Monthly Archives: December 2009

Site updates

Well folks, we’ve been busy the last few days here at the stiffs.complex, and it’s all paying off.  We’ve added a bunch of new features in just the last 48 hours.  Fixed some stuff, made some other stuff easier to find.  We’re also adding some new features in the next few days as well – more lists (to help with your research), the Good To Go list is coming back, and so is the much missed Whatificator.

The plan is to launch another game – a Lee Jr. – immediately after the 1st of the year – for all of the poor SAPS who missed out on the Game of All Games.  The idea is that it will give us more games to play all year round.  Man.  We get all erect just thinking about it.

Thanks again for your thoughts and feedback.  Feel free to leave more in the comments here, or email us at the contact page.  Unless you’re an asshole.  In which case, just email us.