Jerry Lewis has been played on 1180 lists, including 84 lists in The 2005 Lee Atwater Invitational Dead Pool.

 List User Stiffs Points 
2.Weekend at Bernie'sPaul1681432
3.sink or dieUSER02141430
4.ethnic cleansinghop1962424
5.Lost in LindenhurstThe Shadow424
6.Moose listUSER01377423
7.Lary Bic is HungryUSER02247422
8.Ivy Cliff Memorial 2hodag21378327
9.Femme Fatale: What's Left?USER01205325
10.Maston 914USER01832325
11.Time To Die In 2005Larry4444325
12.What? Where's My Husband?USER02159323
13.Ph.DeathSquire 2USER01907322
14.BunlistBunn's Bones To Be321
15.Otter listUSER01377321
16.3. I LOVE THE DEADUSER00070320
17.Dead People Server http://www.deadpeople.infoUSER00380320
18.Sailor Goon 2005USER01797320
19.Carnivale VUSER01857317
20.Coffin Coffee ShopUSER01993317
21.legally deadgoodwin73313
22.Badger Kelley says YO MAMA!DJ Badger219
23.Death HagUSER02237219
24.Don't Die for me ArgentinaUSER00103219
26.Just In CaseUSER02159219
27.Trollette's UK Teamtrollette219
28.Carnivale XUSER01857218
29.Betty Friedan Makes Me HotUSER00750217
30.Carnivale IIIUSER01857217
31.Year of the Cat 2USER01264217
32.Too Sick Minds - The Edge of ReapinUSER01711216
33.Dear Santa...USER02085215
34.Die Pope Finally Die Ya Old Bag..BJCx78215
35.Killer Advocatelaptoplg215
36.The Grim Assclowns 3The Grim Assclown215
37.BREAK dancing on WOHLERT'S GRAVEonefunsob214
38.Director HD Thoreau Marching Band Drill TeamUSER02261214
39.starch - Epididymis Rexstarch214
40.Bagged and Taggedecho0816213
41.Cankuhn's GooniesUSER01089213
42.Ritz's Old TimersUSER01786213
43.Tag em Bag em and Bury emUSER02126213
44.That WAS EntertainmentFilmslave213
45.ACP2 Lady Bird is a stupid name for a personACP212
46.Ph.DeathSquire 1USER01907212
47.grand spinetUSER02172211
48.IAGO 1IAGO211
49.Little GhoulashGhoulash211
50.Moraxian: Rough SleddingMoraxian211
51.Team MarcoMark211
52.NJ Deadlines IIJackalope_Ghost28
53.Death By Pinocle 1oregontrail110
54.JMD - Dancing to the MoldiesMr Wonderful110
55.Not So Funny Now, Is It?Dead Already?110
56.six feet under-2USER02063110
58.starch - 50 Ways to Leave your LeVar Burtonstarch110
59.Mojo Not RisinUSER0177019
60.Nail PoundersUSER0208519
61.starch - Bend it like Beginstarch19
62.starch - Kubla Khan and Olliestarch19
63.Wednesday #1Wednesday19
64.ALT - No really don't make any plansAngel of Death18
65.Foolish Mortals IIIUSER0190918
67.JT02: Later, TaterTripper18
69.NJ DeadlinesJackalope_Ghost17
70.Victor M ListUSER0206217
73.Bury Me! IICash From Cancer14
77.Badger Kelley says DIE! DIE! DIE!DJ Badger00 fnord 2USER0028400
79.Doc--Steve Walks Warily Down the Street?Doc & DJ00
81.FatPat's list of the unfortunate 3USER0219500
83.The worms crawl in The worms crawl outUSER0198100
84.Toes Up #5USER0202500


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