Evolution of the Rules

We’re well aware that this website of ours is text-intensive to the point that many of you are confused about the current Dead Pool rules. Christ, we keep changing ’em all the time, who wouldn’t be confused? This page was created to give those of you who care a place to come and check real quick to see which rules are active for which game. Of course, we couldn’t just list the damned things and leave it at that. You should know better by now. Each one of these regulations is linked to a really long-winded page explaining just how it evolved, and what we were hoping to achieve by creating it, and what we were wearing when the inspiration came to us —- stuff like that. Anyway, here they are, complete with links to pages of embellishment (sometimes pronounced “bullshit”). Don’tcha just love the embellishment?

  • The David Baerwald Limitation – No longer has any bearing on anything.
  • The Mack Robinson Revision – Died in January of ’99 (not Mack, the rule).
  • The Daniel Lee Corwin Exclusion – Eliminated by the powers that be (that be us).
  • The Andrew Rypien Adjustment – History, just like the little daisy-pusher it’s named for.
  • The Fame By Illness Exception – A sordid episode from our checkered past.
  • The Fame By Association Exception – We plead temporary insanity. We’re better now.

  • The Jim Murray Rule – In full effect for all games.
  • The Carl Sagan StipulationApplies to all stiffs.com contests.
  • The Provision – Still counts, if it ever happens.
  • The Robert Young Edict – In place for each and every game.
  • The Homo Sapiens Standard – All entries are held to it.
  • The Kim Perrot Renovation – Good for every contest from 2000 on (we hope).

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