Doris Day has been played on 956 lists, including 153 lists in The 2017 Lee Atwater Invitational Dead Pool.

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2.Bag of really old bonesUSER05927421
3.RoadkillDr Drunk421
4.Jim's previous years leftoversBunn's Bones To Be420
5.Blake's Bones: LadiesMr. Blake419
6.Death Pool Gambler 17-2Death pool gambler324
7.Otis' Cirrhosis from Jubal Foster's StillKudsKroakers323
8.Alfred Hitchcock SpecialMardiRob320
9.Death Pool Gambler 17-7Death pool gambler320
11.They Gone 1fouriikc319
12.Whatupwithdat #3Wahmmer #1318
13.Easy Does ItDade City Death317
15.Dr. of Death 2the doctor of death314
16.The Corleone Family Wants to Buy You OutFrankie Pentangeli314
17.The Long Dirt NapNick_italiano314
18.Death Race 2017USER02395313
19.Croakers #2More Beer312
21.TenderPaw TerrorTenderPaw Terror38
22.Of Corpse You`re Dead #9Shoeguy37
23.Cemetery Girls 3Cemetery Girls218
24.Sic Transit 3 Trying Hardersictransit218
25.Erika Anne Jumped Off A CliffBuffiedee216
26.No, Mr. Bond, I Expect You to Diegidget216
27.Do It and decrease the surplus populationTwisted Freak215
28.Looking Kinda DeadSheik's List215
30.Fake ShempGhoulash214
31.Hush, Hush... (It's Time to Go)Bea Hind214
32.Morgue and MindyMorgue and Mindy214
34.The Final StretchEmbalmination8213
35.The most obvious list everTwilight is Near213
36.Chicken at Tresky's # 1Chicken at Tresky's212
37.Habeas Corpses 2BradWalt212
39.Bugs and bonesUSER05927211
40.Dancing to the end of Lovemissmartha211
42.Of Corpse You`re Dead #8Shoeguy211
43.Rat Bastards 2USER02215211
44.Salt N Pepa's Older Farts Club Bandpasquinade211
45.Charlie Don't Surf with Keeani LeiCharlie Dont Surf210
47.Cemetery Girls 1Cemetery Girls29
48.Coffin Rattler - Ancientcoffinrattler29
49.Barry D LiveUncle Stiffy28
51.Michael Jackson Lives in IsraelMJ Lives28
52.New Years Party PicksSFisher28
54.Death Fest '17CheckingOut27
55.Going, going, GONE3Reaper Crew27
56.Goodbye BarackThe Shadow27
58.Ten Funerals 1Jerrytopdown27
59.Not razzle dazzle enoughDave25
60.Dead Skeleton1BCeltics110
61.Headstone Cowboychunkemintheclay110
62.I'm Not Dead Yet 002goodwin73110
63.John D Smiley 2017 2nd Listjohndsmiley110
64.Pistola's ReportPistola Jones110
65.You're Outta Hereslider1964110
66.2017 MexiDigger List 1MexiDigger19
67.Another One Bites the Dustpoikiloblastic19
68.I'm Not Dead Yet 001goodwin7319
69.Luck Be A LadyYoungFreund19
70.Of Corpse You`re Dead #3Shoeguy19
71.Rastalls - all the 90'sRastalls19
72.Thanks for the memories. Now die.Big Guy19
73.Winning 2Woz19
74.Celeb Lives Matterberg119918
75.MATTOID - Once more into the breechThe Mattoid18
76.90 year old vipsDisplay Name17
77.Celebrity Apprentice! Graveyard Shiftmerder4eva17
78.Joe & Dave's MaggotsDirtyDESDAVE17
79.Move Aside Greatest Generation!Embalmination817
80.RD I'm not really tryingRD0217
81.Red White and Dead 2017sokrazed117
82.The Dead-End Kidzzzz 2Back to the Dead Life17
83.Toodlum Is That You???Bison17
84.Bag of bones old fartsUSER0592716
85.Dead Men Tell No TalesSinderella16
86.Done ferosmoses16
87.have a cigarjohnny 716
88.Killer Advocate 2016-17laptoplg16
90.Over 90 clubNVRGVUP16
91.The Abusement ParkJordanEOD16
92.The Death-castfirewife4life16
93.Time's UpHey, did you have. . . .16
94.Well nobody died did they? 2ArchAngel16
95.Winning for realWoz16
96.Cape Cadaver 2017cape cadaver15
97.Day-O!!Adorn Ale15
98.Go go goEmbalmination815
99.Mommy I want to take a Dirt Napthestiffmeister15
100.Northern Reaper 2017 Fucked List #1northern reaper15
101.Poolking's possiblesPlug8615
102.Say Hi to Elvis 2 - 2017Spudboy15
103.The longer dirt nap...AdamTheO15
104.Throwing dartsDave15
105.2017's Dinner List Part 2amyowl7314
106.Northern Reaper 2017 Fucked List #3northern reaper14
107.On their way outmissmartha14
108.Resident Chump 3Hugh G. Wrekshun14
109.Royally StiffPozzo14
110.Slang BladesKarl_Childers14
111.Team Formalin Face Downanarchess14
112.THE WORM BUFFETBeth Rhymes with Death14
113.DNC Voter RollsTennessee Jed13
114.Sine Die: Stars and PolsSine Die13
115.60 Feet UnderDead and Loving It12
116.All of the good ones are takenmissmartha12
117.One more time with feeling.Crys12're dead to metheappointment12
119.2016 Leftovers 1USER0056211
120.2017 stiff list #2kissfan10011
121.death becomes ussoul201411
122.DX ROB IIIDX Rob11
123.Northern Reaper 2017 Fucked List #7northern reaper11
124.A list to break social mediaJohnHinesJr00
125.Bye Bye Baby GoodbyeMistressLila00
126.Da ThirdMeetch00
127.Dem Bones Dem Bonesmommyster00
128.Doubtful, but tryingEuthanasia00
129.Even More GonersMeanMom7400
130.French Fried PotatersKarl_Childers00
131.Future Fertilizermrfriendly00
132.Get the shovelsNVRGVUP00
133.Hey, look over theredisplayname00700
134.Let's Get Putrefied!Altois00
135.Love me some old timersBEGatton00
137.Northern Reaper 2017 Fucked List #2northern reaper00
138.Northern Reaper 2017 Fucked List #5northern reaper00
139.Northern Reaper 2017 Fucked List #6northern reaper00
141.Pushin up daiseysHeart Stopper00
143.See you in Girl Hell. I'll be in Boy Hell - much nicer.PIxiaq00
145.slippery when dead IIcorq00
146.The quarterback is toast!Justin970000
147.Time's Up, Buddyk8cat00
148.Tres PresidentesKarl_Childers00
149.Well, it had to happen sometimethedeadmanshand00
150.Who Knows? Maybe 2017 Will Be Gnarly Like 2016fluxus00
152.You be done 3Dirtdiggindogs00
153.You're Dead to Memarywest00


Guess the Stiff!

In 1999, he was convicted of the attempted rape of a 14 year old Cree girl. Yeah, yeah - we know. That's the OTHER Jack Ramsay - the politician from Canada. But that was what we got when we looked him up, and we'll be damned if we're reading another 2 paragraphs on the Internet. Last night was 2 for 1 margarita night at Pepe's Palace, and we couldn't control ourselves. Massive hangover. So instead of some basketball guy, you get a Canadian rapist. Sorry. We'll do better next time.

(d) April 27th, 2014