New Game Coming!

It’s all about moving forward here at the stiffs.complex, and our team of dedicated dead pool PHDs have been hard at work looking for the next challenge.  And they just gave birth to their new child.

It’s called the 3 Bagger.

Same deal as always – you pick a list of 10 celebs, and an alternate (in case, you know, somebody on your list kicks before the game starts) – and the game starts.  The difference here is that instead of getting the most stiffs in a certain time period, we’re looking for the magical number 3.  The ancient Incans believed that the number 3 had magic healing powers.  We’re looking for just the opposite.  Once a list – any list – gets 3 corpses racked up – ANY 3 – the game is over, and the prize money is paid.

We’re working on a couple of last minute details – like how we might split the prize money if multiple people get their 3 all at once – but this game is definitely coming.  We’ll start accepting entries in February, and the game will start in March.  Once it’s over, we’ll go ahead and start a new one right up.  It’s a nonstop Ferris Wheel of Fun – and you can hop right on!

In the meantime, go ahead and hop in on the current game, and we’ll post up the rules and all that stuff once February rolls around.  Oh – and that thing about the Incas?  Total bullshit.

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