Beverly Cleary has been played on 1385 lists, including 147 lists in The 2017 Lee Atwater Invitational Dead Pool.

 List User Stiffs Points 
1.Old, Cold, Moldosmoses424
2.Death Pool Gambler 17-3Death pool gambler421
4.Dead ReckoningDead Person Specialist, E417
5.Bea Reaved 1Zsa Zsa's Toe Tag415
6.Jeff Summersjws7968415
7.Death Be Not Proud VIIITimur327
8.Bea Reaved 3Zsa Zsa's Toe Tag326
9.ExoZuzubar Make Dying Great Againexoendo zuzubar326
11.Feasting Maggots 2 The GeezersFeasting Maggots323
12.Pay Dirt IIIFrau schadenfreude323
13.PB: Guaranteed to live til 2018pbear323
14.Fettucine al DeadoMarkMx322
15.Old Farts and No SmartsSheik's List322
16.MrJeff2000's Locker of the Doomedmrjeff2000321
17.Of Corpse You`re Dead #4Shoeguy321
18.Only the Good Die YoungRobin320
19.Princess DiRobin320
20.Rastalls - REALLY oldRastalls319
21.Heaven Help UsSal & Barb318
22.Expiration Date 12.31.16Pokey22317
23.Kiss My Dead AssDead Person Specialist, E317
24.Death March 21BCeltics315
25.Happy Death DayThe rebel.314
26.The Long Dirt NapNick_italiano314
27.Dead From The Waist DownUSER01515312
28.La Muerte La MierdaLaMuerte312
29.Lets die laughing-1Dead_Men_Tell_No_Tales312
30.Donne In 2017splittertogo311
31.Daisey Pusherssquidly766219
32.Drop DeadDrop Dead219
33.Shazam IKudsKroakers219
34.Trumpedlucky punk219
35.Sic Transit 3 Trying Hardersictransit218
36.A Bunch of Old FartsDr. Who217
37.Dear Mr. Henshaw: I'M DEAD!Bea Hind217
38.Death Plus One- Casket 100Radler217
39.Destroyers 2Destroyers217
40.Don't Pee On My Leg and Call It RainBea Hind217
41.Dr. of Death 1the doctor of death217
42.La liste de JOJO 2017Meo217
44.Satan's Waitin'Barker J. Wagtail217
45.Old Guys RuleDGambrinus216
48.DJ Badger - My Wife Lanna Says DIEDJ Badger215
50.Line Dancing On WOHLERTS Graveonefunsob215
51.Martha's listMartha215
52.Nine Centurions and a preacherBunn's Bones To Be215
53.Like a Tombstone CowboyAltois214
54.Potential bucket-kickerszenomax214
55.Sal-N-BettsSal & Barb214
56.Where's My Trophy?FMCDH214
57.Charlie Don't Surf with Mika TanCharlie Dont Surf213
58.Resident Chump 2Hugh G. Wrekshun213
59.Stairway to HeavenBig Guy213
60.Beast mode KobbemenMaryjo80212
61.Centenarians(And almost Centenarians)thedeadmanshand212
62.Chicken at Tresky's # 1Chicken at Tresky's212
63.Hospice Phone Home #1BodyFarmBound212
64.That WAS Entertainment 2017 AFilmslave212
65.Blake's Bones: Old TimersMr. Blake211
66.Bugs and bonesUSER05927211
67.Chicken at Tresky's # 2Chicken at Tresky's211
68.Looking Kinda' BlueDead Person Specialist, E211
69.Of Corpse You`re Dead #8Shoeguy211
70.Philly's Dead FishPhillys Fish211
71.Rat Bastards 2USER02215211
72.Really Freaking Old!Dead Person Specialist, E211
73.and Bingo was her name-oTheOriginalDub210
74.The Long Dirt Nap....AdamTheO210
75.This is still so wrongNipper210
77.Knocking on Heaven's DoorKaraandmeredith29
78.Rocks and HeadstonesRocks and Headstones29
79.Shirley MacLaine's All StarsWorm Farmer29
80.The People's CorpseBea Hind29
81.Jan's Dance of DeathDeathwish Drang28
82.Lets die laughing-3Dead_Men_Tell_No_Tales28
83.Michael Jackson Lives in IsraelMJ Lives28
85.Going, going, GONE3Reaper Crew27
86.Goodbye BarackThe Shadow27
87.Ten Funerals 1Jerrytopdown27
88.Mad Dogsdeathrider26
89.Of Corpse You`re Dead #7Shoeguy26
92.Erika Anne OverdosedBuffiedee23
93.Bag of BloodwormsPaul1681110
94.Damn Near Dead IIBada Bing110
95.Headstone Cowboychunkemintheclay110
97.back at it again at krispy kremejchristie19
98.Lizzie BordenJackalope_Ghost19
99.National Pasquinade Dot Compasquinade19
100.Of Corpse You`re Dead #3Shoeguy19
101.Reap 'Em and Weep #1USER0055719
102.Rusty HooksPaul168119
103.Skankhunt42 IIIUSER0011919
104.A bunch of old people and Bret MichaelsNatiLight18
105.Celeb Lives Matterberg119918
106.The Dead-End Kidzzzz 1Back to the Dead Life17
107.The Flesh Failures 2shroom17
108.Bag of bones old fartsUSER0592716
109.Oh No You DittenOh No You Ditten16
110.Russian RouletteTitle 916
111.The Abusement ParkJordanEOD16
112.You Look Terrible. I Want You To EatFrankie Pentangeli16
113.Bought the East Hill Farm 2017splittertogo15
114.Lady's First (Watch Your Step By That Hole)Dick Rotten14
116.gotta go 02TenPaces13
117.This was Harder than I Thoughtammalu13
118.Cemetery Girls 6Cemetery Girls12
119.One more time with feeling.Crys12
120.2016 (The Sequel)AndyPants11
121.Herman Wouk. Your time has come.Dave11
122.!ajlposh 2ajlposh00
123.2017's Dinner Listamyowl7300
124.2017's Dinner List Part 3amyowl7300
125.A list to break social mediaJohnHinesJr00
126.Another dumpster fire yearmirandate00
127.Another Dumpster Fire Year IImirandate00
128.BURIED ALIVEHeart Stopper00
129.deathandtaxesDeath Row00
130.Dem Bones Dem Bonesmommyster00
131.Doc & DJ--Prop Joe's Cadaverous MotherfuckersDoc & DJ00
132.Get the shovelsNVRGVUP00
133.Ginger Lurch's Smelt ShackPaul168100
134.Hey, look over theredisplayname00700
135.I Wrote This In The Death Noterazorben00
137.Lots o' old and sick bastards IXBJCx7800
139.Of Corpse You`re Dead #5Shoeguy00
141.Ramona the...Adorn Ale00
143.The Phoenix of PeteyNancyD00
144.the russian grim reaper is heregrim jim 6900
146.You're Dead to Memarywest00
147.You, too, are dead to memonoglot00


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They called him "The World's Foremost Authority". No idea for what.

(d) February 6th, 2017