Patty Andrews has been played on 241 lists, including 88 lists in The 2013 Lee Atwater Invitational Dead Pool.

 List User Stiffs Points 
1.Birdman 18Bird744
2.Birdman - AK47Bird742
3.Birdman - The Johnny Dare Morning ShowBird742
4.Birdman 15Bird742
5.Birdman - She gives me WoodwardBird738
6.Martha's second listMartha733
7.Birdman 2Bird639
8.Birdman 5Bird639
9.Birdman - Big Al'sBird637
10.Birdman - One Corpse at a Time.Bird637
11.TJS: First TryTJS637
12.A Grateful Deadhead 2013 TresJudysomething634
13.Disturbed Graveslilsqueakyone632
14.Cherub SpringThe Sting of Steve Irwin631
15.Heywood Jablome XUSER00119629
16.Birdman 7Bird537
17.Birdman 13Bird534
18.Birdman 14Bird534
19.Dx Rob IIDX Rob533
20.Zsa Zsa's a BoreSilentcalvin533
21.EMFC: The Casket Price is RightEMFCoffin531
22.Heywood Jablome XIUSER00119525
23.Last Siop 3Last Stop525
24.La Muerte1LaMuerte430
25.When Is a Van a Hearse?lucky punk429
26.Gravediggers IThe Coroner426
27.Rat Bastards 3USER02215426
28.Fidel & Some FriendsPastaPower424
29.ZZZzzzz Long Nap in the SkyUSER01718424
30.Gravediggers IIThe Coroner423
31.Mauricealan smithee423
32.POTUS 17USER02464423
33.POTUS 18USER02464423
34.Doubled D 484-2Doubled484422
35.Stiff as a board!Chancedog420
36.Popular future dead peoplewet grave419
37.KimE - Corpses Wanted 2013calvey418
38.Thank's For The Memories 2Digger O Dell 10418
39.Capehaven PeepsRus253415
40.Dead Is As Dead DoesBison415
42.Plowing The Deep 2hop1962323
44.The Year The Music DiedDonkey Sausage322
45.They were going to die anyway 2Maryjo80321
46.Bucket Kickers 2Bucket Kickers318
47.Kid GhoulashGhoulash316
48.tic tag toeroderner316
49.A woman going places.knkaustin315
50.Luca Brazi swims with the fishesTwilight is Near315
51.Leaders of the Packbillyd44314
54.Abby's Pet CemeteryDave313
55.Sollozzo, he's good with a knifeTwilight is Near313
56.!ajlposh 2ajlposh312
57.Knockout Kingsbillyd44312
58.This might win me the big one.Donkey Sausage39
59.that s#%t is not funnydisplayname007216
62.Death will part us allT&D215
63.Die'yer MakerasthedeadtuRNs215
64.Lady's FirstDick Rotten214
65.This Won't Hurt A Bit...Altois214
66.Adios AmigosMarty211
67.BRING OUT YER DEAD 1pooblemoo211
68.The Real Housewives of Dead CelebsDave211
69.Village Stiffy 5village144211
70.bird don't livePIANOGIRL210
71.Blake's Bones IIIMr. Blake210
72.Captain's Log, Stardate: 2013billyd44210
73.Well nobody died did they? #2Archangel29
75.NoNames 1jim dibello28
76.Beer League 2Yellowbeard27
77.Phil & Dons' Funeral Home #6Shoeguy27
78.Its all over but the dyingfossilhead26
79.Sleddog 3sleddog26
81.Dead people of the futureTodd Blankenship25
82.Stuffin' Sallybillyd4425
83.Drop Like DominoesBison23
84.You're Dead to Me IIINick ‘n Beth18
86.Phil & Dons' Funeral Home #5Shoeguy16
88.Dusty Musty & Crustygentilej11


Guess the Stiff!

As recently as a week before he died, Cal, Jr. was heard urging his father to "walk it off."

(d) March 25th, 1999