David Rockefeller Sr. has been played on 1126 lists, including 133 lists in The 2014 Lee Atwater Invitational Dead Pool.

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1.Cemetery Girls 1Cemetery Girls635
2.Famous Fossils IIHugh G. Wrekshun536
3.A Bunch of Old FartsDr. Who533
5.Oldies but GoodiesTenPaces532
6.death defying actsBird525
7.TomB RaterTomB rater 666525
8.Cash from Cancer: you say have a blast, we say have a blastomaCash From Cancer524
9.CoffinRattler-The Ancientcoffinrattler524
10.Drop Dead 1Drop Dead524
11.Death March 21BCeltics433
12.Fill In My Toe Tag ( That Tickles ! ! ! )Dick Rotten433
13.Bring It On: MFersDEATH DEMON432
14.Lateful deaddisplayname007430
15.Sal-n-BettsSal & Barb430
16.The Final ReposeBeth Rhymes with Death429
17.Cemetery Girls 3Cemetery Girls428
18.You Can Run But You Can't HideRottenToast427
19.Dead Skeleton1BCeltics425
20.Mr. Stiffs ListMr. Stiffs425
21.very old hollywoodme first425
22.honest abeBird423
23.BRUTESQUAD - OLDbrutesquad64422
24.Fade to BlackFade to Black422
25.LA LISTE DE JOJO 2014Meo422
26.Birdman - Mamas don't let your babies grow up to be Doc & DJBird420
27.it may be rightBird420
28.Cash from Cancer: Life is Beautiful, Death is ProfitableCash From Cancer419
29.Plan #4558 How to Pay off Student Loan DebtEvil Lemons417
30.Heywood Jablome XVUSER00119416
31.Of Corpse You're Dead 4Shoeguy416
33.Cash From Cancer: Celebrity Rumours and Malignant TumorsCash From Cancer413
34.The Game of LifeUSER02045411
35.Worm Food HelperT-Rex325
36.One Bump or Two - chuckSBUMP2324
37.I bereave in magicBird321
38.You're Dead to Me Castro IIITitanPilot583320
39.Big Green BlowfliesBodyFarmBound319
41.Live dead IIFrau schadenfreude318
42.The Cack-filled FilesDGD318
43.Trout's Dead Fish IITrout318
44.DIE Zsa Zsa!T-Rex317
45.i can see cleary nowBird317
46.A List for LawrenceSilentcalvin316
47.grimyreaper 2grimyreaper316
48.Heywood Jablome XIIIUSER00119316
49.Itoman Death Squad1BCeltics316
50.McMurdo 2014.1McMurdoMan316
52.the last oneBird315
53.Go Fuck Yourself!GoFuckYourself314
54.I Should Just Apply it Directly to My Hipslucky punk314
55.Celebrity Zombie Apocolypse Part Deuxmsastria313
56.Vestamenta DosVestament313
57.Number1User's Shot at the Brass RingNumber1User310
58.AIDS FistYour Mom219
59.Live deadFrau schadenfreude219
61.60 Feet UnderDead and Loving It217
62.Die Easyshroom217
63.Mashiki Assassins1BCeltics217
64.Old people gotta die sometime 2The Ig217
65.WHIRLAWAY! IIGoFuckYourself217
66.You're Dead to Me Castro TooTitanPilot583217
67.Don't come back now ya hear.The rebel.216
68.BringOutYerDeadMr Happy215
69.Death By Pinocle 2014 #3oregontrail215
71.Live Free Or DieRobin215
73.Cash from Cancer: Human Papilloma Blanca, I'm just a bird in the skyCash From Cancer214
74.don't stop bereavin'Bird214
75.This is it!Digger O Dell 10214
76.Big G's List of Dirt NappersDead Fred213
77.Cash from Cancer: Buddy Ryan O'NealCash From Cancer213
78.Of Corpse You're Dead 9Shoeguy213
79.!!! infirmtitan360212
81.Dirt Naps For Fun & Profit or What's That Smell?FrankJac212
82.No Theme, No Malice, Just Likely to Die This Yearhumanmeal212
83.Off The CuffAltois212
84.Wet Heave - 1Rus253212
85.Be as Rich, and as Dead, as RockefellerNumber1User211
86.Digger O Dell 9Digger O Dell 10211
87.grave matthew's bandwildrush211
89.Rigor 2Rigor 1211
90.Cemetery Girls 4Cemetery Girls29
91.List 4Donkey Sausage29
92.Old mutha bleepersDeathGift29
93.Cash from Cancer: I'm your private cancerCash From Cancer28
94.Hello, This Is Rhoda, I'm DormantNumber1User27
95.Offal TruthUSER0179727
96.The Good Die Young IVTimur27
97.Plowing The Deephop196226
98.Gordie's Favoriteswsprotte25
99.Cash from Cancer: two crackers named GrahamCash From Cancer24
100.Death to MingYour Mom110
101.BringOutYerDead pretty pleaseMr Happy19
102.I like dead peopleMkahros19
103.Trout's Dead Fish IIITrout19
105.Don't Dick around, Drop your Cain, and say goodbye to the feller next to youDeathGift18
106.Fake ShempGhoulash18
107.IMA GONERUncle Stiffy18
108.Lights Out 3Joker18
109.Sorry. There's Been No Call from the Governor...Pull the Switch!!Better Dead Than Red18
110.Cemetery Girls 6Cemetery Girls17
111.Big M's List of people that should die soonDead Fred16
112.Cartman- Tread LightlyCARTMAN16
113.La Muerte 1LaMuerte16
115.Pile of Stinks 2 2014mommyster15
116.Smitty's Stiffiesamandansmith15
117.Cash from Cancer: Music Box CancerCash From Cancer14
118.Ten Funerals II 2014Jerrytopdown14
119.Win one for the wallet!razorben14
120.Digger O Dell 4Digger O Dell 1013
121.Saw The Light #3SAW THE LIGHT13
122.Saw The Light #2SAW THE LIGHT12
123.Eternally Yours, RitaNumber1User11
124.House Of Soon To Be With The Lordhop196211
125.Pookie's Stiffs #4Pookie's Stiffs11
127.Betsy's RepublicansBetsy00
128.Bring on the deathsJp1200
129.Did Anyone Else Immediately Think of Sonny Bono?Number1User00
130.DX Rob IDX Rob00
131.Old lionsSwine00
132.The cock ring of dead pool lists. I'll take the crown now.NecktieJesse00
133.The Heart Isn't Normal When It StopsNumber1User00


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Now he's in the ground, and his eyes are gray.

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