Anne Lloyd Francis has been played on 361 lists, including 128 lists in The 2011 Lee Atwater Invitational Dead Pool.

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1.There Is No LeadDePressED731
2.Daisy A Day DearDePressED637
3.Xtreme DeadpoolingDePressED633
4.Dirt NappersTaugh632
6.Girls Kick Butt 2oregontrail535
9.Despite All My Rage, I am still just a Rat in a CageDGD534
10.-ty-alan smithee531
11.Doc & DJ--Thirsty? Killebrew.Doc & DJ531
13.Justin Hale 17USER01531528
14.And Then There Were None AgainDePressED527
15.Birds Never Looked Into The SunDePressED527
16.Justin Hale 08USER01531527
17.Mary Tyler Morgue's Kick The Bucket ListMary Tyler Morgue527
18.Somewhere, some lucky guy's having a heart attack.DGD527
22.GATOR HATERThe rebel.525
23.Feasting Maggots 1Feasting Maggots523
24.yeah yeah buh bye 6yeah yeah buh bye521
25.come ondisplayname007432
26.Girls Kick Butt 3oregontrail430
27.Justin Hale 16USER01531430
28.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: OuttakesFTG429
30.EMFC Hide the Wife, Hide the KidsEMFCoffin428
31.Justin Hale 18USER01531427
32.Distaff Stiffslucky punk425
33.News Is Blue, The News Is BlueDePressED425
34.Phil & Dons' Funeral Home #1Shoeguy425
35.Feasting Maggots 5Feasting Maggots424
36.The Tampa Bay BucaneersDePressED424
37.Thy Name Is LawrenceGhost of Stiffs Past424
38.Death Becomes HerDolby, Clancy, Giap423
39.Death Soup: Improved Perfection!MJ and Friends423
41.Feasting Maggots 6Feasting Maggots423
42.Justin Hale 07USER01531423
43.Justin Hale 10USER01531423
44.Justin Hale 13USER01531423
45.Susie's Dead RingersSusie Sicko423
46.Death Be Not Proud IITimur422
47.Feasting Maggots 2Feasting Maggots422
48.Feasting Maggots 3Feasting Maggots422
49.Feasting Maggots 4Feasting Maggots422
50.I love my cigar, but I take it out every once in a while.DGD422
51.Now He's Harmlesslucky punk422
52.When You're Gambling Cards On Love You PlayDePressED422
53.You're gonna need a bigger boatDGD422
54.Plowing The Deephop1962421
55.Stranger Blue Leaves Us AloneDePressED421
56.Dead & BreakfastDolby, Clancy, Giap420
57.MATTOID - Cleaning out HollywoodThe Mattoid420
58.Run To The Lightlucky punk419
59.Doc & DJ--Joe DiMaggio Memorial ListDoc & DJ418
60.Doc & DJ--John O'Conner Memorial ListDoc & DJ418
61.Doc & DJ--Omar's Comin', Yo!Doc & DJ418
62.Doc & DJ--We've Made the Moneyboard!Doc & DJ418
63.Justin Hale 02USER01531418
64.andrewsup graveyardjoseph8080417
65.MsWhatsit's 2010 Survivors ListMsWhatsit417
66.Come on I wanns See 'em in a mausoleum 7EdRulz416
67.Got To Move To The Trick Of The BeatDePressED416
68.Justin Hale 03USER01531415
69.yeah yeah buh bye 3yeah yeah buh bye415
70.Loose Hips Sink Shipslucky punk414
71.Justin Hale 05USER01531412
72.Mcswindlers List 3hop1962325
73.Frankie 2DePressED323
74.Guess Who Died? 3ZUSER01484323
75.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: CounterplotFTG322
76.Little Drivin' On A Saturday NightDePressED321
77.Venus LovemotionDePressED321
80.Frankie 3DePressED318
81.Justin Hale 09USER01531318
85.Doc & DJ--...I Wish I Was Sipowicz.Doc & DJ317
86.Doc & DJ--I Must Be In The Front RowDoc & DJ317
87.Justin Hale 12USER01531317
88.Sarky - Fucko blew me more than kissesSarky317
89.Come on I wanns See 'em in a mausoleum 9EdRulz316
90.Dead FunnyDolby, Clancy, Giap316
91.Digger O Dell is BackDigger O Dell 10315
92.Girls Kick Butt 1oregontrail315
93.Cartman- Double RainbowCARTMAN314
94.Come on I wanns See 'em in a mausoleumEdRulz314
95.Justin Hale 01USER01531314
96.Justin Hale 04USER01531314
97.Malignant Tomberlilsqueakyone314
98.Come on I wanns See 'em in a mausoleum 2EdRulz313
99.Justin Bieber's Ground Zero Mosque FiestaE-Brake313
100.Come on I wanns See 'em in a mausoleum 6EdRulz312
101.Hosebaglucky punk312
102.Come on I wanns See 'em in a mausoleum 4EdRulz311
103.Justin Hale 06USER01531311
104.Ethnic Cleansing 2hop196239
105.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: BrimstoneFTG36
106.Death By Pinocle 2011 List2oregontrail218
108.Doc & DJ--I'm sorry I spat on your dog. I have no recollection of that.Doc & DJ216
109.Cartman- Don't Touch My Junk, ManCARTMAN213
110.Dead In The WaterDolby, Clancy, Giap213
111.Frankie 1DePressED213
112.He's Hosedlucky punk213
113.Respect the Deadlucky punk211
114.Tits - Up IIItits-up211
116.Lady Caroline MuffmuncherDePressED210
117.Sebree Johnson Down On The CornerTomtsled210
118.he say he go to buy sockslindbergh29
119.I can't pronounce it eitherBird29
120.Plowing The Deep 3hop196229
121.Charlie Don't Surf with Leena NguyenCharlie Dont Surf28
123.H O S P I C E take care B Y EBird28
124.Mcswindlers Listhop196228
125.Jenny Was SweetDePressED27
126.Bye Bye RobertaBird25
127.Forrest Tucker's Ghost: WarpathFTG13
128.It's Do or Die NOWDigger O Dell 1013


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Sure, he was Squiggy. But he was also the voice of Smart Ass, the chief weasel of Judge Doom's Toon Patrol in "Who Framed Roger Rabbit".

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