The Commissioner’s Favorite 2010 List Names

It’s a tradition, so here they are:

  • I’m a Dead Celebrity – Get me out of here!
  • Cyst and Decease!
  • The Maude Squad!
  • Vagina Deathsquad
  • Giving away rings at the Holocaust
  • Boris Cutyourcockoff
  • I am Ruth’s Pancreas
  • 80’s Child Star Mormon Prayer List
  • Canaries in a Coal Mine
  • Tic Tag Toe
  • Gold Medalist in the Underground Luge
  • Berle is a gnat fucking tweezer dick
  • Bag O’ Dicks
  • Gee that’s a swell urn, Mrs. Cleaver
  • Death Cab for Ugly
  • A tisket, a tasket, let’s fill up a casket

That was fun.

2 thoughts on “The Commissioner’s Favorite 2010 List Names

  1. FlamingoNut

    I kind of wish that I had more of an imagination when naming my lists!
    I briefly scanned the new list and LOVE Dexter Approved and Exploding Brain Matter.


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