Newly famous for 2013

70 new “winners” for the 2013 game, all of whom are now “Good to Go” as far as the game in concerned. ┬áRemember kids – this is a process, well documented in the MOST IMPORTANT RULE.
  1. Adele Adkins
  2. Samuel Alito
  3. David Attenborough
  4. Roberto Benigni
  5. Carl Bernstein
  6. Orlando Bloom
  7. John Bongiovi
  8. Honey Boo Boo
  9. Anthony Bourdain
  10. James Brooks
  11. Michael Buble
  12. Brooke Burke
  13. Mark Burnett
  14. Hector Camacho
  15. David Cameron
  16. Julie Chen
  17. Natalie Cole
  18. Clive Davis
  19. Roberto de Vicenzo
  20. George Deukmejian
  21. Kirsten Dunst
  22. Jules Feiffer
  23. Barbara Feldman
  24. Anthony Foyt
  25. David Frost
  26. Selena Gomez
  27. Topher Grace
  28. Robert Griffin
  29. Chelsea Handler
  30. Elisabeth Hasselbeck
  31. Bob Hoskins
  32. Jimmy Johnson
  33. Alicia Keys
  34. Lane Kiffin
  35. Diane Ladd
  36. Cyndi Lauper
  37. Taylor Lautner
  38. Bruce Lee
  39. Dina Lohan
  40. Demi Lovato
  41. George Lucas
  42. William Maher
  43. Ian McKellen
  44. Liza Minelli
  45. Bill Nye
  46. Sandra Oh
  47. Joel Osteen
  48. Katy Perry
  49. Prince Philippos
  50. Kim Phuk
  51. Jeff Probst
  52. Daniel Radcliffe
  53. Leann Rimes
  54. John Roberts
  55. Ray Romano
  56. Nicolas Sarkozy
  57. Diane Sawyer
  58. Ridley Scott
  59. Garry Shandling
  60. Sonia Sotomayor
  61. Bart Starr
  62. Kristen Stewart
  63. Ben Stiller
  64. Taylor Swift
  65. Randy Travis
  66. Kathleen Turner
  67. Mark Wahlberg
  68. Dionne Warwick
  69. Elijah Wood
  70. Bob Woodward

20 thoughts on “Newly famous for 2013

  1. Star Dust

    So… quick argument.. I personally have found the number of languages that a celebrity’s Wikipedia article is available in to be a very reliable indicator of their fame. It shows how many cultures they’ve tapped into. Last time I checked, it takes 10 articles for a celebrity to be considered a “notable death” on wikipedia which few achieve. With that said… Lois Chiles & Ralph Baer both have 13 different language articles, Adrianne Curry has 16 articles, Janice Dickinson & Ashley Massaro have 20, Mike Mizanin has 28, and Amy Lee has 45. G’night.

  2. Roquefort

    Any chance on getting some insight into the prestigious yet secretive Fame Committee? Just curious. If you can’t name names, how about some ages, professions, locations?

    Also, unless I read wrong, there are 50 members and 15% are required to certify fame. That would be 8 members. Unless there are members on the committee who are 1/2 people.

    But elsewhere I read that recognition by more than 4 people will certify fame. Is there some sliced cheese around somewhere?

    1. Kelly Post author

      Aged 20 – 75, all over the country, varying professions. All by design. 55 members now – and trying to grow – 15% of whom will make someone famous. That’s it.

  3. Mary905

    I did my first write in this year and was bummed to learn that Nick Stahl from the terminator movies was not famous. He is on TMZ and People all the time for being a train wreak. Oh well I guess I learned my lesson and will stick to the list ­čÖü

  4. Dan Howell

    Would I be right in thinking that Terry Pratchett is not on the list due to his stated desire to, at some future point, commit assisted suicide?

    1. Astrid Byro

      I assumed Terry wasn’t accepted because the board doesn’t read books. I can’t imagine any other scenario in which one would consider Terry not to be a celebrity.


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