Nancy Marchand has been played on 159 lists, including 89 lists in The April '00 Lee Jr..

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1.Vicious Piranha - Untamed HawkUSER02832434
2.DePressED 8USER00965430
3.Vicious Piranha - On Death And DyingUSER02832427
4.Vicious Piranha - You Can Kiss Them GoodbyeUSER02832426
5.DePressED 3USER00965424
6.Nurseboy 2Nurseboy422
7.The Gay Indian: A Brave Sucker 1USER01531326
8.DePressED 1DePressED325
9.DePressED 5USER00965325
10.Man In The BoxUSER01074325
11.The Gay Indian: A Brave Sucker 2USER00965325
12.The Gay Indian: A Brave Sucker 3USER00965325
13.This Rabbi Works For Tips OnlyUSER02810325
14.Finish Your Wild Mushrooms My Dear 5USER02810324
15.High Tide Hepburn (On Golden Pond)USER02809324
16.Vicious Piranha - Pinochet, Bin Laden & O'MalleyUSER02832324
17.Woulda Coulda ShouldaUSER02809324
18.Finish Your Wild Mushrooms My Dear 1USER02810323
19.Necro Phil Goes To Dover, DelawareUSER00017323
20.Varney's Varmints (Deadly Ernest)USER02809323
21.Celebrity Snuff-OutUSER02809322
22.Down and Out in BracketvilleUSER02741322
23.Finish Your Wild Mushrooms My Dear 3USER02810322
24.POPE 1USER00108322
25.DePressED 9USER00965321
26.Nostradamus: Bobby Knight Nice Guy (April Fools) USER02741321
27.Reagan's Favorite VegetablesUSER02809321
28.DePressED 6USER00965320
29.DNR/DNI 1USER00108320
30.M.T. Graves IIIUSER00044320
31.Vicious Piranha - The Bones Of The MasterUSER02832320
32.We Spin TerrorUSER00876320
33.DePressED 7USER00965319
34.Pepster 2USER00055319
35.POPE 2USER00108319
36.Vicious Piranha - Sweet Baby JesusUSER02832319
37.Nurseboy 1Nurseboy318
38.Vicious Piranha - Captain RonUSER00965318
39.Circling The Drain 1USER00671317
40.Vicious Piranha - Tanned, Rested And ReadyUSER02832317
41.Billy_The_Baptist 1USER00774316
42.We've seen our last World SeriesUSER01062316
43.Pepster 1USER00055313
44.Rick The BastardUSER00425313
45.Beautiful Downtown NecropolisUSER02741219
46.Cadaver DoggUSER02741219
47.DePressED 2USER00965219
48.Dr. Shipman's Precious MomentsUSER02741219
50.Finish Your Wild Mushrooms My Dear 2USER02810219
51.Finish Your Wild Mushrooms My Dear 4USER02810219
52.Finish Your Wild Mushrooms My Dear 6USER02810219
53.M.T. GravesUSER00044219
54.M.T. Graves Jr.USER00044219
55.Make My DayUSER02741219
56.Pure BullUSER02741219
57.REAP 'EM & WEEP 1USER00557219
58.T. Switala 1USER00025219
59.T. Switala 2USER00025219
60.T. Switala 3USER00965219
61.T. Switala 4USER00025219
62.Vicious Piranha - Tramp The Dirt DownUSER02832219
63.Worm Food GourmetUSER02741219
64.Please KickUSER02809218
65.POPE 4USER00108218
66.Rocky Horror 1USER01030218
67.Teddy Ballgame Hates Gil HodgesUSER02741218
68.Vicious Piranha - A Junk Bond King Playing BingoUSER02832218
69.DePressED 4USER00965217
70.POPE 8USER00965217
71.Reaper MadnessUSER02809217
72.Vicious Piranha - Arrogant, Obnoxious, OpinionatedUSER00023217
73.Vicious Piranha - Gee, It's A Wonderful GameUSER02832217
74.Vicious Piranha - The Cross Is In The BallparkUSER02832217
75.Bart and D.J. 2 - What no fucking ziti?Doc & DJ216
76.DNR/DNI 2USER00108216
77.Late SlotUSER00008216
78.Vicious Piranha - Support Your Local Dead PoolUSER02832216
79.M.I. Rides The S-O-MUSER00008215
81.Vicious Piranha - Napoleon DynamiteUSER02832215
82.Forrest Tucker's Ghost 2FTG214
83.Dem Bones 2USER00965212
84.Dr. Roh's Little HelperDEADMOM1960211
85.It's Pat!USER02737211
86.Vicious Piranha - Obituaries In The NewsUSER02832211
87.Mac's Morts 1USER01076210
88.Bob Jr.: dont wanna have 2 go lookin for ya bitchUSER0106212
89.princess dieUSER0103711


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