage Left 2Paladin110
174.Got Stiffs?TheJtizzle13110
177.Lizzie BordenJackalope_Ghost110
178.Masked and Ready 1USER00562110
179.Masked and Ready 2USER00562110
180.Masked and Ready 3USER00562110
181.Memorial Park Ranger 1memorialparkranger110
182.Mortician's Dozenmaximumralph110
184.Not Feeling WellBada Bing110
185.Not the Covidmaximumralph110
186.rush n' ready 4USER00562110
187.rush n' ready 5USER00562110
188.Rush Turns To MushElle DoubleYou110
189.Sirius Thecat Did It AgainSirius Thecat did it110
190.Slow and the Dead - T3TeamTrautz1110
191.Too Sick, Too Old, Gotta Goptgkc110
192.Zsa Zsa's Still DeadJoanCrawfordsMakeupBag110
193.Coffinrattler - The Ancientcoffinrattler19
194.screw you guys I'm going homeMale stripper19
195.Sick Old PeopleLMac19
196.The Choir InvisibleGhettoZombie19
197.the dead popes societyMale stripper19
198.At The TollboothFredo let's go fishing18
199.Six Feet UnderIncognito18
200.Stiffy Jiffy'sTheJtizzle1318
201.DeadheadsThe Coroner17
202.Notorious RIPRadler17
203.Say Yes to the Death! 2berg119917
204.Team DeathWish 2021 (3)gfultz117
205.Anarchy eats cake for breakfastAnarchy and a biscuit16
206.Chicken at Tresky's # 1Chicken at Tresky's16
207.Sirius Thecat Did ItSirius Thecat did it16
208.Death By Pinocle 1oregontrail15
209.Soul HuntersHunterbeer14
210.Anarchy is an INTPAnarchy and a biscuit13
211.the devastating linearity of timemirandate13
212.Age is EVERYTHING in a number, you moronsLMac12
213.Death By Pinocle 3oregontrail12
214.I like being rightChrissy12
215.Chicken at Tresky's # 2Chicken at Tresky's11


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Man, those HUAC guys ... what a bunch of idiots. They suspected Jr. of being the ringleader, but they didn't know why.

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