Newly Famous for 2010

OK – so we used to do this on some obscure, all-too-hard-to-find part of the site, but enough people bitched that we figured we should put it right up front.  These names here are the ones that are famous.  They COUNT.  These are the ones that the all-powerful Fame Committee have told us are indeed worthy of deadpoolage.

Now we know what some of you are thinking here:  “Hey!  They forgot about that guy with that thing on his face from that show in the 60’s that I wrote in!  He’s DEFINITELY famous!”  Read this part carefully:  NO.  THEY ARE NOT.  The committee has ruled.  It’s done.  You thought you had a guaranteed famous geezer on your list, and you were wrong.  Suck it up and lets move on.

Turns out that the new Select-O-Matic is making it easier to write in candidates.  Even after we cleaned up stupid typing mistakes (terrorist names are a BITCH), there were 215 write ins.  The ones that were valid were apparently more famous than usual however, because a whopping 110 of them – that’s 51.16% – were deemed famous.  We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again – the FC works just fine for our purposes.  And we don’t even pay them to participate!  Woo Hoo!

So here you go – The Big List of Newly Famous Celebrities for 2010

Steven Adler
Abdelbaset Al Megrahi
Paul Allen
Alan Arkin
Giorgio Armani
David Axelrod
Ginger Baker
Travis Barker
Skip Bayless
Glenn Beck
Lindy Boggs
David Broder
Zbigniew Brzezinski
MC Hammer
Kyle Busch
Kurt Busch
Harry Byrd
Nicolas Cage
Raul Castro
Tommy Chong
Dane Cook
Francis Coppola
Don Cornelius
Charlie Crist
Carson Daly
Paula Deen
Bucky Dent
Dustin Diamond
Ronnie Dio
Faye Dunaway
Nancy Dussault
Wayne Dyer
Lenny Dykstra
Rahm Emanuel
Albert Finney
Heidi Fleiss
Barney Frank
William Friedkin
Lady Gaga
Zach Galifianakis
Valentino Garavani
Robert Gibbs
Mickey Gilley
Nancy Grace
Linda Gray
Melanie Griffith
Bear Grylls
Ray Harryhausen
Nidal Hasan
David Hasselhoff
Mark Hatfield
Dennis Hopper
Daniel Inouye
Sonny James
Larry Johnson
Michael Jordan
Bil Keane
Teresa Kerry
Seyed Khamenei
Melvin Laird
Artie Lange
Annie Leibovitz
Brock Lesnar
Maurice Lucas
Eli Manning
Wink Martindale
Richard Marx
Hideki Matsui
Dave Matthews
Tim McCarver
Frank McCourt
Mindy McCready
Nancy McKeon
Laurie Metcalf
Alyssa Milano
Jaye Morgan
Steven Morrissey
LeRoy Neiman
Redmond O’Neal
Michelle Obama
Trig Palin
Robert Pattinson
Teddy Pendergrass
Tyler Perry
Joaquin Phoenix
Joe Pistone
Dennis Quaid
James Randi
Harry Reid
Pernell Roberts
Tony Roberts
Daniel Schorr
William Scranton
Mitzi Shore
Paul Sorvino
Sly Stone
Tim Tebow
Tila Tequila
Philip Thomas
Marlo Thomas
Maura Tierney
Peter Tork
Stewart Udall
Fay Vincent
Max von Sydow
John Warner
Robin Williams
Kate Winslet
John Woo

Ready to Enter the Lee Jr. now?

18 thoughts on “Newly Famous for 2010

    1. admin

      There is no such list, as it would include every single human on the planet who has ever lived who has not passed the Fame Committee. We just don’t have the server storage space to hold that amount of data.
      Plus it would be sort of hard to compile the data. For several hundred thousand years most people were simply named “Gar” and “Unk” and “Frank”.

  1. Sheri

    It also wouldn’t work to post a list of all the people who aren’t accepted because they might BECOME famous by the standards of the Fame Committee at a later date. An up and coming actor or singer might just not be a household name yet…but will be soon.

  2. addie

    I do not know a lot of/most of those people listed, but of the ones I do know, it seems to be more a list of people who are pretty annoying and it would be okay if they would die already, than people that are likely to die soon.

    Yup Frank and Teddy are gone, but really, wont they be with us for a long time yet, sort of? lol

    addie B)

  3. Jim

    A better excuse for not posting the “not famous enough list” is that the ALL powerful fame committee would have to listen to all of us bitch about how wrong they are.

    I have never heard of 14 of the folks on the above list, so I GUESS I understand how the committee could have rejected 3 of the names I submitted.

    However, when I too time to RESEARCH the names with a quick google it let me know that these 14 were indeed “famous”……but so were mine.

    You’ll have to trust me since you can’t see the names.

  4. Chris

    Since you let people add extra names in case one of their choices dies before the new year, why not do the same for those whose names are rejected, so as to reward even more research?

    1. Kelly Post author

      That’s actually not a bad idea NOW. It used to be that we didn’t want to do that, because the fame committee work was just tremendous. We’ve almost completely automated it now, so we’ll consider starting that for the big game.

  5. Jim

    Kelly –

    I love debating the fallacies of the Fame Committee with you. I’m shocked and surprised that you actually aknowledge that Chris has a good idea. Usually there is a link to knowhere (like above) or an award excuse to ignore suggestions.

    Maybe since you are starting to at least bend a little on the issue, I may have to relent and join the next 3 bagger game.

  6. Pokey

    I feel that the Fame Committee should have the opportunity to at least do a quick google of a name or wikipedia to see if they know who they are? There are a lot of celebrities who people know but just don’t know them by name. This last time around, I had both George Gaynes & Ellen Dow get rejected and deemed not famous. But I’m sure everyone on the committee knows who they are if they realized that George was the Dad in ‘Punky Brewster’ and Ellen was the Rapping Granny from ‘The Wedding Singer.’

    I know that it may be a little extra work for the committee but I would think that they would be interested to learn. Right? I know I would. As an active participant in this game, I’ve learned about many celebrities from this website that I see their names on people’s list and wonder who they are. I can safely say that I would never have known who Chemical Ali or Ronnie Biggs are if it wasn’t for this site. 🙂

  7. Pokey

    Bob Sheppard (the voice of the Yankees) was on my initial death list but was deemed “not famous.” He passed away today at the age of 99.

    Bummer! That would have given me another stiff and helped me make that climb up the ladder to catch DepressED. Year is not over yet!

    In honor of Mr. Sheppard and in true spirit of the Yankees, like Roger Maris’ 61st homerun in the record books, my death list should be awarded an asterisk. So as of now, I have a 4*.

  8. FlamingoNut

    It really sucks when someone you choose IS famous but the ‘committee’ deems them nobodies. Bob Sheppard not famous?!?!?!? Are you all insane? Guess only Yankee fans or East Coasters would understand that pick. That inevitably means that my “not famous” pick of Robert Mandan will probably pass this year as well. FTR, he was Chester on SOAP, and yet, he’s “not famous”. Blasphemy!

  9. jimdkc

    Robert Mandan… Perfect example of a “face” that everybody knows, but a name that few know! He’s… you know… “that guy”!

  10. Cobra Health

    Kelley and all:

    I can see why the list has been such a hot issue, it is a matter of opinion who is famous and not. Everyone will be incredulous that someone they think is famous is not on the list, that’s why you can make proposals! If you want to make a more forceful suggestion, offer him a partnership.


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