Pope Benedict XVI has been played on 982 lists, including 102 lists in The 2023 Lee Atwater Invitational Dead Pool.

 List User Stiffs Points 
1.Reap Em and Weep #2USER0055719
2.Donald Be Dead NowDead Person Specialist, E17
4.Freebie OneBunn's Bones To Be15
5.Joined the Choir Invisible 2splittertogo15
6.Kissinger Ass GoodbyeBig Bald Jon15
7.Luzers 2Ming15
8.Death be Not Proudsplittertogo14
9.Donne In!splittertogo14
10.Death March1BCeltics13
12.Death be Not Proud 2splittertogo12
13.Another one bites the dustsplittertogo11
14.Death is a many splendid thingsplittertogo11
15........And It's Deep Too!!!Bison00
16.2023 Last Callonyx278300
17.2023 peepsM2L00
18.23 deadnesssnakedya00
19.Achieved Room Temperatureachieved room temperature00
20.And in the end...everyone diesMichenley00
21.Assuming Room Temperaturechriscott9700
22.Bairly AliveBairlyAlive00
23.Black Dog Down, Down, Down 23Black Dog Down00
24.Bloodbath & BeyondBloodbath & Beyond00
25.Boneyard 2023abone00
26.Bring Out Your DeadWhitney Houston's Sober00
27.Brooks Road Deadtrashking00
28.Brooks Road Dead 2trashking00
29.Catholic Schoolgirl Revenge BrigadeCzechpointChrly00
30.Check, PleaseSafeList00
31.Clutch O BonesMarshrat00
32.Dawna\'s DeadsvilleDawnaODead00
33.Dead and dustyDead Person Specialist, E00
34.Dead as DillingerMr Bungle00
35.Dead Dead & DeadMarkMx00
36.Dead Still not DancingDead Person Specialist, E00
37.Dead White and Blue Freesokrazed100
38.Deader than DiscoLonghorn00
39.Death March 31BCeltics00
40.Death Pool For CutieThunderKatz00
41.Death Pool Gambler 1Death pool gambler00
42.Don't I look like MyselfDon't I look like myself.00
43.Dudley DeadrightDead Person Specialist, E00
44.Dying to Meet YouBwildered00
45.Fettucine al DeadoMarkMx00
46.Gone in 23Denern00
47.Gotham 2023aknauf00
48.Guess Who's Knocking?TK421NotAtPost00
49.Happy clam house of deathHappyclam9900
50.Happy clam house of death 2Happyclam9900
51.Happy clam house of death 3Happyclam9900
53.Here Today, Gone TomorrowIn the Box Looking Up00
55.I am the dark on List # 9.3I am the dark one00
56.I am the dark one List # 8 1/2I am the dark one00
57.I am the dark one List #10.3I am the dark one00
58.I am the dark one List #5I am the dark one00
59.I hope Benedict dies in 2023 and doesn't do a Betty WhiteElster00000
60.I'm Not Feelin' Too Good MyselfPanama Luke00
61.IGNATIUS'S RUBBER GLOVE VOLUME 1Ignatius' Rubber Glove00
63.JoeRam 1Adios Amigos00
64.JoeRam2Adios Amigos00
65.JoeRam3Adios Amigos00
66.Joined the Choir Invisiblesplittertogo00
67.Julie that bitchMarkMx00
68.Knock knock, you deadDead Person Specialist, E00
70.Leftovers OneBunn's Bones To Be00
71.Leftovers TWOBunn's Bones To Be00
72.Lets Go Now!Thinking00
73.Livin On The EdgeHeywoodJablomie00
74.Maker Meeterszombiebait00
75.Nespy's Necro NotebookCTNespy00
76.No More Hippies AllowedNo Hippies00
77.No One Gets Out AliveTitanPilot58300
78.OK One More ListBunn's Bones To Be00
79.Pool Girls and Pool BoysCheswick00
80.Pots Kitchen & BaconMarkMx00
81.Quick! Give Them Their Anecdote!rufuslkg00
82.Rage, rage toward the dying of the light!uselessexistence00
83.Really OldBunn's Bones To Be00
84.Robert Clary is deadBig Guy00
85.Sack O sticksMarshrat00
86.Say Yes to the Death! 2berg119900
87.Shipping ListMort d'Zsa Zsa00
88.Skunkhair 2023 #1Skunkhair 201300
89.Skunkhair 2023 #3Skunkhair 201300
91.TB's ListBunn's Bones To Be00
92.Ten Toe Tags Coming Up!Cheswick00
93.The Dick Listmaximumralph00
94.The FloatersCheswick00
95.Their Cold Dead Crawly FingersDead Person Specialist, E00
96.thom's 2023 picksKC RAIDER THOM00
97.THREESTICKSHerm Boolie00
98.Toe Tagged and BaggedCheswick00
99.Trump Gets Gang raped in Prison 2023FroggyB00
101.WOKE-FertilizerKarma, Pounding Common Se00
102.You never know what's comin' for youEuro-trash00


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