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1.Vicious Piranha - On Death And DyingUSER02832427
2.Vicious Piranha - You Can Kiss Them GoodbyeUSER02832426
3.The Gay Indian: A Brave Sucker 1USER01531326
4.The Gay Indian: A Brave Sucker 2USER00965325
5.The Gay Indian: A Brave Sucker 3USER00965325
6.This Rabbi Works For Tips OnlyUSER02810325
7.Finish Your Wild Mushrooms My Dear 5USER02810324
8.Woulda Coulda ShouldaUSER02809324
9.Finish Your Wild Mushrooms My Dear 1USER02810323
10.Necro Phil Goes To Dover, DelawareUSER00017323
11.Finish Your Wild Mushrooms My Dear 3USER02810322
12.Nostradamus: Bobby Knight Nice Guy (April Fools) USER02741321
13.M.T. Graves IIIUSER00044320
14.Vicious Piranha - Sweet Baby JesusUSER02832319
15.Vicious Piranha - Tanned, Rested And ReadyUSER02832317
16.We've seen our last World SeriesUSER01062316
17.Beautiful Downtown NecropolisUSER02741219
18.Dr. Shipman's Precious MomentsUSER02741219
19.Finish Your Wild Mushrooms My Dear 2USER02810219
20.Finish Your Wild Mushrooms My Dear 4USER02810219
21.Finish Your Wild Mushrooms My Dear 6USER02810219
22.M.T. GravesUSER00044219
23.Make My DayUSER02741219
24.Pure BullUSER02741219
25.Vicious Piranha - Tramp The Dirt DownUSER02832219
26.Bart and D.J. 1 - Summer of DeathDoc & DJ218
27.Please KickUSER02809218
29.Uncle Marty 1USER00668217
30.Vicious Piranha - Arrogant, Obnoxious, OpinionatedUSER00023217
31.Unit C ZombiesJim216
32.Vicious Piranha - Support Your Local Dead PoolUSER02832216
33.M.I. Rides The S-O-MUSER00008215
34.Stench Fest 2000USER02809215
35.M.I. Rich? At Times.USER02797213
36.Obit 3USER00965213
37.It's Pat!USER02737211
38.Tom's April 3USER00965211
39.Vicious Piranha - Obituaries In The NewsUSER02832211
40.Circling The Drain 3USER00965110
41.Obit 1USER00059110
42.Putnam's Dogs off the tablePutnam's Tomahawk Chop110
43.The Fun BunchUSER00673110
44.Uncle Marty - All SportsUSER00965110
45.Vicious Piranha - Piss-Bottle ManUSER02832110
47.Otis Rides The S-O-MUSER0000819
48.Tom's April 1USER0342319
50.Pepster 3USER0096518
51.Billy_The_Baptist 4USER0077417
52.Heetergal 3USER0096517
53.Heetergal 2USER0099600
55.Westfield Cadaver ClubJim00


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Come and listen to a story 'bout a man named Bud,
Ninety-five and happy as a hog in the mud,
And then one day, he was chewin' on some food,
And in through the door come The Adios Dude.
Death, that is ...
Black Knight ...
Mr. D ....

Well, the first thing you know,
Bud's cryin' like a girl,
Death said, "You're the biggest pussy in the world."
Said, "Purgatory is the place you ought to be,"
So he pulled out his plug, and Buddy drew a Z.
Died, that is ...
Screwed the pooch ...
Bought the farm ....

Won't come back, now ... y'hea'

(d) July 6th, 2003