James Garner has been played on 541 lists, including 78 lists in The 2013 Lee Atwater Invitational Dead Pool.

 List User Stiffs Points 
1.Deader Than Mike Vick's CareerAndyD630
2.Sharpen the trochar, we're gonna be busy6Fry's Crematorium532
3.EMFC: The Dead Presidents add a new memberEMFCoffin529
4.This is how rumors get started 2013 - 1USER02248525
5.DGD - Dead Commie PinkosDGD434
6.DGD - Hugo Six Feet UnderDGD434
7.Many More Than One Hundred Years of Solitude NowGhost of Stiffs Past434
8.DGD - I've survived at least 5 'End-of-the-world' eventsDGD432
9.Sbump'd off 2SBUMP2427
10.Ghoul Girl IIGhoul Girl426
12.Capehaven PeepsRus253415
13.Run Run Shaw Can't Live This Long, Can He?Dolby, Clancy, Giap325
14.Last AssemblyRuns with Scissors324
15.Rat Bastards 1USER02215324
17.Amazing.... The bitch won't die!!shorty7ft317
18.Death Always Seemed So Rashfromthetomb317
19.Bought the East Hill Farmsplittertogo316
20.I Saw a White LightDestroyers316
21.Luca Brazi swims with the fishesTwilight is Near315
22.ScarlettDon't I look like myself.314
23.You Never Know IIwhirlygirly314
24.Sollozzo, he's good with a knifeTwilight is Near313
26.The Laughmakers 10Digger O Dell 1038
27.Death is the Final CancellationRastafarian Mormon219
28.My Kingdom For A CorpseFluvenson219
29.!!! infirmtitan360217
30.farmfresheleven 13Wayneauxmygod217
31.My wife finds this offensiveknkaustin217
32.Sharpen the trochar, we're gonna be busy4Fry's Crematorium217
33.One death at a timeThe Shadow215
36.Toast CelebritiesCanucklehead214
37.list them they will die #1Wills213
38.Simon says......DIE!!!!!Big Guy212
39.Donne In!splittertogo211
40.Joined The Choir Invisiblesplittertogo211
41.Penny's From HeavenPokey22211
42.bird don't livePIANOGIRL210
43.Sharpen the trochar, we're gonna be busy1Fry's Crematorium210
45.Dawn of the Dead2Dying 4 Cash29
46.Ghoul Girl IIIGhoul Girl29
47.North Tacoma Creeperscheeseburger27
48.Trout's Dead Fish IITrout27
49.Exit Stage FourExit Stage Four26
50.Here we go again..Clever Team Name26
52.Drop Like DominoesBison23
53.Parades Go Bythebrainsbackstage23
54.Bring It on Zsa Zsa Bites ItDEATH DEMON110
55.Concrete Shoes 2Concrete Shoes19
56.Death Soup: Turn Me On Dead ManMJ and Friends19
57.one day bang! you get hiveslindbergh19
58.MrJeff2000's Vial of Vitriolmrjeff200018
59.Phil & Dons' Funeral Home #1Shoeguy18
60.bird livesPIANOGIRL17
62.Too Old to LastChris Goulart17
63.We all gotta go sometime........Jeanne Rose17
64.WE GOT BUSH!!Pokey2217
65.Phil & Dons' Funeral Home #5Shoeguy16
67.Do The Deathwish ThingDeathwish Drang15
68.You're Dead to Me IXNick ‘n Beth15
72.Chicken at Tresky's #3Chicken at Tresky's00
73.Exploding Brain MATTerUSER0584800
74.Greg's 2013 Dead pool list 3gfultz100
75.JLK (names that start with J,L or K)knkaustin00
76.roll the bones IIcheeseburger00
77.The 70's Are DeadDead Already?00
78.TV Cops & Detectives To Go 2jimdkc00


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He was an award-winning science fiction writer who frequently sued studios for stealing his work. James Cameron hated him, so he couldn't have been that bad.

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