Jack Kevorkian has been played on 471 lists, including 98 lists in The 2008 Lee Atwater Invitational Dead Pool.

 List User Stiffs Points 
1.Venus LovemotionDePressED428
2.Everything George Bush Says Is TrueDePressED422
3.2008 Feasting Maggots 1Feasting Maggots325
4.2008 Feasting Maggots 2Feasting Maggots325
5.E-Brake2: Winner Winner Chicken DinnerE-Brake324
6.Guess Who Died? 4USER03902324
7.Savannah StarrDePressED324
8.2008 Feasting Maggots 3Feasting Maggots323
10.DGD - Some fava beans and a nice ChiantiUSER02670319
11.DGD ?That's My Elbow You're Sucking OnDGD318
12.Excuse Me For Coffin #2USER02646317
14.Death Soup: Odds and SodsUSER02733311
15.Tsuga - Ribs in the SkyTsuga217
16.Cold Dripping Blood 1USER00872214
17.DGD - Peter O'Toole & Other Double PhallicsDGD214
18.Ghoul Girl IIGhoul Girl214
19.NVN: Preston and Steve rockNo Viagra Needed214
20.DGD - But It Goes to Eleven!DGD213
21.DGD - Laugh While You Can, Monkey Boy!USER02670212
22.DGD - Fruits, Nuts, and Other CaliforniansUSER02670211
23.DGD - I Hate to Disappoint You Ma'am But?DGD211
24.Purple SasquatchUSER02517211
25.Sherri's Pallbearers 3USER02381211
26.ALT Better Off Dead IAngel of Death210
28.Doc & DJ--Numbers GameDoc & DJ210
29.has beens 1USER02076210
30.JT01: Last Year's Top Ten SurvivorsTripper210
32.We're Drivin' the Bus to Hell AgainUSER02215210
33.DGD - Epileptic Carney SpawnDGD29
34.DGD - If Ten Shots Don't Kill The Taste?USER0267028
35.Doc & DJ--...I Wish I Was Sipowicz.Doc & DJ28
36.Lizzie BordenJackalope_Ghost28
37.Sioen RouxUSER0252228
39.Suit 2 - WinehousePezintree26
40.Death Soup: Bad News on the DoorstepMJ and Friends25
41.JMD - Meeting Fate in 2008Mr Wonderful24
42.Death Soup: Death Watch BeatlesMJ and Friends23
43.Counting bodies like sheep IIDGambrinus110
44.Thats a WrapThe Shadow110
45.Bury Me!Cash From Cancer19
46.Counting bodies like sheepDGambrinus18
47.Tommytsled-God Help Us If Hillary Is ElectedTomtsled18
48.Tommytsled-Zach's Goodwill ListTomtsled18
49.Doc & DJ--Who's Better Than Us?Doc & DJ17
50.Soon B Gonn 3Edhead2217
51.The Morgue The Merrier 1USER0003217
52.DGD - Sympathy for the DevilUSER0267016
53.grave matthew's bandwildrush16
54.Tsuga - Hold Me Closer Tony DanzaTsuga16
55.vg-I'd rather copafeelofya than coprophiliavomit_god16
56.Cartman- Good Mourning AmericaUSER0101315
57.Tsuga - Wrapped Up Like a DoucheTsuga15
58.Cartman- Goodbye DahlinkUSER0101314
59.Counting bodies like sheep IIIDGambrinus14
60.Old, Sick and Feeble NetworkReaperMadness14
61.PB: Same as 2007pbear14
62.Tommytsled-Don't Forget To Name Your List ListTomtsled14
63.Brett's List Kicks YoursUSER0248213
64.Cartman- Don?t Taze Me Bro!USER0101313
65.DXRob IIUSER0189613
66.hoosie daddyraymond13
68.The Morgue The Merrier IIUSER0003213
69.This is how rumors get started 2008USER0224813
70.Death Soup: Turn Me on Dead ManMJ and Friends12
71.Death Soup: Who?s NextUSER0273312
72.Loki ILoki12
73.Tsuga - Touched for the Thirty-First TimeTsuga12
74.A Grateful Deadhead IIJudysomething11
75.Chicago Jake 1Chicago Jake11
76.Death- Hello MC DLCJayRockers!11
77.Death RosterUSER0235600
78.DGD - Pour Some Syrup On My LuftwaffesDGD00
79.DJ Badger - DIE DIE DIE DIE DIEDJ Badger00
81.Femme Fatale-End of DaysUSER0251200
82.Femme Fatale-Shaun of the DeadUSER0276100
83.GUN:Last Year's LeftoversGUNSLINGER00
85.Hurry up and die already part XIUSER0270700
86.Jacks or Better Off DeadReaperMadness00
87.Leyritz-Steroid Cheater Greenie User & MurdererTomtsled00
88.MATTOID - List FourThe Mattoid00
89.No Viagra NeededNo Viagra Needed00
92.The Dirt NappersUSER0244600
93.The Morgue The Merrier IIIUSER0003200
95.Woody DeadpeckerUSER0175300
96.Wracked Hangin? With Mr. CroupierWracked00


Guess the Stiff!

He claimed to have struck out Ty Cobb once. Makes a nice story, except that he also claimed to have discovered Jupiter.

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