Osama bin Laden has been played on 773 lists, including 67 lists in The April '00 Lee Jr..

 List User Stiffs Points 
1.DePressED 8USER00965430
2.Vicious Piranha - On Death And DyingUSER02832427
3.DePressED 3USER00965424
4.Nurseboy 2Nurseboy422
5.DePressED 1DePressED325
6.DePressED 5USER00965325
7.The Gay Indian: A Brave Sucker 2USER00965325
8.The Gay Indian: A Brave Sucker 3USER00965325
9.This Rabbi Works For Tips OnlyUSER02810325
10.Finish Your Wild Mushrooms My Dear 5USER02810324
11.Vicious Piranha - Pinochet, Bin Laden & O'MalleyUSER02832324
12.Woulda Coulda ShouldaUSER02809324
13.Finish Your Wild Mushrooms My Dear 1USER02810323
14.Finish Your Wild Mushrooms My Dear 3USER02810322
15.DePressED 9USER00965321
16.DePressED 6USER00965320
17.We Spin TerrorUSER00876320
18.DePressED 7USER00965319
19.DePressED 2USER00965219
20.Finish Your Wild Mushrooms My Dear 2USER02810219
21.Finish Your Wild Mushrooms My Dear 4USER02810219
22.Finish Your Wild Mushrooms My Dear 6USER02810219
23.Please KickUSER02809218
24.Vicious Piranha - A Junk Bond King Playing BingoUSER02832218
25.DePressED 4USER00965217
26.POPE 7USER00965217
27.Reaper MadnessUSER02809217
29.Vicious Piranha - Arrogant, Obnoxious, OpinionatedUSER00023217
30.DNR/DNI 2USER00108216
31.Vicious Piranha - Support Your Local Dead PoolUSER02832216
32.Vicious Piranha - Napoleon DynamiteUSER02832215
33.Forrest Tucker's Ghost 2FTG214
34.PVT RYAN 1000002214
35.Obit 3USER00965213
36.PVT RYAN 2000002213
37.PVT RYAN 3USER00965213
38.Vicious Piranha - Rolling Around On The Old FishUSER02832213
39.Christopher Reeve - Mr. Bochabaloo for PresidentUSER02798212
40.Dem Bones 2USER00965212
41.Christopher Reeve - Susquehanna Hat CompanyUSER0279828
42.A Death Wish List 1USER00165110
43.Christopher Reeve - Frank Lorenzo's NoseUSER02798110
44.Christopher Reeve - God'll Get You For ThatUSER02645110
45.Christopher Reeve - Sybil Goolie's RevengeUSER00020110
46.Forrest Tucker's Ghost 1FTG110
47.Obit 1USER00059110
48.Putnam's Changing the complexion of the gameUSER02767110
49.Putnam's Cream in your eyeUSER02767110
50.Putnam's Dogs off the tablePutnam's Tomahawk Chop110
51.Toes Up 2000002110
52.Vicious Piranha - Piss-Bottle ManUSER02832110
53.Wednesday 1Wednesday110
54.Wild John's Future FertilizerUSER01057110
55.Christopher Reeve - Niagra Falls! Slowly I Turn...USER0279819
56.Christopher Reeve - Sidney Field's GhostUSER0279819
57.Christopher Reeve - The Land of Fruits and NutsUSER0279819
58.Christopher Reeve - The Trial Of Joe DelaneyUSER0264519
59.Dem Bones 1USER0019219
60.Dem Bones 3USER0096519
61.Kennedy-Cardinal ComboUSER0279719
62.Flea 2USER0069713
64.A Death Wish Hate ListUSER0342900
66.Flea 1USER0069700
67.Flea 3USER0096500


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Though every bit as accomplished a musician as his brother, Julian "Cannonball" Adderly, Nat was not nearly as well-known, due in large part to his unfortunate nickname, "Fart Machine."

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