Ronald Reagan has been played on 3741 lists, including 99 lists in The March '03 Lee Jr..

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2.MA 7: The State Vegetable of CaliforniaUSER01375314
5.Nurseboy 2Nurseboy217
7.Tsuga - Racecar Backwards Spells Racecar Tsuga216
9.Redsox Fan1BCeltics213
11.Redsox Fan 81BCeltics210
12.Justin Hale 14USER0153128
13.Oat Cell CarcinomaUSER0184227
14.Die, aging Republicans, die!USER0183826
15.Bart and DJ - List 6USER01577110
16.Brooklyn Bitch 1USER01804110
18.Drop Dead GorgeousDead Person Specialist, E110
19.I told you I was sick - 3USER01648110
20.POPE 1USER00108110
21.POPE 3USER00108110
22.RADTeX 1Radtex110
23.Reap 'Em & Weep 1USER00557110
24.The Dead of DeadaphidsUSER01823110
25.The Thirsty RhinoUSER00036110
26.will live foreverUSER01606110
27.(limit 47 characters)rwt19
28.Badcrumble's House o' DoomUSER0182719
29.Baxley GroanersBaxley19
30.BIG E - Everyone's Top TenUSER0136719
31.BIG E - God & CountryUSER0136719
32.BIG E - Johnny Johnny Johnny & RonnieUSER0136719
33.Bowman specialjoseph808019
34.Deadaphids Pop ContestUSER0182319
36.Dr. Who - Older Than DirtUSER0014619
37.Femme Fatale-Old SchoolUSER0120519
38.fr0gs list o deathUSER0184019
39.Jackalope GhostJackalope_Ghost19
40.Pushin' Daisies 1Tripper19
41.Soon B Gonn VIEdhead2219
42.The City of GodUSER0075019
43.Untitled rwt19
44.Wild John's Mausoleum-Go-RoundUSER0105719
45.You Lose Some - You Win SomeUSER0184819
46.Dead List WalkingDead Person Specialist, E18
47.Dead On Their FeetDead Person Specialist, E18
49.Don Pescado - McfeelymeupUSER0151318
50.Tsuga - Sharks Patrol These WatersTsuga18
51.Angelina Scary JolieUSER0002617
53.E-Brake 05: Bad corpse! Stop...scaring..SmithersE-Brake17
54.Great White plays the nursing home circuit nowUSER0077917
55.Loretta's ListCaveynCHI17
56.Angelina Scary DollUSER0002616
57.Little Stiffie Van ZantUSER0184116
58.mydanes choiceUSER0182916
59.Pushin' Daisies 2Tripper16
60.Pushin' Daisies 3Tripper16
62.The Sylvesters - Laurie & Nick - 1USER0113015
63.The Sylvesters - Laurie & Nick - 10USER0113015
64.The Sylvesters - Laurie & Nick - 11USER0113015
65.The Sylvesters - Laurie & Nick - 12USER0113015
66.The Sylvesters - Laurie & Nick - 13USER0113015
67.The Sylvesters - Laurie & Nick - 14USER0113015
68.The Sylvesters - Laurie & Nick - 15USER0113015
69.The Sylvesters - Laurie & Nick - 2USER0113015
70.The Sylvesters - Laurie & Nick - 3USER0113015
71.The Sylvesters - Laurie & Nick - 4USER0269515
72.The Sylvesters - Laurie & Nick - 5USER0269515
73.The Sylvesters - Laurie & Nick - 6USER0269515
74.The Sylvesters - Laurie & Nick - 7USER0269515
75.The Sylvesters - Laurie & Nick - 8USER0113015
76.The Sylvesters - Laurie & Nick - 9 USER0113015
77.Brooklyn Bitch 3USER0180414
78.E-Brake 01: Foxy Boxing?E-Brake14
79.E-Brake 09: Our money sure is gayE-Brake14
80.Moraxian - Something OldMoraxian14
81.Bay Area Sports StiffsRD0213
82.Die before meUSER0136611
83.Team FormalinUSER0165811
84.The Class of 90USER0183211
86.Face it..The Marx Brothers are Dead IIGrouchoHarpoChicoDeado00
87.MA 4: Happy Birthday from Trent LottUSER0137500
88.March GladnessFrankie Pentangeli00
89.Moraxian - Something SickMoraxian00
90.Necro Phil's Ten Little CelebsUSER0137100
91.Nurseboy's TLNurseboy00
92.Scott in PhillyScott in Philly00
93.skunkhair jrskunkhair00
94.Soul Train 1robbo00
95.Soul Train 3robbo00
96.Start DiggingUSER0183200
97.Surely You're Choking?! 1USER0169000
98.Surely You're Choking?! 2USER0169000
99.The Grim Assclowns 3USER0163700


Guess the Stiff!

He coulda been a contender. Without, you know, that whole dying thing.

(d) August 5th, 2009