Robin Gibb has been played on 554 lists, including 93 lists in The February 2012 Lee Jr..

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1.Star DustStar Dust536
2.Don't Be a Schnook, Win With SihanoukGhost of Stiffs Past533
3.Star Dust - Gary Carter's Heavy HittersStar Dust533
4.Birdman 5Bird530
5.NVN: A Parrot with Tourette'sNo Viagra Needed528
6.Star Dust - Vidal Sassoon and his Sassy SquadStar Dust434
7.Birdman 4Bird432
8.Birdman 8Bird432
9.I picked Travis Barker purely out of spite...Bird432
10.Doc & DJ--I Used to Fuck Guys Like You in PrisonDoc & DJ431
11.Birdman 2Bird429
12.Death Soup: Carter's Genes Failed HimMJ and Friends429
14.Birdman 7Bird428
16.Doc & DJ--Dwight Howard's Orlando Swan SongDoc & DJ428
17.Doc & DJ--Thats It. That's the List.Doc & DJ428
18.Here's a free lesson for Doc and DJBird428
21.Doc & DJ--The Lost Porn of Laverne, Al & Pinky TuscaderoDoc & DJ427
24.Death at Their Back DoorDashaAndBethers422
25.There Is No LeadDePressED422
26.NVN: Ronnie and Abdelbaset, getting away with itNo Viagra Needed421
27.Birdman 1Bird327
28.Birdman 3Bird327
29.birdman 6Bird327
31.Doc & DJ--...I Wish I Was Sipowicz.Doc & DJ327
32.Doc & DJ--Defending ChampionsDoc & DJ327
33.Doc & DJ--Joseph Vincent Paterno Memorial ListDoc & DJ327
34.Doc & DJ--Milly del Rubio Memorial ListDoc & DJ327
35.Doc & DJ--Searching for a Joke About Crackers and ApartheidDoc & DJ327
36.Doc & DJ--You Come at the King You Best Not MissDoc & DJ327
37.FTG: Space Age Plastic Son!FTG327
38.I don't pick Abe Vigoda and watch what happensBird327
39.Man am I glad picked Bill Jank.... nevermind.Bird327
40.News Is Blue, The News Is BlueDePressED327
41.Well I Had to Follow You, Though You Did Not Want Me ToGhost of Stiffs Past327
42.And Then There Were NoneDePressED326
43.Death Soup: How Can You Mend A Diseased Liver?MJ and Friends326
45.FTG: Berle was a Needle dicked gnat fuckerFTG326
46.Daisy A Day DearDePressED325
51.Lady Caroline MuffmuncherDePressED323
52.No Viagra NeededNo Viagra Needed323
53.Tomtsled-If You Win Survivor You're FamousTomtsled323
55.Dead WeightSusie Sicko321
56.Doc & DJ--So Much for That Tony Dungy PredictionDoc & DJ321
57.Meine Totenliste Uber Alles!!!Better Dead Than Red321
59.Death has been very very good to meDonkey Sausage320
61.FTG: Wolf is Wolf and Sheep is SheepFTG320
62.Jenny Was SweetDePressED320
63.NVN: Her tongue could hit my uvulaNo Viagra Needed320
64.Read all about it...VaGentry320
65.21-gun saluteDonkey Sausage318
66.Doc & DJ--Numbers GameDoc & DJ318
67.The Tampa Bay BuccaneersDePressED318
68.rotting corpsestowelielife317
69.Blaze in HellBlaze20316
70.DEathbitch Rides againPIANOGIRL316
71.Natural Causes IIKilowatt28316
72.Death on Two Legspeopleselbow315
73.Xtreme DeadpoolingDePressED312
75.Dead MeatSusie Sicko218
76.Death Soup: Enough Already, Zsa Zsa!MJ and Friends218
78.2 sheets to the Windshorty7ft217
79.Bring Out Yer Dead!Dead Already?217
80.EMFC: We Want You to Die By the End of JulyEMFCoffin217
81.LIFE SUCKSuselessexistence217
82.NVN: R.I.P my buddy Joeman, we miss yaNo Viagra Needed217
83.The Birth of Tragedy & the Death of These TwatsFredNietzsche216
84.Dead RingerSusie Sicko215
85.Carlo Doesn't Get Our Death Listkrxa2012212
86.Dirt Nap IRigor211
87.He'll be dead in a minuteCharon's Obol210
88.Heywood Jablome?USER0011926
89.Break a Leg and the RestGregDean110
90.No Longer Stayin' AliveHoyagal110
91.Sleddog 2sleddog110
92.Facing woodshorty7ft18
93.Heywood Jablome AgainUSER0011911


Guess the Stiff!

We heard that she fell into a burning ring of fire, which sounds like a pretty rough way to go.

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