Aretha Franklin has been played on 1134 lists, including 88 lists in The February 2011 Lee Jr..

 List User Stiffs Points 
1.Quick & the Deadquick13417
2.rot in helldeadfuck312
3.Scott's StiffsBamalender311
4.Delta Force 3CaptAmer213
5.Snarkymcsnarks death knellSnarkymcsnark213
6.Wun Hung Lo 02USER01531212
7.Doc & DJ--Hey Ghosts...Why Don't You Eat a Bag of Dicks?Doc & DJ211
8.Life's a bitch then you DIE.shorty7ft211
9.Singin' Doo Da Ditty Dead Ditty DeadDead Person Specialist, E211
10.Wun Hung Lo 01USER01531211
11.Wun Hung Lo 07USER01531211
12.Wun Hung Lo 03USER01531210
13.Another Shoutout For SebreeTomtsled29
14.Baxley - A Penny For Your Soul?Baxley29
15.Death Soup: No Luck In These Short GamesMJ and Friends29
17.Baxley - Stalking the Red Velvet SlippersBaxley28
18.Plowing The Deephop196223
19.Delta Force 1CaptAmer110
20.Crazy Britney's Stiffscrazybritney19
21.Dearly Departedhop196219
22.Death Soup: Gotta Hit On One Of The Billys, Right?MJ and Friends19
23.Heywood Jablome againUSER0011919
24.They say they're well. I say they're notRD0219
27.Greg's Second Listgsippel18
28.Wun Hung Lo 05USER0153118
29.I'll be Depressed if I dont winBird17
30.Jagger's Second Best DeadbodiesJAGGER61617
32.Raoul 01USER0153117
33.Raoul 02USER0153117
34.Raoul 03USER0153117
35.Wun Hung Lo 10USER0153117
36.Wun Hung Lo 11USER0153117
37.Wun Hung Lo 12USER0153117
38.Cancer + Parties = Deathshorty7ft16
39.El Fantasma de Forrest TuckerFTG16
40.Wun Hung Lo 06USER0153116
41.Wun Hung Lo 08USER0153116
42.Wun Hung Lo 09USER0153116
43.Daisy A Day DearDePressED15
44.Dwyer's Absolut ZombiesJim14
45.Loki 1Loki14
46.Wun Hung Lo 04USER0153114
47.Dead RepublicansUSER0148613
48.Death Slicon Valley...peopleselbow13
49.Die, Die, Die My DarlingThePitVipr13
50.Ranger275 Jr. ListRanger27513
51.5 1/2 feet underNhirish Joe12
52.Attack of Zombie IslandHauntedWebmaster12
53.BETTER DEAD THAN RED (1)0249512
54.Deadmaster RCCdeadmaster12
55.Doc & DJ--Numbers GameDoc & DJ12
56.Grave ConditionBarker J. Wagtail12
57.JimCarreysBestRoleThePitVipr12 for the moneyshootingstar12
59.Susie's DeadmeatSusie Sicko12
60.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Coroner CreekFTG11
61.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: The NevadanFTG11
62.Return to Zombie IslandHauntedWebmaster11
63.The Deadliest Dead ListDead Person Specialist, E11
64.BETTER DEAD THAN RED (2)0249500
65.bored on a thursday morningcayman went00
67.David Rockefeller SR.shorty7ft00
69.deathbitch unbrideledPIANOGIRL00
71.Doc & DJ--Dead? I'll Tell You What's Dead. Vaudeville!Doc & DJ00
72.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: A Rare BreedFTG00
73.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: HellfireFTG00
74.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Night FreightFTG00
75.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: The Wild Blue YonderFTG00
76.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Thunder RunFTG00
77.HPC RandomHPC_8300
78.Mark AwesomeThePitVipr00
79.My Heart HurtsMy chest Hurts00
80.Ode to dirt napperscounting corpses00
81.shoulda woulda couldacayman went00
83.The 'Water's Fine!eym_sirius00
84.The DivasPokey2200
85.The Favsyoyomartini00
86.This Just In...Yer Dead!Dead Person Specialist, E00
87.Village Stiffy 2village14400
88.When Did Pro Wrestlers Start Passing the FC?Ghost of Stiffs Past00


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