Sarah Brady has been played on 651 lists, including 79 lists in The October '02 Lee Jr..

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1.MA 05: The Big C is more lethal than handgunsUSER01375217
2.MA 16: Got my FC kneepads onUSER01375212
3.MA 07: Hope springs eternal--but just in caseUSER01375211
4.Mafia Actuary 01: Wizard of OddsUSER0137529
5.Die2K 2USER0116128
6.MA 03: Werewolves? There wolves. There grave.USER0137528
7.MA 06: You'll Never Walk AgainUSER0137527
8.BIG E - The A ListUSER0136726
10.MA 11: 105 years later you're hungry againUSER0137525
11.Chad - What Ever Kills Ya Is Fine With MeUSER01115110
12.D-Day is Here 2USER00594110
14.Frank Sinatra's DandruffUSER02634110
15.MA 13: Fifth stage is acceptanceUSER0137519
16.And all who sail in herrwt18
17.I name this listrwt18
18.May God bless herrwt18
19.Paddy O'Bitchery 2USER0005918
20.The Chick Magnet In His '79 Camaro 3USER0271718
21.Bart and DJ - Jared Leto In CornrowsDoc & DJ17
22.BIG E - People's ChoiceUSER0136717
24.Ghoul GirlGhoul Girl17
25.Tlazolteol 1USER0162117
26.Clear and Present DangerUSER0263416
27.Justin Hale 1USER0153116
28.NVN: Wrong side of the grassNo Viagra Needed16
29.Werewolves of Buffalo 1USER0138216
30.Blackadder 300000215
31.Die2K 1USER0116115
33.MA 12: Rangers finish last with or without himUSER0137515
34.We Spin Terror 2USER0114515
36.Doc--What am I? A schmuck on wheels?Doc & DJ14
37.Pretty Girls, City LightsUSER0000814
38.Chad - Operation 6 FT UnderUSER0111512
39.Circling The DrainUSER0067112
40.MA 02: Death means never having to say ur sorryUSER0137512
41.MA 04: He's faking it to avoid Iran-Contra mess?USER0137511
42.MA 08: Happy 100th Strom. Now die.USER0137511
43.MA 14: Kegger at the VaticanUSER0137511
44.1SickBitch 1USER0126400
45.Bad Karma 4M. Bessette-Kennedy00
46.BIG E - Long ShotsUSER0136700
47.Bye Girls 1USER0153100
48.Bye Girls 2USER0153100
49.Bye Girls 3USER0153100
50.Bye Girls 4USER0153100
51.Bye Girls 5USER0271700
52.Bye Girls 6USER0271700
53.Bye Girls 7USER0271700
54.Bye Girls 8USER0271700
55.Bye Girls 9USER0271700
56.Christopher Reeve...and pray for rainUSER0002000
57.Cubs and Red Sox - Game 7USER0075000
58.Doc--Neidermeyer! Dead!Doc & DJ00
59.Doc--You Know, I'd Like to Meet Liz TaylorDoc & DJ00
60.Dr. Paul Shipherd's Most Recent Fail-SafeUSER0065200
61.Femme Fatale 1USER0120500
62.Funky JunkiesUSER0263400
63.Go See God- He's Just an Excitable CorpseUSER0077900
64.Go See God-Warren's Sweating October 1st!USER0077900
65.IlliniMobM. Bessette-Kennedy00
66.Jon 1Jon0006000
67.Jon 2Jon0006000
68.Jon 3Jon0006000
69.Just Plain DJ - Hopelessly Old-FashionedUSER0096900
70.Just Plant a Watermelon ...USER0162300
71.MA 15: In case we find Osama AliveUSER0137500
72.Necro Phil and the Grim Reaper's CheerleadersUSER0137100
73.Necro Phil's Human TenpinsUSER0137100
74.No Viagra NeededNo Viagra Needed00
75.Nurseboy 9Nurseboy00
76.Third Try, Die Die Die!Sarkon00
77.Tommytsled-Peace Through Superior Firepower Tomtsled00
78.Tommytsled-Too Close For Missles Switch To GunsTomtsled00


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Served 34 years in the House and as Speaker for 2 of those. A distinguished service record - assuming you don't count the time he beat an aide with a hammer, stabbed her with a steak knife, slashed her throat, and then put her in his car and went to see a movie. But hey - everyone makes mistakes, right?

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