Jim Marshall (wrong way football guy) has been played on 313 lists, including 62 lists in The September '01 Lee Jr..

 List User Stiffs Points 
1.DePressED 6USER02839215
2.Who's Carving The Turkey This Year O.J.? 1USER0269028
3.Darryl Dingleberry 3USER0269027
4.Putnam's King of the BumPutnam's Tomahawk Chop110
5.EB09: Quando, Quando, QuandoUSER0016519
6.Mafia Actuary 1USER0137519
7.Mafia Actuary 2USER0137519
8.Mafia Actuary 4USER0137519
9.Mafia Actuary 5USER0137519
10.Mafia Actuary 7USER0273019
11.Mafia Actuary 8USER0273019
12.Vicious Piranha? - Fun At The Old BallyardUSER0282719
13.Vicious Piranha? - I Must Be The GreatestUSER0282719
14.Vicious Piranha? - The Last CrusadeUSER0282719
15.Vicious Piranha? - The M.I. Rich SpecialUSER0282719
16.Vicious Piranha? - The Sound and The FuryUSER0282719
17.Vicious Piranha? - Where Do We Find Such Men?USER0282719
18.Mafia Actuary 3USER0137518
19.Mafia Actuary 9USER0273017
20.Putnam's Pink House with Blue RamblerUSER0276817
22.Cartman's D-ListUSER0101316
23.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: WarpathFTG16
24.POPE 2USER0010816
25.Putnam's Hollywood Henderson BreastsUSER0276816
26.Who's Carving The Turkey This Year O.J.? 2USER0269016
27.Who's Carving The Turkey This Year O.J.? 3USER0269016
28.Chad - What Chandra Screamed During Sex w/Gary ConUSER0111515
29.Enjoy Your Amanitas My Dear Angel 2USER0269015
30.Enjoy Your Amanitas My Dear Angel 3USER0269015
31.Nurseboy 2Nurseboy14
32.Darryl Dingleberry 1USER0269013
33.Chad - Jeb Bush's Shoplifting Convicted WifeUSER0111512
34.Enjoy Your Amanitas My Dear Angel 1USER0269012
35.Sheckadoo and UUSER0112312
36.T. Switala 2USER0002511
37.Bucket Kicker 6USER0264000
38.Chad - Dick Cheney's Pacemaker PlusUSER0359400
39.Chad - From Broward County FLUSER0111500
40.Chad - Gary Condit's SonUSER0359000
41.Chad - George W Bush's CockUSER0111500
42.Chad - What The Mistress Scream While Having Sex wUSER0111500
43.Christopher Reeve - Bootsy Salone's mouthful of peUSER0273600
44.Christopher Reeve - Where is Brad Fitch?USER0273600
45.Coffin CornerUSER0362900
46.Darryl Dingleberry 2USER0269000
47.Doc--...I Wish I Was Sipowicz.Doc & DJ00
48.Doc--BeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetcDoc & DJ00
49.Go For ItUSER0153100
52.Hope Springs Eternal 2USER0138200
53.Just Plain DJ - September is the cruelest monthUSER0364300
54.Lucky LariUSER0014100
55.Obit 1USER0005900
56.Obit 3USER0275300
58.Putnam's Need to AssimilateUSER0276800
59.Rita RoundheelsUSER0269000
60.T. Switala 5USER0002500
61.Uncle Marty - The Road to ZanzibarUSER0139200


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Oldest member of the Academie Francaise, and the author of dozens of books on Catholic philosophy, he was also said to have the ear of Pope Nicholas IV, back in the late 13th century.

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