Roberta McCain has been played on 1783 lists, including 105 lists in The 2014 Lee Atwater Invitational Dead Pool.

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1.Famous Fossils IIHugh G. Wrekshun536
2.A Bunch of Old FartsDr. Who533
3.Centenarians First PleaseWho's in YOUR Coffin533
4.Oldies but GoodiesTenPaces532
5.Cash from Cancer: How do you dispose of a corpse named Maria?Cash From Cancer530
6.Simpson's Book of the Near DeadDGD527
7.Cash from Cancer: you say have a blast, we say have a blastomaCash From Cancer524
8.MeteorologySunshine Up My Skirt524
9.Yeah, She'll Get to Know the Good Earth Much BetterNumber1User524
10.Beat the ReaperThe Reaper429
11.Expiration Date 12/31/13Pokey22428
13.Centenarians: Gotta Love 'emRoquefort427
14.The Hills Are No Longer Alive With The Sound Of MusicRottenToast427
15.They Do Say Age Is a Risk Factor for DeathRJD427
16.You Can Run But You Can't HideRottenToast427
17.Okinawa Death Squad1BCeltics426
18.Mr. Stiffs ListMr. Stiffs425
19.The Clock is Tickingchriscott97424
20.Birdman - did Paul Walker's family pay full price for cremation?Bird423
21.Death March1BCeltics422
22.Harper Valley D.O.A.lucky punk422
23.Jesus Christ, Die AlreadyRottenToast422
24.Petunia picksdel bird422
25.Cash from Cancer: Roberto MalignantCash From Cancer421
26.Graham KrackaBird421
28.Centenarian CrowdDeathGift420
29.Find Out What He's Got Under His FingernailsFrankie Pentangeli420
31.Cash from Cancer: Life is Beautiful, Death is ProfitableCash From Cancer419
32.House Of Soon To Be With The Lord 2hop1962419
33.Plan #4558 How to Pay off Student Loan DebtEvil Lemons417
34.Roberta, Robert & Run Run, Together at LastRJD416
35.Billy Graham will dieDeathGift414
36.Cash from Cancer: Exit Stage IVCash From Cancer414
37.Erika Anne Drowned in the TubBuffiedee325
38.Oldies but Goodies - Ja-Su-Sha ThreeTenPaces324
39.Dirt Bag Two 2014alb007323
40.Lights outThe rebel.321
41.Tits-Up Itits-up320
42.Von Ryan's ExpressTaugh319
43.Cash from Cancer: Make Room for Marjorie's CorpseCash From Cancer318
44.Rhoda wayBird317 say lamotta, i say la mottaBird317
46.A List for LawrenceSilentcalvin316
47.Doc & DJ--If Our Rhyme Was a Drug We'd Sell It by the GrahamDoc & DJ316
48.grimyreaper 2grimyreaper316 run awayBird316
51.eli's comingBird315
52.Fossil Farmhop1962315
53.Run Run Running on Emptylucky punk315
54.Thin iceDead Eye Jack315
55.Cash from Cancer: Rhythm is a CancerCash From Cancer313
56.Tommytsled-I'm Shipping Up To PawtucketTomtsled313
57.!!! elderlytitan360312
58.Styrofoam Bologna 3Gina3030312
59.Run Run, Rainer, Randy, Roberta and a Rev.RJD310
60.Oldies but Goodies - Ja-Su-Sha TwoTenPaces38
61.BIIA - IBut Is It Art?36
62.Bring It On: Bashar Me TimbersDEATH DEMON219
63.Cartman- The OaksCARTMAN217
64.From My Cold Dead HandsFMCDH217
65.Old people gotta die sometime 2The Ig217
66.Don't come back now ya hear.The rebel.216
67.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Johnny Eagle EyeFTG216
68.Ethnic Cleansinghop1962215
69.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Don't Ever Speak to Me AgainFTG215
70.Rat Bastards 3USER02215215
71.Unlikely, but possibleDeathGift215
72.Pundertaker: Formula 1The Pundertaker214
73.This is it!Digger O Dell 10214
74.Cash from Cancer: Buddy Ryan O'NealCash From Cancer213
75.Helen of Troy AikmanDiamondToothGertie213
76.Nobody Puts Nancy in Cornerlonedryad213
77.ra ra ra, ra ra robertaBird213
78.Xyla PhonyGhoulash213
79.Beat the Reaper IIThe Reaper212
80.BIIA - IIIBut Is It Art?212
82.grimyreaper 1grimyreaper211
83.Die for dollarsThe rebel.210
84.Cemetery Girls 4Cemetery Girls29
85.Dead Know It SocietyDead and Loving It26
86.Plowing The Deephop196226
87.Write in list. Maybe I should have played him more?DeathGift26
88.Cash from Cancer: two crackers named GrahamCash From Cancer24
89.Run Run? Zsa Zsa? These aren't names!The Pancreatic Answer23
90.LA LISTE DE MEO 2014Meo110
92.CHAD - The Penis ChroniclesCHAD19
93.grimyreaper 3grimyreaper19
94.Lady's First, Watch Your Step By That HoleDick Rotten19
95.Circle of DeathRcktManIL18
96.Don't Dick around, Drop your Cain, and say goodbye to the feller next to youDeathGift18
97.Fake ShempGhoulash18
98.The first real step to canonization...DGD18
99.Ethnic Cleansing 2hop196215
100.Smitty's Stiffiesamandansmith15
101.Cash from Cancer: Music Box CancerCash From Cancer14
102.Pookie's Stiffs #4Pookie's Stiffs11
103.Digger O Dell 7Digger O Dell 1000
104.The cock ring of dead pool lists. I'll take the crown now.NecktieJesse00
105.Whatever Strikes My FancyMardiRob00


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