Newly famous for 2011

The Fame Committee has once again done their work, and help us to decide who counts for the crazy game we have here, and who doesn’t. So with no further ado (what ever the fuck that means), here are the newly added potential stiffs:

1. Ames, Ed
2. Assange, Julian
3. Aziz Al Saud, Abdullah
4. Bachmann, Michele
5. Bale, Christian
6. Barak, Ehud
7. Bieber, Justin
8. Brown, Jerry
9. Calhoun, Jim
10. Collins, Gary
11. D’Errico, Donna
12. Davies, Ray
13. Mick Mars (Deal, Bob)
14. Dodd, Christopher
15. Douglas, Buster
16. Favre, Brett
17. Ferrell, Will
18. Fountain, Pete
19. Gavin, John
20. Glover, Danny
21. Graham, Superstar Billy
22. Gramm, Lou
23. Michael C. Hall (Hall, Michael)
24. T.I. (Harris, Clifford)
25. Jackson, Katherine
26. Johns, Glynis
27. Johnson, Luci
28. Khamenei, Ayatollah
29. Lord, Marjorie
30. Musburger, Brent
31. Patrick, Butch
32. Peres, Shimon
33. T. Boone Pickens (Pickens, Thomas)
34. Powers, Stefanie
35. Heidi Montag (Pratt, Heidi)
36. Rowlands, Gena
37. Sacks, Oliver
38. Sassoon, Vidal
39. Shalit, Gene
40. Sheik, The Iron
41. Soros, George
42. Steinbrenner, Hank
43. Teixeira, Mark
44. Maria Franziska von Trapp (von Trapp, Maria)
45. Zeffirelli, Franco
46. Zuckerberg, Mark

16 thoughts on “Newly famous for 2011

  1. John Young

    Seriously…how could the Fame Committee not deem Sid Bernstein famous? There is a motion picture being made of him for chrissakes. See here:

    You know…the promoter who brought the Beatles, the Stones, the Kinks, ABBA, Ray Charles, etc. to America.

    Do you think that Dick Clark, Shirley MacLaine, Eric Burdon, Lenny Kravitz, Peter Noone, Paul Anka, Jerry Vale, The Moody Blues, James Brown, Tito Puente, Steven Van Zant, Phoebe Snow, Red Buttons, Arlo Guthrie and Pat Cooper–all famous people–would appear in a movie about a non-famous person? Not likely. Let alone have The Beatles authorize the use of their music for the film…sheesh.

    Instead you deem George Soros–a Hungarian businessman–famous. This totally defies logic…

  2. Carol Kopacz (kop1230)

    You add Glynis Johns (actress) who hasn’t done anything since ’99 but not Kathryn Joosten (actress) who’s been in 50+ films & tv shows & CURRENTLY stars in Desperate Housewives….1 VERY popular show!?
    And you allowed Jim Calhoun (college basketball coach)but not Dave Rose also a college basketball coach at BYU?
    Come on! What da Fuck!! Pffft!!!
    Seriously, y’all do a great job but I want my picks added to the list!
    Thank you very much,

  3. Vads

    I still think the winner of the largest Powerball lottery in history, Fat Jack Whittaker, and his accompanying stupidness, qualifies him as famous and infamous. Voodoo

  4. Jay!

    Kenny Baker: In all six Star Wars movies as R2-D2, also had a career as the go to midget actor in the 80’s: NOT FAMOUS.

    David Prowse: Inside Darth Vader’s costume for the first three SW films. Hardly acted since: Famous.

    Go Figure.



  5. MJ

    Ah. I was wondering where all the complaints were! Of course, all the people they are complaining about would get a big NOT FAMOUS on my Fame Committee ballot. But, I’m just one person.

  6. John Young

    It’s amazing how many legitimately famous people aren’t deemed famous by “The Committee”. Who the hell are the members of “The Committee” anyway? From the looks of the people they deem famous, it’s a bunch of jocks who can remember the name of every third base coach from the 1930s and half-talent wrestlers but overlook well-known actors, actresses, musicians, etc.

  7. Brian

    I’ve given up on complaining about the famous list. Ellen Dow (Rapping Granny from The Wedding Singer) and George Gaynes (Police Academy and Henry from Punky Brewster) are deemed not-famous. But Frank Buckles is famous? Oh well. It is what it is.

    I do think there should be a new policy that allows the committee to do a quick google search on a name. Wouldn’t take too long. Or at least allow us to describe the person briefly. Like Ellen Dow (Rapping Granny from Wedding Singer). Cuz some famous people you know who they are but just don’t know their real name. Just my thought.

  8. Brian

    Now that I look closer, Frank Buckles is NOT deemed famous. But he appears on the side bar as a famous death. Unless that means that nobody ever put him on a list…and if somebody did…he WOULD have been deemed famous. I guess we’ll never know.

  9. MJ

    Frank Buckles was tried and was deemed NOT FAMOUS by the FC. Sometimes the death of someone NOT FAMOUS is still considered to be notable by and is posted in the Newest Stiffs section.

  10. vomit_god

    Interesting that Maria F von Trapp gets the nod this year. I tried both her and Agathe in 2009, Agathe made it then, but M.F. didn’t. Of course neither died that year, but Agathe kicked late last year.

  11. Julian Thomas

    You guys crack me up, never hearing of Norman Wisdom in 2009, then suddenly making him a celebrity in his year of death, fixed??

  12. MJ

    Well, since Steve Sabol is not the “voice of NFL Films”, but its president I think “Jack” has answered his own question.


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