Annette Funicello has been played on 1645 lists, including 82 lists in The 2012 Lee Atwater Invitational Dead Pool.

 List User Stiffs Points 
1.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: BarqueroFTG633
2.Doc & DJ--DJ's Jack White Man CrushDoc & DJ538
3.Jenny Was SweetDePressED536
4.Sod SquadBarker J. Wagtail535
6.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Bugles in the AfternoonFTG533
7.Graham Cracker CrustedGhost of Stiffs Past532
8.I'd Rather Go Blind Than Get a Zero For This ListRD02532
9.This is how rumors get started 2012 - 2USER02248532
10.E-B: One For The RoadE-Brake434
11.Asystole 4Ben Dover430
12.Nice to be hereComeonallready428
13.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: Bye Bye BalloonFTG427
14.Otis' Cirrhosis - Rafe Hollister's StillKudsKroakers426
15.Forrest Tucker's Ghost BustersFTG424
16.2011:The Year Golden Girls Death Streak StoppedRD02422
17.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: CounterEspionageFTG419
18.M I C... hope not to see you real soon!Bird327
19.McSwindlers List 3hop1962327
20.Whole Lamotta shakin' going on.Bird327
21.Would you pull that crap with Annette?Bird327
23.Cryptly's Bereave It Or NotDeathRace325
24.MJ Lives!MJ Lives325
25.DJ Badger says DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE!DJ Badger324
26.Blake's Bones IIIMr. Blake320
27.Daisey Pusherssquidly766320
28.NVN: Fucking Mayans better be wrongNo Viagra Needed320
29.ReapingNelle320 - What did Preparations A through G do for hemmorhoids?vomit_god320
31.We got Bush! WE GOT BUSH!Pokey22319
32.Demented and sad, but still socialMichenley317
33.Die Already will yacristalblu317
34.Shelved in '12, too !Wormicelli316
36.A corpse is a corpse of course of coursedoorma314
37.Franz ListTrajan313
38.MK - Final CurtainMBalmed313
39.see the light, hurrydisplayname007313
40.Destroyers 9Destroyers219 - Bukkake Karaokevomit_god219 - Fucko brushes his teeth with Vagisilvomit_god219
43.Who Buried J.R.?Pokey22219
44.Ivy Cliff Memorial 2012 -Chodag21378218
45.Sunshine Up My SkirtSunshine Up My Skirt218
46.Ivy Cliff Memorial 2012 - Ahodag21378216
47.Shelved in '12, toodles !!Wormicelli216
48.Rachel's Salem Haunting 2Rachel A215
49.2nd chancejminrod214
50.Death Soup: Penny For Your Rots?MJ and Friends213
52.Soon B. Gonn 1Edhead22213
53.Hurry Up and Die Already, Part IIhurryupndiealready211
54.merry christmas 2012Nitro210
55.Lewis Eleven (3)brucelew28
57.Baxley - Frucking Stats 2Baxley110
58.Down and Out on the HillDigger O Dell 10110
61.Northern...See Ya' Later Ladies Pt. 1northern reaper19
62.Bugs and Bones Old GirlsBugs and Bones18
63.Feed the worms, MOFO!GhettoZombie18
64.Lightest PyreDr. Doom18 patience wears thinBairBones15
66.Reap Em & Weep #1USER0055715
67.Doc & DJ--Bob Hope All-Stars (Die Already!)Doc & DJ14
68.The Dead Spreadosmoses12
69.Always look on the bright side of deathAngel of Death11
70.No Chance In Hell 3toomanycards11
71.11 ajlposhajlposh00
72.Digger O' Dell 16Digger O Dell 1000
74.Googuse's TV Partygooguse00
75.Northern.......See Ya' later ladies Pt. 2northern reaper00
76.Northern.....A mixed list of future vitally challengednorthern reaper00
77.Northern....What a waste of money (heehee)northern reaper00
78.Northern...Getting to the end of thingsnorthern reaper00
79.Northern..They need to go.northern reaper00
80.Rigor IIIRigor00
81.September MournRadler00
82.sick and sickerdisplayname00700


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The granddaddy of 'em all, G.B. appeared on more Dead Pool lists than any other celebrity in history. We understand he was once famous for something other than being old.

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