Monthly Archives: February 2010

The Three Bagger – How does it work?

Now that we’ve dispelled the myth of the “celebs dying in threes” thing, it’s time to start a new game where you try to get three hits.  Makes sense to us, and that’s really all that matters.

The basic principals are the same:  you pick a list of 10 would-be daisy-pushers (and one alternate in case one croaks on you a bit early), and then you comb the Forums waiting for the good news.  But there is a difference here – there is not end date for this game.  This one is purely based on who gets 3 stiffs first.  As soon as someone hits that magical 3rd corpse, the game is over, and out goes the cash.

The cash distribution is a bit different too – it goes out based on points like before – but this is our first game with a PRIZE POOL.  Winners get a percentage of the prize pool – so the more people you get playing, the more money you win!  Woo hoo!

Comments welcome, as long as it’s nothing about the rules.  Or who’s famous.  Or why I’m so handsome.  We’re tired of answering those all the time.