John Wooden has been played on 899 lists, including 78 lists in The 2008 Lee Atwater Invitational Dead Pool.

 List User Stiffs Points 
1.Dwyer's ZombiesJim524
2.JT02: Killing TimeTripper427
3.Ghoul Girl IGhoul Girl423
4.Dwyer's Death MarchJim422
5.Bring Out Your DeadCash From Cancer420
6.Just In CaseUSER02159419
7.September MournRadler325
8.Guess Who Died? 4USER03902324
11.SirDrexl's StiffsSirDrexl322
12.DGD - Grumpy Old MenDGD318
14.DGD - Reality TV Series - Tubgirl vs. AvengerDGD316
15.PB: Soon they will all be Stillspbear316
17.Loki IILoki219
18.Dead 3USER02056218
19.Hurry up and die already part Ihurryupndiealready218
20.Long Black LimousineUSER02503218
21.1 For The Roadfireflyt217
22.DGD - Peter O'Toole & Other Double PhallicsDGD214
23.Ghoul Girl IIGhoul Girl214
24.DGD - But It Goes to Eleven!DGD213
25.BONE BOXUSER02630212
26.Susie's DeadbeatsSusie Sicko212
27.Dr. Steve 3Dr. Steve211
28.Digger o Dell 22Digger O Dell 1029
29.That's All Folks 1Digger O Dell 1029
30.Die 4 Me Willya 3Chickeyd28
31.Offal Truth 2USER0179728
32.Sudden DeathDEEJ27
33.The Old and the PulselessRhody Trash27
34.Gone Like Cianci's ToupeeUSER0066426
35.Ghoul Girl IIIGhoul Girl25
37.Coffin Coughersshorty7ft18
38.ALT Better Off Dead IIAngel of Death17
39.Doc & DJ--Who's Better Than Us?Doc & DJ17
40.RJ Thurmont:WideWorld of CorpseRJ Thurmont17
41.You Have To Answer For Santino, CarloFrankie Pentangeli17
43.Betty Ford's Face Lift BackfiresRhody Trash15
44.Bom Bom Bom BimboRhody Trash13
46.Death Watch 2008The Shadow13
47.Super Karate Monkey Death Caralan smithee13
48.This is how rumors get started 2008USER0224813
49.A tisket, a tasket, let's fill up a casket 1ttc431912
50.As If It Were Your Last #3Minnesota Neil12
51.Cold Dripping Blood 3USER0087212
52.Pauly Shore is DeadUSER0252412
54.Dirt NappersDRave1311
55.Hurry up and die already part VIhurryupndiealready11
58.Dels Top Catswsprotte00
59.Doc & DJ--Seriously Dude Get Your Shit TogetherDoc & DJ00
60.DXRob IUSER0189600
61.Femme Fatale-End of DaysUSER0251200
62.Goddammit 3goddammit00
63.I'm Serious This Time!humanmeal00
64.JMD - Guido the Sicilian Actuary SucksMr Wonderful00
65.John and Tomswsprotte00
66.Lots o' old bastardsBJCx7800
68.No Viagra NeededNo Viagra Needed00
69.NVN 0-10No Viagra Needed00
70.Offal Truth 3USER0179700
71.Otis' Liver CirrhosisKudsKroakers00
75.Skunkhair # 1skunkhair00
76.Take A Little Trip Back with Father TiresiasUSER0248300
77.The Game of LifeUSER0204500 KaraokeUSER0389900


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