Congrats to the 2009 Winners!

It was a big year kids.  For a while there mid-year, they were dropping faster than Britney’s underwear.  But the excitement had to end, and that happened last night at the stroke of midnight.  I know, because I was drinking like a sailor on leave.  You can trust me.

Working further to cement his place in history as one of – if not THE greatest deadpooler of all time, DepressED dominated unlike any before him.  SIX of the top 10 spots (including the Big Prize) and TEN of the top 20.  It’s stunning my any measure, and he deserves our respect.  Unfortunately, he’d probably rather have cash, so I’m going to send it to him.  $3,537.50, to be exact.  He also gets a shirt, two mugs and a free entry in the game of his choice.  Dominating performance there sir.

The other winners:

  • Yeah Yeah Buh Bye:  $200
  • Feasting Maggots: $100
  • User02598 (nice name there, buddy): $37.50
  • Doc and DJ:  a shirt and a mug

2010 is officially our second largest game EVER, with over 1100 entries.  There is also a Lee Jr. running already, so get on over and enter that.  The fun never ends.  But I sure as fuck hope this hangover does.

2 thoughts on “Congrats to the 2009 Winners!

  1. anarchess

    DepressED, you continue to amaze and delight. Look forward to you cementing your immortality again this year!


  2. Lady Die

    DepressED, I’m ImpressED! Congratulations on a great 2009. I should just send my pool fee directly to you from now on!


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