Catfish Hunter has been played on 146 lists, including 57 lists in The 1999 Lee Atwater Invitational Dead Pool.

 List User Stiffs Points 
2.Team Toast JVUSER00160421
4.Yooper Quincy 2USER00461320
5.Yooper Quincy 1USER00461319
6.Julie (that bitch) 1USER00208318
7.Don Juan De CarlosUSER0046539
8.Hazardous 3USER00453217
9.Jo 1USER00532217
10.Hazardous 1USER00453215
11.The Grave Dancer 1USER00330215
12.The Grave Dancer 2USER00330215
13.The King 3USER00397215
14.Webbs Lebrun Action League 1USER00589212
15.Hazardous 2USER00453211
16.Jo 3USER00532211
17.M. Balmed 1USER00259211
18.M. Balmed 2USER00259211
19.M. Balmed 3 USER00259211
20.Snag'em, Tag'em, & Bag'emUSER00260211
21.Snag'em, Tag'em, & Bag'em 3USER00260211
23.The K-ManUSER00626210
26.Stumpy PeteUSER0039328
28.Dave KamslerBo Knows Death25
29.BrvYnky 3USER0029823
30.La MuerteUSER00322110
31.Criminal Element 1USER0022519
32.Criminal Element 2USER0022519
33.Raging Household ObjectsUSER0022019
34.Webbs Lebrun Action League 3USER0058919
35.HINGE & SQUID 1USER0020318
37.The N & M Grim Reapers 2USER0060218
38.Mike the Cat 2USER0015317
39.Anastasia 1MissAnnThrope15
40.Awakazam Kaboodie, EsquireUSER0030215
41.Hockey Guy BryUSER0042715
42.Kobey RippleUSER0048715
43.Sausage Vampire 2USER0062915
44.Amy Sue 1Amy Sue14
46.Mustang Sally 1USER0034314
49.kasey1313 2USER0030813
50.Mustang Sally 3USER0034313
51.Ginsu Knife 1USER0037812
52.Kathleen DunneUSER0053412
53.Sausage Vampire 1USER0062912
54.Terry D. SeaholmUSER0047712
55.DeanproExit Stage Four11
56.PJ PeetUSER0053411
57.Webbs Lebrun Action League 2USER0058911


Guess the Stiff!

Let's be clear here: Dixie Carter is NOT FAMOUS. Nobody ever played her. Nobody ever even THOUGHT about playing her. This is exactly what the Kim Perrot Renovation is for. But we are SO tired of all the "Hey! You forgot Dixie Carter!" emails, that we added her. Happy?

(d) April 10th, 2010