Ruth Bader Ginsburg has been played on 911 lists, including 165 lists in The 2020 Lee Atwater Invitational Dead Pool.

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2.It's Time 1Toe Tagged Luminary746
3.Aaaand, We're WaitingDEADMOM1960741
4.Doc & DJ--...I Wish I Was Sipowicz.Doc & DJ741
5.Please Don't Die, really.thedeadmanshand739
6.And Away We GoDEADMOM1960738
7.Answer: The Daily Doublecarseycritter738
8.The Real DudeThedudescrew736
9.This is 2020!Shannon Fisher734
10.Kirk will live forevercarseycritter644
13.Get Vertical 2NotComingDownForBreakfast642
14.Between a Rock and a Hard PlaceCBS641
15.Get VerticalNotComingDownForBreakfast641
16.Star Trebekin Across Uhuraverseurbscholar641
17.Beth Knows Old PeopleRastafarian Mormon640
18.Deathrider 2020deathrider640
19.Don't Fear the Reaper/I Hope I Die Before I Get OldMOJO639
20.Wohlert's rotting remainsonefunsob639
21.Maloyo2020 - 1Maloyo2317638
22.Reap 'Em and Weep #1USER00557638
23.Doc & DJ--We Bet Rey Fucks Like a Thousand Dollar WhoreDoc & DJ637
26.New Decade, new stiffs!onyx2783636
27.Petey's *%&# UpNancyD636
28.Death By Pinocle 1oregontrail635
30.Cheryls Daisy PushersEuro-trash634
32.Dave\'s Dead Pool Dream #2Your Dead Pool Highness633
33.Ivy Cliff Bhodag21378633
35.Yeah, That's A Shame 2BodyFarmBound632
36.Venus LovemotionDePressED630
37.Bugs and Bones 2Bugs and Bones628
38.Black Dog Down Down DownBlack Dog Down625
39.Skunkhair 2020 #1Skunkhair 2013625
40.Some old peopleRastafarian Mormon625
41.Enough of you alreadyCcantu902540
42.This is my yeardie u sob540
43.Ghoul Girl IGhoul Girl539
44.Bugs and BonesBugs and Bones538
47.Death RowCcantu902536
48.Doc & DJ--House Painting Is CheatingDoc & DJ536
49.Olivia, it's time to gocarseycritter536
50.Poke The Bear 1Poke the Bear536
51.Are We Dead Yet?DEADMOM1960535
52.Susie Sicko 1Susie Sicko535
53.The Sick And Not Dead 2020kenthegreat535
54.Blissters 6rjb121162534
55.Bon SoirUSER01054533
56.Damn Near DeadBada Bing532
57.Doom From the Tombfromthetomb532
58.Blissters 3rjb121162531
60.DGD Back in the Saddle AgainDGD531
61.Siesta Slackers RIPAll My Stiffs531
62.DePressED 05DePressED530
63.twenty twentyalan smithee530
64.Doornail's Dead 2020TheDoornail529
65.Skunkhair 2020 #2Skunkhair 2013529
66.Skunkhair 2020 #3Skunkhair 2013529
67.Dead On ArrivalThe Coroner528
68.Mourning Wooddoobie77528
69.Of Corpse your Dead 4Shoeguy528
70.say yes to the death 3berg1199528
71.Chilly Dead 2chillybilly527
72.Mr Stiff's PicksMr. Stiffs527
73.I'd like to thank the pancreasUSER02524526
74.Killer TomatoesIndyHawk526
75.Dead in the WaterBwildered525
76.The B TeamThe Shadow525
77.Death by PoliticsJanisdoll524
78.Dead SeriousBwildered523
79.Martha PearlDiane523
80.Bring out yer deadMr Happy434
81.Coffin Rattler - The Hopefulcoffinrattler430
82.Older Than Dirt 2NVRGVUP430
83.Cordell CordellPrincess Tessa428
84.Croaker#2More Beer428
85.Nicoles Awful Picks 2020spol85428
86.Team DeathWish 2020 (2)gfultz1428
87.Exit stage lefthillbillymacdaddy427
88.Fingerless 2020fingerless427
89.Grim Reaper 1TheGrimReaper427
90.Of Corpse your Dead 1Shoeguy427
92.Cheryls sleepersEuro-trash426
93.It's Time 2Toe Tagged Luminary426
94.Splendidly Deadsplendiddead426
95.Blissters 1rjb121162425
96.Carolg12020Joe G425
97.Die god damn it! DIE!!!!Lobo425
98.Limited FutureFound Down425
99.Petey Keeps Tryin'NancyD425
100.THIS is JeopardyMargo Channing425
101.DC DoomMeg128424
103.Your 2020 DirtnapsBagger424
104.Dead EndsBwildered423
105.What is Pancreatic Cancer?Silentcalvin422
106.FRANK'S LIST 2020Meo421
109.Ghoul Girl IIIGhoul Girl420
110.Laer's 2020 Dirt Napnrubsol420
112.morgue than readywildrush420
113.Mourning in America IIIRWorkman327
114.Cancer isn't just a zodiac signRadler325
115.Soul Catcher - T3TeamTrautz1325
117.Doctor of Death 3the doctor of death323
118.John D. Smiley 3rd Listjohndsmiley323
119.NecropolisDead Pharaoh323
120.This is betty\'s yearJames30224323
121.Blooming Onions 2020Ranger275321
122.I am the dark one - List 7I am the dark one321
123.Michelle's Listtherron2321
125.Cauliflower CasketsHuckleberry320
126.Dead FilesBwildered320
127.Don't Fear the Reaper~mish mashMOJO320
128.Bag of bricksMarshrat319
129.It's Time 3Toe Tagged Luminary319
130.Soul Catcher - T2TeamTrautz1319
131.Tell Fredo to Drive the Big CarFrankie Pentangeli319
132.At The TollboothFredo let's go fishing318
134.Daisey Pusherssquidly766317
135.Dead AheadBwildered317
136.Dead People for 1000, AlexJohnny WhiteCloud314
137.Silver Medalist in the Underground LugeMcPutt314
138.Half a MASH and a pair of RuthsJohnHines219
139.Death Sause 2020sause218
141.MATTOID - Shut Up and Eat the PuddingThe Mattoid217
142.Well nobody died, did they? #3Archangel217
143.Aw Shit - 2020Max Farland215
144.Hoping They Survivedarianwiccan215
145.Let me let you let me goPrincess Tessa215
146.GottaGo - T1TeamTrautz1214
147.Dead RightBwildered213
148.Political GraveyardChris Goulart212
149.Death Pool Gambler 4Death pool gambler211
150.Free Deaths!The Force is Deathening211
151.I am the dark one - List 1I am the dark one211
152.DxRob IDX Rob29
153.I am the dark one - List 6I am the dark one29
155.What Is That Smell?Mort d'Zsa Zsa28
156.RoadkillDr Drunk26
157.Stiff But Not LuckyTrixieInVA23
158.Fallen StarsBud Davenport19
159.MATTOID - The Cancer ListThe Mattoid19
160.Some surprises 40Blunt42019
161.All the Presidents Deadgidget18
162.Die and Decrease the Surplus PopulationTwisted Freak18
163.Go For 2valberts196317
164.Lil Ole Lady Landmsastria16


Guess the Stiff!

He's probably faking this too, the drug-addict, Eurotrash weirdo.

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