Monthly Archives: January 2014

Newly famous for 2014

Here it is – those lucky souls (and not a whole lot else) who have magically become famous via the efforts of the Fame Committee.  Read it.  Know it.  Bask in the goodness.

Carter, Rubin
Duane “Dog the Bounty Hunter” Chapman (Chapman, Duane)
Ford, Rob
Jackson, Paris
Jackson, Prince
Laurie, Piper
Rubio, Marco
Sahl, Mort
Savage, Ben
Sinatra, Barbara
Sweetin, Jodie
Whelchel, Lisa
Burton, Tim
Efron, Zac
Hill, Lauryn
Johnson, Jimmie
Keith, Toby
Lynch, David
Moore, Julianne
Morsi, Mohamed
Sir Mix-a-Lot (Ray, Anthony)
Shyamalan, M.
Thompson, Fred
Vaughn, Vince
Weiner, Anthony
Billy Dee Williams (Williams, Billy)
Marin, Cheech
May, Brian
McCarthy, Jenny
Odom, Lamar
Rogen, Seth
Ronstadt, Linda
Samberg, Andy
Woods, James
Cruz, Ted
Danning, Sybil
Dame Judi Dench (Dench, Judi)
Gyllenhaal, Jake
Harry, Debbie
Hathaway, Anne
Hawk, Tony
Hoffman, Philip
Jillette, Penn
Johnson, Dwayne
Manning, Chelsea
Wonder, Stevie
Zeta-Jones, Catherine
Alpert, Herb
Blume, Judy
Cain, Herman
Canseco, Jose
Gretzky, Wayne
Schumacher, Michael
Astley, Rick
Cranston, Bryan
Idle, Eric
Jenner, Kris
Kardashian, Kim
Muniz, Frankie
Ortiz, David
Snowden, Edward
Spitzer, Eliot
Springsteen, Bruce
Zimmerman, George