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1.M.I. Rich? At Times.USER00008417
2.Otto The Auto Weds Diane GoodmanUSER00750215
3.D-Day is Here 1USER00594214
4.1SickBitch 3USER0126429
5.Early To Bed Early To RiseFTG28
6.Barbie SpreadumDePressED27
7.Barney Does Filthy Things To Thelma LouUSER0075026
8.Chad - A Double Dose Of SidsUSER0111526
9.MA 11: 105 years later you're hungry againUSER0137525
10.Chad - My Hard-On Will Go OnUSER01115110
11.Chad - What Ever Kills Ya Is Fine With MeUSER01115110
12.D-Day is Here 2USER00594110
13.D-Day is Here 3USER00594110
14.vomit_god3 - WTF is up with this El Nino?vomit_god110
15.Chad - I'm Cleanin Out My ClosetUSER0111519
16.POPE 2USER0010819
17.Am I Otis Campbell?USER0075018
18.Chad - Enema Of The StateUSER0111518
19.She's So Fat Her Blood Type Is RaguUSER0075018
20.Ghoul GirlGhoul Girl17
21.Justin Hale 2USER0153116
23.L'Chaim 1USER0160415
24.Doc--What am I? A schmuck on wheels?Doc & DJ14
25.Adios muchachos! 1Tripper13
26.Chad - It's Those Wacky Edwards BoysUSER0111513
27.Chad - The Ex-Husband Of A PrincessUSER0111513
28.Death's GhoulfriendUSER0162313
29.Pepster 8USER0158313
30.Chad - Operation 6 FT UnderUSER0111512
31.Go See God-Send Lawyers,Guns and CasketsUSER0077912
32.Willis's Real Dead ListUSER0162512
34.Pepster 4USER0158311
35.Roland, the headless thompson gunnerNurseboy11
36.U2ony Needs a ShaveUSER0112311
37.2002: a stiffs odysseyUSER0263400
38.Adios muchachos! 2Tripper00
39.Adios muchachos! 3Tripper00
40.Agatha's Horde 2USER0164000
41.Another ListJaneguy00
42.Bad Karma 1M. Bessette-Kennedy00
43.BIG DORK 1Drunky Dead List00
44.BIG E - Long ShotsUSER0136700
45.Breakfast will NOT be ready in the morning for drr4500
46.Bye Girls 1USER0153100
47.Bye Girls 3USER0153100
48.Bye Girls 5USER0271700
49.Bye Girls 8USER0271700
51.Chad - 3 Rons Don't Make A RightUSER0111500
52.Chad - Hey Mr B Say Hi 2 Ty & RandyUSER0111500
53.Chad - Let Me See That ThongUSER0111500
57.Defrocked PriestsFrankie Pentangeli00
58.Digger's September 2002 listDigger0000
59.Dr. Who - Bon MortUSER0014600
60.EJ's list 1USER0160400
62.heaven or hell?USER0263400
63.Hooked on Serial KillersUSER0263400
67.Jackalope GhostJackalope_Ghost00
68.Jackalope Ghost vs. Uncle FloydJackalope_Ghost00
69.KCP 1USER0161100
70.L'Chaim 2USER0160400
71.L'Chaim 5USER0160400
72.Lizzie BordenJackalope_Ghost00
73.Lizzie Needs a HugUSER0112300
74.Marc's Macabre Future MummiesM. Bessette-Kennedy00
75.No Viagra NeededNo Viagra Needed00
76.Nurseboy 3Nurseboy00
77.One - two - Freddy's coming for YOU!USER0158700
78.Reap 'Em & Weep 2USER0055700
79.Redsox Fan 041BCeltics00
80.Soon B Gonn IIIEdhead2200
81.The Grim Bonelli 1USER0163700
82.The TombescentUSER0143900
83.They are all old or sickUSER0120600
84.Tomb of the Unknown CelebrityUSER0263400
85.Tommytsled-Too Close For Missles Switch To GunsTomtsled00


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